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Wed, Feb 22, 2017
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Buy First. Sit Closer. See More.

There’s a very special group of people that help keep the Peace Center’s doors open and our stage curtains up. These people are patrons who firmly believe Greenville is better because of what our venue brings to the table. Each year, they give generous gifts to the Peace Center, ensuring that we keep booking bigger and better acts for our stages.

Ready to give a gift and become an annual donor? Your donation is tax-deductible! Call our Box Office at 864.467.3000, or click the “Donate Now” link below.


Annual Donor Perks

Annual donors get early access to tickets for select shows, and as our way of saying thank you for your gift, each donation level has its own unique benefits.



  • Early bird announcement of concerts and shows.
  • Direct phone access to the VIP hotline.
  • Opportunity to purchase tickets prior the public on-sale (on day #4)

$250 (all of the above, plus)

  • First access to premium seating locations for Broadway subscriptions.
  • Invitation to the annual Broadway series preview party.
  • Opportunity to purchase tickets prior the public on-sale (on day #3)

$500 (all of the above, plus)

  • Recognition on the Peace Center website.
  • Available options for monthly payments.
  • Opportunity to purchase tickets prior the public on-sale (on day #2)

Backstage Players

$1,000 (all of the above, plus)

  • Invitation to annual Backstage Players event.
  • Opportunity to purchase tickets prior the public on-sale (on day #1)

$1,500 (all of the above, plus)

  • First access to upper box seats.
  • Recognition in Peace Center programs.
  • Private backstage tours upon request.

$2,500 (all of the above, plus)

  • First access to lower box seats.
  • Invitation to Master Classes featuring a visiting artist.
  • Behind-the-scences tour of Broadway show upon request.

$5,000 (all of the above, plus)

  • First access to orchestra pit seats.

Chairman's Circle

$10,000 (all of the above, plus)

  • Invitation to the annual Chairman's Dinner.

$15,000 + $25,000 (all of the above, plus)

  • Additional donor benefits for Chairman's Circle members are developed to provide each donor with a unique and rewarding experience.

Meet the Donors

Behind every great donation, there’s an equally great patron. Below is a list of all the amazing people that we’re proud to call donors. The generosity of donors funds much of the operation and ambitious mission of the Peace Center—world-class performances, education and enrichment, and a superb home for Greenville’s own performing arts companies.

Chairman's Circle


Mr. and Mrs. Tom Boone
Susan and Tom O’Hanlan
Letha and Rick Phillips


Shirley Roe and Jerry Tuck
Mrs. Elizabeth P. Stall
Mary Peace Sterling


Ann P. Bryan
M. Jill Cox
Lillian Darby
Mr. and Mrs. Robert DeLapp
Tracy and Charles Hardaway
Bob and Betty Jenkins
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Lambert
Peter and Lisa Larocque
Randall and Christina Maddox
Nancy and Erwin Maddrey
Dr. and Mrs. Basil Manly
Bill and Laura Pelham
Mr. and Mrs. Tracy Pellett
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Ramsaur, Jr.
Etca Ramsaur
Mr. Jay Schwartz and Mr. Willow Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Stall, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stanley
Peace Sullivan

Backstage Players


Karen and Jim Akerhielm
Jean Aldridge
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Allin
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Baker
Marion Elizabeth Brannon
Carmen and Larry Brotherton
Cheryl and Cleve Christophe
Laura E. DuPont
Pamela and David Evette
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey K. Giguere
Mr. and Mrs. John Gilbertson
Kurt and Dr. Elizabeth Goodwin
Dexter and Marcy Hagy
Topper and Debbie Hartness
Edward F. Hipp
Mrs. Katie Hoskins
Mr. and Mrs. Joe L. Jennings
Barry and Emmet Martin
Bern and Candis McPheely
Frank and Christi Mobley
Christopher and Sheay Noel
Peek Owen
Dr. and Mrs. Steven Samoya
Yvonne Stephenson
Pat and Rick Timmons
Bev and James Whitten
Dennis and Judie Winkleman


E. H. Agnew
Michael and Robin Aleksinas
Tom and Dawn Anderson
Paul and Judith Aughtry
Vicky and Michael Balchunas
Richard and Karen Bates
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Baumgarten
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Bearden
Ted T. Bell and Vickie Charles
Mr. James M. Bergen and Ms. DiAnne L. Arbour
William and Sheri Biggs
Dr. and Mrs. Jon Bittrick
Susan Blackwell
Neal and Margie Bonavia
Dennis Braasch and Suzanne Dickerson
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Braddock
Robert Brady
Steve and Scottie Lu Brandt
Mrs. Jo Ann Bristow
William and Karen Brown
John and Sherry Brunett
Lee Bryan
Len and Ginny Byrne
Julie B. Cline and Ed Mixon
Dr. Connie Colon-Jones
William and Marion Crawford
Mrs. Annette B. Culbertson
Rick Cunningham
Drs. Gordon and Kathy Dannelly
Drs. Elizabeth and Charles Davis
David Derrick
Bob DiBella and Carol Savage
Daniel and Alexis Dillon
Beth and Bobby Dobson
Gloria J. Donald
Sean Dribben
Chuck and Teresa Edwards
Joe and Gretchen Erwin
Mr. and Mrs. David Firstenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Fox
Lucy Foxworth
Clark and Katie Gallivan
Laura Greyson and Charles M. Edmondson
Priscilla and John A. Hagins, Jr.
Rich Hagins and Yukichi Latta
Fran Hanson
Mr. and Mrs. Pat Hartness
Mr. Sean P. Hartness and Dr. Courtney Tollison Hartness
Thomas and Cheryl Hatcher
Glenn R. Head
Fran and Ryan Hendley
Heather and Glenn Hilliard
Dr. and Mrs. Robin Howe
Mr. and Mrs. Rob Howell
Michele and Roger Huddleston
Bob and Bunny Hughes
Robbie and Kevin Hughes
Dr. and Mrs. John M. Humeniuk
Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Johnston
Mr. and Mrs. Seid King
John and Kim Kopchinski
Nina Kristeva and Michael O'Boyle
Tommy and Rebecca Lever
Lee and Monty Long
Marcus and Dana McCall
Jim and Kim Mills
Ray and Kathy Monahan
Jay Motley
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Muse
Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Nantz
Thomas Nederostek
Cobb and Denise Oxford
Alan and Deborah Peabody
Rick and Nancy Pennell
Ralph Perkins
Joseph and Diane Petrick
Mr. Robert Pew and Mrs. Susan Taylor
Jack and Cindy Plating
Betty S. Poe
Ellen and Alan G. Posta Jr.
Jeannine and Chris Prattini
The Priester Foundation
Nancy Ralston and Bill Hunt
C. Niles Ray
Megan Riegel
Susan and Mike Riordan
Debby Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Rooke
Mary and John Rosebrough
Sal Russo and Lisa Schadt
Nick and Laura Sardone
Mrs. Maureen Shallcross
Dr. and Mrs. Harold E. Shaw, Jr.
Brett and Lisa Shelley
Wendy Siggins
Grant Sims
Graham and Greta Somerville
Carson and Gale Sprow
Nancy B. Stanton
Joy B. Steverson
David and Mary Swain
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Tannery
Dr. and Mrs. Leighton D. Teague, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Tiddy
George and M.G. Tyda
John and Janne Vann
Christopher and Michelle VanPelt
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Vick
Dan and Jill Wagner
Pam and Charlie Walters
Mrs. Claire Warren
Lance and Lawson Wetli
Mack and Jennifer Whittle
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Williams
Dr. and Mrs. Bart D. Williams III
Trudy Wofford and Cathy Condry


