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Fri, Apr 28, 2017
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Arts Enrichment Programs

Master Classes, Backstage Tours, Camps and More

Offered as extensions of performances presented by the Peace Center, community engagement events vary from season to season, with opportunities to include master classes with renowned artists, creative workshops, summer camps for kids and various other opportunities to experience the arts.  Workshops, camps and master classes provide opportunities to bring artists performing on our stages into schools to work with students and teachers as well as bringing children and families to the Peace Center to interact with artists before and after performances. 

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Peace Center Presents

Master Class with Miles Hoffman

Huguenot Mill

7.10.17 - 7.14.17

Peace Center Presents

Camp Broadway

Gunter Theatre

Broadway and Main Stage Peace Talks

The Peace Center's Peace Talk series engages audiences in conversation and offers a behind-the-scenes look at the performances on the Peace Center's Main Stage. Offered for all productions in our Broadway Series and many other main stage productions, ticket buyers are invited to join and participate in lectures, discussions, cast member conversations and more, exploring the artists and art forms that make each show a success.


Peace Center Presents

Peace Talk: Disney's The Lion King

Ramsaur Studio


Peace Center Presents

Peace Talk: Finding Neverland

Ramsaur Studio


Peace Center Presents

Peace Talk: The King and I

Ramsaur Studio