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Fri, Sep 22, 2017
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Patty Griffin

Sara Watkins

Anaïs Mitchell

Together on Stage: Patty Griffin, Sara Watkins and Anaïs Mitchell

Peace Concert Hall

Sometimes, a group of musicians comes together and it just makes sense. This is definitely the case for Patty Griffin, Sara Watkins and Anaïs Mitchell, three musicians who are successful in their own right, but together, are able to give audiences so much more.

Griffin is a Grammy® Award winning artist whose original songs have been covered by acts like the Dixie Chicks and Emmylou Harris. Watkins is the co-founder of bluegrass group Nickel Creek, a regular on A Prairie Home Companion, an amazing fiddler and an expert singer/songwriter. And Mitchell writes amazing music that has been compared to some of the best acts ever, including Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen. On stage, these three talents play together, accompanying each other through a night of unforgettable music, crafted by three artists who clearly love (and are very, very good at) what they do.

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