Anonymous (2)
Julia and John Adamson
Clyde and Nina Allen
Shaun and Nancy Arness
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Arthurs
D. Rodney and Christina Back
Terry and Kathy Ballard
Andrew and Kim Balogh
Dr. Janis Bandelin and Mr. Bill Fitzpatrick
Laura and Mike Baur
George and Betti Bell
James and Bonnie Belvin
Roger and Patricia Benjamin
Ms. Antonia Bentfeld
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Bishop
John Bissell and Jane Chambers
Joseph and Claire Blake
Dr. and Mrs. Harry G Bobotis
Barbara Bottum
Mr. and Mrs. Del Bradshaw
Laura and Lance Bridgeman
Mark Brody
Bruce and Jan Butler
Robin and Andy Carroll
Carol and Matthew Carson
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Carson, Jr.
The Chaddick Foundation
Ms. Cindy Clanton
Judith L. Coe
Richard and Lisa Conn
Terry and Susie Conner
Michael and Amy Cooter
Jerry Dempsey
Connie and Henry DuPre
Howard and Angi Einstein
Sheryl and Mark Escude
Mike and Debbie Felix
Maria Feria
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Ferney
Allison Fields
Lee and Pam Foster
Terry and Carol Fulmer
Paul and Patrica Gaeto
Gale C. Galloway and Alex Galloway
Stephen R. and Leslie Gardner
Paul and Kathy Gaughf
Doc and Robin Giddings
Mr. and Mrs. W. Raoul Glenn
Robert and Nancy Goad
Mr. and Mrs. Mason A. Goldsmith
Douglas and Ricelyn Greer
Mr. and Mrs. T. Michael Greer
Dr. Dina Grice
Mr. and Mrs. H. Dale Groce
Lance and Margaret Hafer
Brad and Sharon Halter
Lyle and Ellen Hampshire
Richard and Terri Harp
Mr. and Mrs. Carroll B. Hart
John Hart
Judy P. Harte
Mrs. Robert G. Hartness
Lynn and Flavia Harton
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Hawkins
Robert and Jo Ann Hribernik
Jackson and Velda Hughes
Phillip and Lauren Hughes
Bernt and Bonnie Iversen
Kathleen and Rob Jacob
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Jamison
Pam and Bill Kendig
Debbie and Todd Kleman
Donald and Carmen Ling
Chris and Vivian Loveless
March Maguire
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Malloy, Jr.
Tammy and Ronald Malone
Ann and Richard Marzec
Mrs. Estelle McClary
Otho McLauchlin
Dr. Jonathan R. Merrill, MD
Bob and Carolyn Mickey
Ted and Karen Moon
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Moore
Robert and Mary Morris
Charlie and Debbie Moseley
Daryl and Rhonda Muncus
Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Nantz
Barry and Karen Nield
Paula Noble
Mrs. Xanthene Norris
Kathryn and Ben Norwood
Kim Oliver
Keith and Judy Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Bony Hampton Peace III
Elizabeth Pearce
M. E. Pearce
David M. Pereira
Nicholas and Lauren Perkins
Rosalyn and Chris Phillips
Joseph F. Pirola, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Puckett
Luis and Carlinda Quintero
Mr. and Mrs. D.J. Rama
Caress Redd
Timothy and Susan Reed
Jeff and Sherry Rhodenbaugh
The Honorable Richard W. Riley
Davis and Jackie Roeske
Jim and Nicole Rogers
Patsy Sadler and Walter Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Sarvis
James and Janet Scardo
Mo and Harry Schaffhauser
John and Carol Schwager
Dorothy Scott
Dr. and Mrs. John Siddens
Robert and Shelli Siegel
Ms. Jill Owens Smith and Mr. Joe Barilovits
Doug and April Stambaugh
Roger and Cher Stamey
Mr. and Mrs. Blair A. Stanicek
Mr. Carl Stecker
Chris and Sandra Stone
Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Stuart
William and Martha Beth Sturgis
Donna and Joe Sullivan
Ed and Sydney Taylor
Jess and Sandi Teel
Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Timmons, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Travers
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Turley
Robert and Elaine Waring
Rick Webel and Becky Barnes
Erik Weir
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Whitley
Mr. Stephen Wickliffe
Randall and Sandy Wilhoit
Dick Wilkerson
Dr. and Mrs. Brad Williams
Ms. Kathryn Williams and Mr. Tom Ervin
Bill and Connie Williamson
Jamie and Dawn Zellner
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Zurenko


