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Fri, Sep 22, 2017
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Mike Wiley's Breach of Peace: Story of the Freedom Riders

Gunter Theatre

Her parents had always taught her to be ready. "The day will come," her father said, "and when it does, you should be ready." So, Jean Thompson prepared herself to do something that had to be done. Even if it was terrifying... 

In a sobering one-man show, Mike Wiley takes audiences back to Montgomery, Alabama in 1961 to follow the stories of Jean Thompson and her fellow Freedom Riders as they board a Trailways bus in an attempt to desegregate public transportation. Hear accounts from the surviving participants, some of the 300 people they inspired to do the same, and celebrate the individuals of various races who came together to fight injustice.

Mike Wiley’s documentary theatre productions are dramatically-rendered stories based on historical fact. The dramas shine light and open dialog by sharing stories of individuals and events of human and civil rights struggle, strength, hope, failure and accomplishment. These stories are part of the American historical narrative. Occasional use of language or references accurate to the historical period or setting portrayed may be viewed by some as offensive or inappropriate. Yet without them, the historical accuracy of the portrayal becomes less authentic. 

Curriculum Connections: Social Studies, Performing Arts

Grades: 3-8

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