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Wed, Jun 28, 2017
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Learn more about the impact Peace Voices is having for teens and adults.

Peace Voices 2013

Peace Voices: Voices of Diversity

Peace Voices

Peace Voices is a spoken word program that uses poetry as a vehicle to tell unique, personal stories.

Participants engage in master classes with Poet-in-Residence Glenis Redmond, both at the Peace Center and in the community. Students are led through brainstorming exercises and techniques in writing and sharing poetry.

"Participating in Peace Voices transformed my classroom. Students were enthusiastic about writing, they wanted to share their writing, and they gained confidence and maturity through the process. Academically, students learned to put difficult things into words, to choose the best words in the best order, and to express their knowledge in a format other than paragraphs. Personally, they learned to encourage and share with others, to take risks in expressing emotions, and to believe in their writing skills."                                             Theresa Blankenship, League Academy

For more information, contact Staci Koonce, Vice President of Education.


In addition to one-on-one time with Glenis Redmond, workshops bring professional poets from around the country to the Peace Center to share insights, tips, and tricks they've learned through the years. Each workshop has a different theme and most culminate in either an open mic or poetry slam. Classes are a fantastic way for teens and adults to practice written communication skills, public speaking, and discover just how truly powerful language can be.  

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