Anonymous (3)
John D. Aiken, Jr.
Mrs. Linda N. Albright
Jim and Judy Alexander
Bill and Ruth Allee
Elizabeth and Steve Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Vernie Anthony
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Atkins
Everette and Rita Babb
Brion and Deb Bahnmuller
Mr. and Mrs. Scott C. Barker
Lila M. Barr
Mercedes and Doug Bartow
Paul and Ann Batson
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Bauer
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence B. Bauknight
Jacqueline Bechek
Mike and Debbie Bell
Joy Bennett and Thomas Quinn
Stephen Berger
Mr. and Mrs. William Bernheim
Stan and Gail Berry
Olin and Georgia Blanton
Luther and Sally Boliek
William and Sandra Boone
Albert Bostwick
Larry Brandt
Linda and Allen Brown
Duff and Margaret Bruce
Jody and Jenni Bryson
Greg Burris
Linda A. Caillet
James L. Callicutt, Jr.
Lawrence and Ginny Camposano
Ray and Joanne Carothers
Anne and Bill Carpenter
Jerry Carter
Douglas and Sheila Cheek
Mr. Henry Clinkscales
W.C. Clinkscales, III
David Coates
Donna Coker
Cokey and Lee Cory
Mr. Vern Cox
William and Linda Cromer
Mr. Mike Davis
Ms. Pauline Davis
Drs. Stephen and Lauren Demosthenes
The Dickerson Family
Forrest and Tina Dillard
Susan Dodds
D. Douglas Dorman
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Duncan
Drs. Jeff and Andrea Edenfield
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan A. Einstein
Steve and Brenda Ellison
Russell and Diane Farr
Michael and Lisa Fawcett
Mark and Sallie Flavin
Mr. and Mrs. Beach Foster
Leigh Ann Frick
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fulbright
Bill and Beth Fuller
Kevin Geagan
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Gentry
Rick and Sherry Anne Gettys
Mr. Ron Gillen
Lillian Glenn
Dr. and Mrs. A. J. Goforth, III
Peggy and Ed Good
Lochrane Grant
Cathy J. Grant
Doug and Lynn Greenlaw
Mr. Michael and Dr. Laurie Griffin
Mark and Sue Groce
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Hamilton
Mr. and Mrs. W. Carlisle Hamrick
Bill and Edith Hardaway
Ed and Dianne Harmon
Craig Harmon
Randy and Beth Harrison
Edward and Leigh Heidtman
Roger Heitzeg
Jackie D. Highley
Hayne and Anna Kate Hipp
Mary Hipp
Mrs. Ashley Hobbs
Shara Hussain
Jim and Barbara Johnson
Marta Johnson
Steve and Deena Johnson
Paul Jones
Midge Jones
Mike and Margaret Josephson
Jay and Pamela Kaplan
Mr. and Mrs. William W. Kehl
John and Chelle Kelaher
Mr. and Mrs. William Kilbourne
Zachary M. Kilpatrick Jr., M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Boyd King
Mr. Dick King
Judy King
Richard and Suzanne Knox
Staci and Brock Koonce
Stephen and Virginia Kovalcik
Steven and Linda Krause
 Ms. Elaine Lang and Mr. Michael Ferguson
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Levy
Mary Jo Lewis
Edward Little
Mr. Jacob Lowrey, III
Mr. and Mrs. Jan Lucas
Ms. Diane Ludwig
Richard and Lisa Mangione
Mr. Edward Massey
Roshan Mathew and Ruthanne Dahlheimer
Grant Mattison
Steve McClure
Mike and Debbie McDonough
Dr. Connie McDowell
Mike and Fran McGuigan
Scott McLallen
Mark Medford
Charles and Rachelle Mickel
Mr. John Moore
Dr. and Mrs. Robert R. Morgan, Jr.
Wayne and Lisa Murphy
Annemarie Murphy
Donald and Carol Nordin
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Norris
Mitch and Carla Norville
Lonnie Ogburn
Robert and Charlotte Otto
Dolly and Louis Pardi
Dr. Anne V. Parker
Bonnie Parker
Henry and Lil Parr
Jo Lynne Pearce
Joe Petro
James and Becky Pierce
Dr. and Mrs. William J. Pierce
Mrs. Andrew Pioth
John Pittman
Sally and Pete Potosky
Chuck and Kathy Pringle
Marvin and Biff Quattlebaum
Francis Ray
Brooke and Julian Reed
Mr. and Mrs. James Reid
Sandra L. Reynolds
Tim and Donna Rhyne
Flora and “E” Riley
Linda M. Robertson
Ray and Liz Rochester
Dr. Laurie Roley
Ann and Porter Rose
Jerry and TJ Saad
Mr. and Mrs. L. Kent Satterfield
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Schiff
Bart and Stephanie Schmidt
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Seaman
Richard and Laura Shick
James and Polly Shoemaker
Hank and Karen Sitton
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Smith
Mr. James L. Smith
Kent E. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Lindsay Smith
Rion and Lolly Smith
Roger and Joyce Soderdahl
Jo Sousa
Mr. and Mrs. Russell H. Stall
Chuck, Jan, and Andy Staples
Sarah Steele
llyn strong and Brad Pine
Judson L Suber
John and Laura Supra
Prudence Taylor
Nancy D. Taylor
Mike and Cynthia Tedeschi
Jim and Sandy Terry
Sara and Arch Thomason
LeAnne Thurmond and Ed Holcombe
Neill Timmons
Mr. and Mrs. Grover E. Todd
Scott Turner and Steve Price
Julie and Ross Turner
Keith Van Arsdale
Mike and Dana Van Gieson
Mrs. Barbara Van Overschelde
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Van Romer
Dr. and Mrs. John L. Vry
Fred and Jo Ann Walker
Lynda Wallace
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Warday
Gillaine and Charles Warne
Derek Watson and Megan S. O'Neill
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Weston
David and Susan Wilkins
Dianne Dill Williams
Mrs. Ruth L. Wilson
Dr. and Mrs. Robert D. Wood
Stephanie and Jonathan Wright
Diane Smock and Brad Wyche
John and Michelle York
Jerry and Sharon Youkey



