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Fri, Sep 22, 2017
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After Dark: A Thriller Ballet

Gunter Theatre

Introducing After Dark: A Thriller Ballet a frightening and sensual Carolina Ballet Theatre production. Join us for the season’s most thrilling, dark and passionate dance performance.

The haunting story of After Dark begins on the 100th anniversary of one of the South’s most gruesome crimes of passion. Margaret was the beautiful and graceful wife of a wealthy railroad baron, but after years spent battling his infidelity, betrayal, and brutality, it all came crashing to an end. The sinister, but unsolved murders of Margaret and her husband left the town in turmoil and filled with questions. Their home may have been boarded up in 1916, but it never truly closed. The house took on a life of its own, filling with spirits seeking their revenge on the next to knock on it’s haunted door….beware!

After Dark: A Thriller Ballet is a unique show intended for adults, so come and experience the rush while enjoying haunting melodies inspired by Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” Arrive an hour before the show for The Witching Hour of cocktails and prepare for a thrilling and chilling evening with the Ballet.

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