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Fri, Sep 22, 2017
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Peace Concert Hall

Sure, he’s been playing music his entire life, but would you believe that Yanni never set out to be a musician? Born and raised in Greece, he made his way to the United States to attend the University of Minnesota, where he received a degree in psychology. But as Yanni himself will tell you, it only took one year of dedicating his life to music for him to realize that’s where he needed to be.

Yanni’s musical style blends world music, jazz, classical and adult contemporary to create a sound unlike any other - and the sound definitely works. 14 of his albums have reached NO. 1 on Billboard’s “Top New Age Album” category, with two albums (Dare to Dream and In my Time) receiving Grammy® nominations. Yanni is known for bringing musicians and instruments together from every corner of the globe to create an authentic world music vibe. He is truly a global artist making music for everyone to enjoy.


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