Anonymous (3)
Bob Abbott
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Agee
Mr. Alan C. Alexander
Mr. and Mrs. W. Allen Armstrong
Nelson and Jeannette Arrington
Ron and Norrene Ayers
W. D. Bain, Jr.
Mrs. Katherine Bayne
Philip and Jay Betette
Jack and Marilyn Bixler
Pamela Blakely
Bennie M. Blalock
Kristie Bland
Dan and Martha Boling
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Boling
David Bowers
Erin and Stephen Brackbill
Ms. June Bradley
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony G. Branham
Ruth Breazeale
Mr. Charles Breuer
James and Elyse Britenburg
Max and Debbie Bumgardner
David and Pattie Burke
Robert Burnett
Mr. Allen Byers
Dan and Kristi Byers
Richie Cannon
Dr. Kim Capehart
Holly and Jim Caprell
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Carithers
Dom and Deb Castor
Keith Chadwell
Mr. and Mrs. James Charbonneau
Nadine Chasteen
Toni Christiansen
Allen Clardy
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Clark
Merl and Denise Code
Jim and Becky Coley
Mr. William Colyer
Steven and Becky Connelly
Elisa Cooley
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Crider
Howard Daniel
Denby and Lee Davenport
George Davenport
Mr. and Mrs. Russ Davis
Lisa DeBellis
Annemarie Forte DeFronzo
Mr. William Demet
John and Cecilia Diblanda
Dr. Lauren Doar
Beth and Bobby Dobson
Mr. Scott Dobson
Robert Doherty
Lonny Dolin and Philip Engleson
Derek Dunlap
Billy and Becky Dunn
Perry Edwards
David and Frances Ellison
Mr. Erick Fass
Jeffrey Faust
Mr. Raymond Forgue
Melissa and Eddie Franklin
Drs. L. Allen and Kathryn Freedman
Mr. and Mrs. J. Earle Furman, Jr.
Barbara Gagnon
Mr. Brian Galvin
Dr. Catherine Garner
Candace Garner
Phillip and Suzanne Gerard
Cedric and Katharine Gibb
Jim and Nancy Gil
Jeffrey Gilliland
Susan and Nello Gioia
Jim and Marilyn Gobble
Paul and Nancy Goldsmith
Ms. Pat Gosnell
Tom and Linda Govreau
Timothy Grant
Richard Greer
Jack and Nancy Griffeth
Kimberly Grimm
Robert and Jo Hackl
Helen and Al Hagood
Ms. Rebecca Hamor
Ed and Dianne Harmon
Randy and Beth Harrison
Thomas and Rosemary Healy
Tom and Mary Sue Helfrich
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Helwing
Jennifer Hershberger
Richard and Annetta Hewitt
Mr. Jerry Hightower
Reid Hipp
Dr. Philip and Adelia Hodge
Jim and Debbie Holmes
Dr. and Mrs. Greg Holt
Tee and Sherry Hooper
Jim and Linda Hopkins
David and Ginny Hoppenworth
Robert and Sharon Howell
Ronnie and Elizabeth Hyatt
Gregory Ingram
Andrew and Sheila Irwin
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Jackson
Kyle and Tonia Jeray
Jennie Johnson and Bob Peaks
Jerrilyn Johnson
Dr. and Mrs. Carson Johnson
Faye and Mike Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Lamar Jordan
In Memory of Dr. and Mrs. W. P. Kay
Justin Kellett
Dr. and Mrs. J. Don Kelley
Karen and Thomas Kelly
Bates Kennedy
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kenyon
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kilburg
Dianne King
John King
Butch and Diane Kirven
Barry and Catherine Knobel
Lary and Carmen Korn
Barb and Brian Laffler
Rick Lankford
Jerry and Cynthia Larson
Gina and Tom Latham
Timothy and Kay Leaumont
Lucian and Jeanie Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Lewis
Dr. and Mrs. Edward K. Lominack
Aimee Lonergan
Dr. and Mrs. Bill Mabie
Alex Macclenahan
Champ and Rena Madigan
Fleming and Garland Mattox
David and Laura McCutchen
Jane A. McCutcheon
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin McDaniels
Cathie McFadden
Diane McLean
Rex and Wanda Meade
Ms. Sandra Mickens
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Middleton
Tom and Sandy Mills
Mr. Floyd Mills III
John and Ellie Mioduski
Ed Morgan
Gregg and Cathy Morton
Bob Muller
Mr. Bob Munnich
John and Linda Neely
Beth Padgett
Dr. and Mrs. David Palma
John F. Parrott and Rev. Sally Parrott
Leon and Barbara Patterson
Dr. Deborah Perzak, DVM
Craig and Kay Phillips
Dr. and Mrs. Michael S. Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Irvine H. Philpot, III
Donna Phipps
Robert Poole
William Price
Mr. and Mrs. David Reeves
Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Reeves
Drs. Tripp and Suzanne Renfro
Gary and Fran Richardson
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Rigsby
Ms. Julie Roberts
Donna and Jim Rogers
Mike and Frances Rohde
Tom and Cathy Ronald
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rote
Carol Ruppert
Eldon and Linda Russ
Mr. and Mrs. Ali Saifi
Dr. and Mrs. Neyef Samhat
Dr. and Mrs. John R. Sanders
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Schaefer
Richard and Linda Schaefer
Steve Schnee
David Schronce
David Schutzman and Carole Weinstock
Dennis and Christa Schwab
Sean and Meg Scoopmire
Coleman Shouse
Robert Sihler and Ann Jaedicke
Roger and Virgina Sims
Loretta Smith
Chip and Wendy Smith
Carl Sobocinski
Mark and Alice Sobray
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Spinks
Mr. and Mrs. William Stanton
Charles Stewart
Stacy Story
Mr. Paul Stringer
Mr. and Mrs. David Sudduth
Dr. and Mrs. Jeff Summers
Janet and Steve Sumner
Sharon and Phil Swede
David and Anne Taylor
Edgar and Loren Taylor
Steven and Cynthia Taylor
Michael and Linda Thigpen
Drs. Merritt and Stefan Tolan
John and Marcela Tomlin
Allen and Jean Toole
John and Kelli Tripoli
Dr. Kenneth F. Trofatter
Robert Veideman
Mrs. Richard S. Wagner
Mr. Keith Walker
Benny and Nancy Walker
Michael and Mary Wall
Mr. and Mrs. Waldo Watts
Deb and Richard Waycaster
Ken and Wanda Webb
Alita and Doug Webster
Mr. and Mrs. Irvine T. Welling, III
Robert Wells
Philip and Melanie Wessinger
Michael and Marion Westfall
Dennis and Kimey Whatley
Sharon and Roger Wheeler
Keith and Melissa Wiese
Craig Stine and Jeannette Wilcox
Dwayne Wilson
Mr. Andy Wilson
Steve and Sharon Wilson
Ms. Mimi Wyche and Mr. Davis Enloe
Berry and Richard Zander
Benny and Nancy Walker
Mary K Wall
Kathy Watts
Deb and Richard Waycaster
Ken and Wanda Webb
Alita and Doug Webster
Mr. and Mrs. Irvine T. Welling, III
Robert Wells
Philip and Melanie Wessinger
Michael and Marion Westfall
Sharon and Roger Wheeler
Keith and Melissa Wiese
Craig Stine and Jeannette Wilcox
Dwayne Wilson
Mr. Andy Wilson
Sharon Wilson
Ms. Mimi Wyche and Mr. Mavis Enloe
Berry and Richard Zander


Anonymous (7)
Sonya and Rudy Ables
William Ackner
Mr. and Mrs. Clay Adams
Ms. Janice Adams
Fred and Irene Adams
Robert Adams
Ms. Cindy Agnew
Mr. and Mrs. David Alewine
Richard Alexander
Charles Alford
Susan Allbaugh
Claudia Allen
Minnie Allen
Ms. Deborah Allen
Eric and Deidre Amstutz
Mr. and Mrs. William Andersen
Barbara Anderson and Gary Barnhart
Mr. and Mrs. Anderson
Kevin Anderson
Joann Anderson
Scott and Melissa Anderson
Bob and Ruth Andreasen
Mr. and Mrs. T.K. Armington
Ms. Anita Arms
Cliff and Carol Arnett
John and Elizabeth Arnold
Julie and John Arrowood
Glenn and Pam Ashley
Mr. and Mrs. Beattie Ashmore
Carol Aston
Tony and Jean Atkins
Elizabeth Atkins
Ms. Teresa Atkinson
Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Aud
Judy C Aull
James Ayers
John Bach
Jean Badalamenti
Karen Baehr
Jeffrey Bailey
Bruce Bailey
Alan and Lynn Baird
Anastasia Bakaes
Michael Baker
Scott and Kathy Baker
Pat and Betty Ballard
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Ballard
Danny and Jennifer Balon
Mrs. Myla Barber
Keith and Emma Barksdale
Jeane Bartlett
Tom and Karen Barton
Jim and Terry Batchler-Smith
Leigh Batson
Elizabeth and Clyde Baucom
Marie R. Bauer
April Baur
Ms. Amy Baxter
Sandra Bearden
Karl C Beason, Jr.
Mr. Joseph Beaudoin
Stacey and Cheri Beeler
Norman and Rosemary Bein
Ladson Belcher
Abbey Bell
Clark Bell
Jennifer Belshe
Nancy Bender
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Bender
Robert Benedict
Dave Benham
Kristin Bennett
Ms. Betty Bernardo
Alexis Berry
William Berry
Steven and Susan Bichel
Claudia Biggers
Stephanie Billioux
Ray and Dee Bingham
Brandy Birch
Robert Black
Matthew and Elizabeth Blackstone
Pattie and Terry Blackwell
Deena Blackwell
Bill Blackwood
Stephen Blake
John and Iris Blando
Ms. Sonya Blevins
Donald Bliss
Mr. Mark Blonstein and Mr. Don Faircloth
Robert Bloom
Drs. Randy and Gayle Blouin
Mr. John Boarman
James and Joyce Bobich
Tiffany and Cameron Boggs
Dr. and Mrs. Frank Boineau
Tad  and Becky Boland
Mickey Boles
Gary and Juanita Bolick
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Bond
Mr. Tim Bonsall
Charles Bonzagni and Adrian DuBose
Annette and Calvin Bostic
Brian Boughner
Mr. and Mrs. Perry Boulier
Lyn and Maryanne Bourne
Mr. Gene Bowen
Dr.Teresa Bowers
Deborah Bowers
Mr. William J. Bowman
Ryan and April Bowman
Dr. Elizabeth Boyer
Meg Boyles, State Farm Insurance
Amanda C. Bradley
Michael Bragg
Niles and Annette Brancati
Mrs. Peggy Brazell
Carolyn Breazeale
Charles Breckheimer and Sandra Schorr
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Brewton
Ms. Bonnie Bridges
Nell Britton and Mary Pendergrass
Alan and Melanie Broadwell
Linda and Ronnie Brock
Allison Brockman
Cindy and Joe Brothers
Dianna Brouthers
Luke Browder and Chelsea Rudisill
Lynda Brown
Brittany Brown
Will Brown
Lee and Pauline Brown
Ms. Loreina Brown
In Memory of Wesley G. Brown
Mr. Paul Brown
Kimberly Bruce
Donna Brundage
Ken and Jan Bruning
Morris Bryan
Vince and Rose Mary Brytus
Mr. and Mrs. John Buckey
Terry and Noelle Buffkin
Dr. Michael Bull and Jean Carter
Mr. Lawrence Bullard
Alex and Carolyn Burgin
Carla and Bland Burkhardt
Mr. Tim Burns
Meahgan Burns
Joey Burns
Ed Burrell
Jason and Meredith Burton
Billy Bush
Dr. and Mrs. Fred Butehorn Jr.
Charles and Miriam Butler
Michael and Sarah Byars
Dr. and Mrs. B. Brant Bynum
Steve and Marty Bynum
Dr. Ann Bynum
Robin Byouk
Neil and Courtney Caesar
Kathryn Caldwell
Dr. and Mrs. William Caldwell
Suzanne Callaham
Mrs. Jill Cameron
Ms. Marguerite Campbell
Jan and Jerry Campbell
Mr. Jeffrey Campbell
Bruce Campbell
Mary Anne Campbell
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Camunas
Gaye Cantin
Mrs. Morgan Cantrell
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Carangelo
James and Jan Carino
Jeff and Margaret Caro
Richard and Linda Carpenter
Robert M. Carpenter
Patrick Carrington
Linda Carroll
Ms. Cindy Cartee
Danny Carter
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Carter
Churchill and Jeanie Carter
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Cartledge
Danny and Bonita Cash
Jim and Phyllis Cashion
Cynthia Cason
Mr. Jay Casselberry
Barry and Diane Casselman
Ms. Ruth Cate
Mr. Tom Catoe
Cory Causby
Geoffrey and Amy Challenger
Tony and Carol Chapman
Harold Chapman
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Chappell
Gabrielle Charbonnet and Paul Bella Maggiora
Dr. and Mrs. Frank Charles
Patricia Chastain
Timothy Cherry
Ms. Lou Chestnut
Don Childers
Jim and Toni Childers
Mr. and Mrs. James Childress
John Christ
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Christen
Charles Christian
Neil H. Christian
Charlotte Ciochetti
John and Karen Clancy
Sandra Clark
Ms. Brenda Clark
Robert and Nancy Clark
Doug and Wendy Clark
Carl and Celia Clark
Howard Clemens
Chris and Diana Clemow
Mr. C. Wade Cleveland and Mr. Travis Elmore
Peggy Clinkscales
Bill and Linda Clyne
Cindy Cobb
Anne Coble
Maureen and Andrew Coburn
Mr. John Cocciolone
Gordon and Melanie Cochrane
Cynthia Coggins
Jane Cohen
Bruce and Cindy Cohn
J.A. Coleman
Thomas and Michele Colletti
John Collins
David Collins
Diana Colson
Larry and Peggy Comereski
Gary and Lee Comprini
John and Margaret Condrasky
Ann Cone
Laura Connell
Penni Conn-Pethuyne
Gordon cook
Mr. Dennis Cook
Mr. and Mrs. Don W. Cooley
Matthew and Heidi Cooney
Ethel Cooper
Mrs. Penny Cooper
Alan and Roxanne Cordonier
Joe and Nancy Corpening
Jim and Noreen Cothran
Dr. David Cotty
Sarah and Kevin Cox
John and Joyce Cox
Mr. Bradley Cranford
Charles Crawford
Merry Crawford
Vicky Crenshaw
Mitchell Crisp
Edward Crittendon
Joyce Cross
Page and Diane Crouch
Harold and Charlotte Crout
Jane Powell Crowder
Mr. Fred Crowe
Marylou Crowley
Anne Culbreath
Mr. and Mrs. William Culp
Ken and Natasha Cummings
Lynette Cummings
Mr. Jerrold Curgan
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Curran
Patricia Currie
Marion Currow
Judy and Harry Curtis
Henrietta and Alvin Cuttler
Curtis Dahlberg
Richard and Virginia Dalton
Paul and Debbie Daly
Mr. Don Dandelske
Richard and Beverly  D'Andrea
Dr. James Dant
Lisa Darby
Phil Darity
David and Jackie Davies
Ben Davis
Robert Davis
Bradley and Jennifer Davis
Benita Davis
Jesse Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Duane Davis
Lynn Davis
Mr. Johnny P. Davis
Edward De Iulio
John Dean
Belinda DeBelli
Greg and Sharon Defelice
Sykes and Fran DeHart
Donna Dekay
Christine Demosthenes
Patti Dennis
John and Jeanne Dennis
Tim Dersch
Mr. and Mrs. Bob DeVito
Mr. Herbert Dew
Kathryn Dial
Dr. and Mrs. James W. Dickert, Sr.
Wayne and Jean Diehl
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Dietrich
Deborah Dill
Patricia Dillard
Luke and Jaqueline DiMaggio
Marvin and Joan Dixon
Ms. Deborah Dobson
Lynn B. Dobson
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Dolge
Jason Donald
Julian and Jean Dority
William C. Dorris
Carolee Dover
Dr. Andrea Draisen and Mr. David Draisen
Bob and Dianne Drake
Donald and Ilona Drewello
Sue and Bob Drothler
Mr. Robert Dubose
Shelby Duffy
Elise Dunbar
Ms. Julie Duncan
Scott Dunn
Andrew Durosky
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dusa
Lea and Pat Dwyer
Richard and Jean Dykast
Colonel Sandy Edge
Jill Edwards
Jason Edwards
Alan and Sara Eggert
Gary and Kacey Eichelberger
Charles and Diane Eldridge
Mr. Robert Elledge
Ted and Anne Ellefson
Linda Elliot
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Ellis
Mark and Sarah Ellis
Janet Elmore
Mr. and Mrs. L. Franklin Elmore
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Emerson
Eric Englebardt and Beth Burris
Bill and Gail Englert
Jack Engram
Patricia Engstrom
Janifer Epling
Garth and Mollie Erdmann
Don and Sue Erickson
Heather Erickson
Mr. Tory Ervin
Rick and Ingrid Erwin
Mr. and Mrs. David Esmacher
Mr. Jeff Ettin
Edwin W. and Elyse S. Evans
J. Michael Evans
Mr. Bruce Evans
Michael and Barbara Evert
Richard and Madeline Faner
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Farnsworth
Rod Farrell
George Farrell
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Farrell
David and Renee Faucette
Frank Fazio
Marcy Fedalei
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Feingold
Elizabeth Ferguson
Dr. and Mrs. Jerry F. Ferlauto
Noah Fetherston
Michael Fields
Ms. Joanne Finkbeiner
Mr. and Mrs. George Finkenstadt
Thomas Finley and Sharon Fowler
Mr. Jordan Finn
Dr. and Mrs. William F. Finn
Steve and Helen Fischer
Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Fisher
Dennis Fisher
Mr. Samuel E. Fisher
Linda Fitzhugh
Dale Flackett and Gina Smith
Mr. and Mrs. James Fleitz
George and Sarah Fletcher
Mr. and Mrs. Stan Fletcher
Robin Floyd
Hugh Floyd
Misty Foster
Jerry and Aimee Fountain
Gail Fowler
Tracy Fowler
Vicki Fowler
Mr. and Mrs. John Fowler
James M. and Mary Fowler
Jim and Alechia Francis
Dr. and Mrs. Jack L. Frasher, Jr.
Ms. Caroline Fratturo
Charles Frederick
Jan Fredman
Mr. John Freed
Joseph Freeman
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Frericks
Eric Freshwater
Karen Marie Fric
Denise Frick
Robert Friedman
William and Patricia Fuller
Roger and Karen Fuller
Paul Fuller
Mr. David Fuller
Ann Funderburk
Dr. and Mrs. John Funke, III
R. Chris and Vanessa Furtick
Mr. James Gabb
Samuel Gacha
Beth Gaddy
Gerald Gado
William Gaffney, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. James H. Gaines
Charles Gallagher
Maribeth Galloway
Mark and Jan Galusza
Ms. Debra Gambrell
Jeffrey and Ruth Gardner
Concetta Gardziola
Christine Garner
Vincent Garrett
Stewart and Rita Garrett
Ken and Myra Garrett
Mr. Dan Garrett
James and Tammy Garrett
Ms. Jennifer Garriga
Nelson Garrison
Mr. Greg Carver
Bill and Nancy Gatewood
Dr. and Mrs. Jay Gaucher
Mitch and Suzanne Gault
Denise Gavin
Betty and Gray Geddie
Mr. Robert Gettings
Ms. Emily Getz
Mike and Lynn Gibbs
Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. Gibbs
Kenneth and Kimberly Gibson
Anne and David Gibson
Diana Gilbert
Angela Giles
Barbara Gill
Sonny and Heather Gill
Mr. Paul Gillcrist
Ms. Mary Gilstrap
Paul Glaser
Dr. and Mrs. Stuart Glassman
Charlie and Patricia Glazener
Tish Glenn
Dr. Kim O. Gococo, M.D.
Sherry Godfrey
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Godshall
Valerie Goecker
Brian Goess
J. Michael Goff
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Gokey
Dr. and Mrs. Steven J. Gold
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Golden
Susan Goldy
Mr. and Mrs. Wilmer Gonzalez
Alberto Gonzalez
Dianna Goodman
Brenda Goodman
Linda and Tom Goodwin
Robert and Melanie Goodwin
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene R. Goodwyn, III
Mark and Terry Gordon
Michael and Ruth Gorman
Frank and Bonnie Gossett
Charles Gouch
Mrs. Susan Gourdeau
Mr. charles grabarczyk
Amy Grace
Jay and Jodie Grace
Kim Graham
Richard and Stephanie Graham
Gary and Kathryn Grahn
Lance and Shea Gray
Mr. James G. Gray
Terry Grayson-Caprio
Carol Green
Terry Green
Kathleen Greenan
Ms. Sara Gregory
Roger Greiner
Richard and Janet Grey
Ken Grier
Malinda Griffin
Kerry Griffin
Barbara Griffin
Mrs. April Griffith
Rebecca Griffith
Bill Griffith
Jared and Amy Grimes
Mr. and Mrs. David Griscom
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Gunter
Mr. Frederick Guterman
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Haines
Sherrill Hall
Ms. Mimi Hallman
William C. Halter, Jr. and Sandra M. Halter
Kenneth and Debra Ham
Claire Hamanaka
Carol Hamilton
Victoria Hammond
Barbara Hammons
Whitney Hamrick
Jacklyn K. Han
Helge and Paula Hanel
Gail Haney
Ms. Linda Hansma
Ms. Nancy Hanson
Joseph and Regina Harber
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Harbin
Richard S. Hardaway
Dr. Sandra Hardee
Mr. Lee Hardin
Mr. Michael Harhai
Sunnie Harmon
Thomas and Christina Harper
Myna Harris
Sherry and Larry Harris
Benjamin Harrison
Michael and Trish Harrison
Dr. Lawrence and Frances Hartley
Mark and Susin Hartman
Mr. Howard Haselden
Robert Haselden
Eric Hastings
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Hawkins
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Haynes
Priscilla and Knox Haynsworth
Catherine Hearn
Mrs. Carolyn R. Heaton
Lindsay Heffron
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hein
John and Marcia Heinrichs
John and Carol Helbling
Robert Helmer
Guy and Mickey Hempel
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Henderson
Thomas and Kathleen Henderson
Noel and Susan Hendley
Dr. and Mrs. William Hendrix
Dr. and Mrs. W. John Henry, III
Russell Hensley
Dani and Mark Herro
Mrs. Michael Hess
Mr. Burt Heuse
Ron Hewitt
Ms. Kathy Duncan
Harriet Hildebrant
Alan Hill
Barbara J. Hill
Leonard and PatriciaHilla
Constance Hillman
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hillock
Deborah Hodge
Laura Hodge
Thomas and Nell Hodge
Arlene and Jim Hoffman
Neil and Barbara Hoffman
Irene Holcombe
Mr. Mark Holland
Wilbert and Kathy Holley
Dr. and Mrs. Wayne M. Hollinger
Dr. John Holman
Ms. Belvin Holman
Evangeline Holseberg
Dr. and Mrs. J. Williams Holt III
Winston and Geanice Holton
Jeff and Jeri Holweger
Craig and Eileen Homan
Charles and Mary Hornback
Keith and Patricia Horne
Francis Horton
David and June Horton
Dr. and Mrs. Gary Horvath
Ms. Kelly Hough
Bob and Bev Howard
Bill Howard
Ruth Howe
Teri Howes and Karen Wolin
Jan Hubble
Mark Wolken and Jennifer Huber
Pastor and Mrs. Hasker Hudgens, Jr.
The Stones
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Hudson, Jr.
Charles and Donna Huffman
Rachael Huggins
Dr. and Mrs. George Hughes
Mary Hughey
Mr. Jason Huguet
Jonathan Hungerford
Mr. Robert Hunt
Brett and Sandra Hunt
Dale and Joanne Hunt
Jimmy and Ann Hunt
Geri Hunter
Gerald Huskamp and Elizabeth Macfie
Janet and Tom Huskey
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Hutchisson
Barbara B. Hyman
Craig Imig
Alana Indelicato
Richard and Christine Indrieri
David Ingram
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ippolito
George and Debbie Jackson
Jeffrey Jacobs
Ms. Virginia Jahrmarkt
Mary James
Chris James
Paul James
Joann James
Ennis and Dru James
Russell Jamison
Ms. Leah Jarrett
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Jenkins
Jake and Cynthia Jennings
James and Joyce Jennings
Jeff and Shannon Johnson
Theresa Johnson
John Johnson
Eugene Johnson
Lynne Johnson
James Johnson
Larry and Monica Johnson
Marshall Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. George D. Johnson, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Johnson
Thomas and Laura Johnston
Allen Johnston
Mr. Mark Johnston and Ms. Susan Cyr
Kay Jollay
W. Stephen and Shannon Jones
Belle Jones
Donna Jones
Judy O. Jones
Dr. Michael Jordan
Pam Jordan
Sally Juhasz
Donny and Toni Justus
Mr. George Kaddaras
Dr. and Mrs. Lynn Kahl
Michael and Joyce Kaplan
Mr. and Mrs. Kris Kapoor
Kim and David Karr
Aaron Katz and Beth Del Savio
Joe and Julie Kavanagh
Mr. and Mrs. C.P. Kayse
Dr. and Mrs. Barry Keane
Jennifer Keeler
Phyllis Keeney
Greg Keesler
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Kegler
Jennifer and Richard Keir
Jon Keith
Marjorie and David Kellam
Dr. Tamela Keller and Dr. Carrie Ann Twedt
Jackie Kellett
Tim and Melissa Kelly
Michael and Sandra Kelly
Maureen Kennedy
Michael and Nancy Kennedy
George Kennedy
Ms. Elaine Kent
Gayle Key
Dr. Teresa Kilgore
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Kimmel
Perry and Margaret King
Paul King
Ms. Anne Kinsman
Julie Kinter
Ginger Kirby
Vaneta and Paul Kirsch
Theresa and Don Kizer
Ms. Stevie Klein
Gary and Susan Klinger
Steve Klinner
Tammi Knight
James Knight
Mr. Michael Knowles
Scott and Donna Koegler
AJ Koontz
Diane Kosec
Dr. Paul D. Kountz Jr.
Suzanne Kovacs and Mitchell Jolley
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kozlarek
Thomas and Nona Krena
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Krieger
Dr. Morgan and Susan Kutzner
Mr. Eric Kuzniar
Mike and Cindy Lackey
Megha Lal
Sandra W. Lamberson
June Lancaster
Mike and Joanie Lancellot
Cheryl O. Lang
Alton and Barbara Lanier
David and Lori Lann
Steve and Connie Lanzl
Richard Lassor
Dr. and Mrs. Ernest Lathem
Carolyn and Richard Launius
Clifford Lawrence
Mr. Jordan Lea
Brenda League
William Leavengood
John and Becky Leckrone
Kenneth and Mary Ellen Leconte
Thomas Ledbetter
Beth Lee
Deidre Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Lee
Coyann G. Lee
Bruce and Beverly Leech
Debra Leeke
Barbara and Jeffery Leimsieder
Karen Lerchbacher
Butch and Betty-Ann Lewandowski
Martha Louise Ramage Lewis
Leigh Lewis
John and Marla Libby
Mr. Gary Lickfield
John and Roxane Lightcap
Wallace and Marsha Lightsey
Ms. Marguerite Ligon
Charles and Amy Lindrum
Sandy Lipe
Tammy Lister
Tommy and Vickie Little
Charles and Janie Little
Jim Litwak
Jennifer Loew
Reid Lohr
Heather Lollis
Stephanie C. Long
Robert and Susan Long
Michael Lopez
Tricia Lortz
Don and DeAnn Louis
Chuck Lowe
Joseph and Laura Lowery
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Lucas
Jon and Melissa Lucas
Carolyn Luce
Stephen and Carroll Luck
Suanne Luhn
Dr. Adele and Mr. Jim Lynagh
Hollis and Barry Lynch
Tim and Karen Lynch
Mr. Michael Lyon
James and Terry Lyons
Richard and Deborah Lyons
Cheryl P. Starrett
Penny and Jack Macauley
Stephen Mack
John and Alice MacKeil
Mr. Peter MacKinnon and Ms. Vickie Frazier
John Madray
Joyce Mahon
James Mahone
Dr. Gregory and Lynda Malcolm
John and Carolin Malone
Silvia Mammone
Dr. and Mrs. T. C. Mann, Jr.
David Mann
Mrs. Sue Manning
Matthew Mannino
George and Shelley Manos
Tom and Judy Mardre
Tom and Leighann Markalunas
Linda Markel
Don and Brenda Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Martin
Jim Martin
Fred and Ann Martin
Terri Martin
Ms. Gail Marx
Tom and Joy Mascari
Mike Massey
Mr. and Mrs. Jay and Sherri Matkovich
Karen Maud
A.J. Mauldin
Courtney and Bo Mauzy
James and Donna May
Jo Maypole
Mr. Bill Mays
Vanessa A. Mazzoli
John McAfee
Ms. Reba McAllister
Mr. and Mrs. David McBee
Susan McCafferty
Brooke McCain
Gene and Lucy McCall
Berta and Larry McCallum
Dr. and Mrs. Landrum McCarrell, Jr.
Virginia McCartney
Thomas and Ginger McCarver
Thomas McCaslin
Jeff and Brenda McCleerey
Frank McCoy
Craig and Pamela McCoy
Mrs. Terri McCrary
Mary Earle McCraw
Mr. and Mrs. Dean McCullough
Mr. Robert McCurdy
Steven and Katrina McDevitt
Don McDonald
Mr. Harley McElroy
Ann McFadden
Tim  and Jan McFall
Keith Mcgowen
Ms. Kay McKee
Michael and Sandy McKeel
Chuck and Jiffy McKeown
Ms. Becky McKinney
Rita McKinney and Allen Guignard
Mr. and Mrs. William P. McKinney
Mr. Charles McKissick
Mr. and Mrs. Stan McMeekin
Mr. and Mrs. Scott McMillan
Mr. and Mrs. Steve McNeely
Hunter McRae
Jerry McTier and Joyce Patterson
Kerry McTigue
Vicki and Thomas Mead
Richard Mead and Ruth Pollow
Sandra Meek
Ms. Heidi Mehalic
Eric Meindl
Mr. Victor Mellow
Brian and Susanna Merriman
Necia Metzger
Carmen Mezzacappa
Mr. John Middleton
Mr. Michael J. Mikina
Donna and Jeff Millard
Carol Miller
Jon Miller
Ms. Suzanne Miller
Dwight Miller
Mr. Charles A. Miller
Tony R. Miller
Richy Milligan
Dr. Joseph and Beth Mills
Leslie and John T. "Buddy" Mills
Phyllis Mingo
Nancy Minor
Tom Mobley
Kathryn Modeen
Ron And Luanne Mohling
Gary and Diane Mohr
Gary Mohr
Amy Monroe
Kim and Lisa Moore
Mary Moore
Robert A. Moore
Marian Moorhead
Frank Morelli
Malcolm Morgan
Ray and Susan Morgan
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Morgan
Captain and Mrs. Gene Morin
Bob Morris
Ms. Cornelia Moscon
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Moss
Carl and Allison Muller
Mrs. Adrienne Mullins
Joseph Mullins
Ms. Christine Murphy
Mrs. Kristen Murphy
Marshall and Elizabeth Murphy
David and Hope Murtaugh
Lindsey Myers
Barbara Napodano
Dr. and Mrs. Eric R. Nease
Ms. Tammi Neill
Ms. Fran Nelson
Chris and Kate Nichols
Trent Ninestein
Manuelo Noa
Mark and Kathleen Nolan
Dr. Laureen Noll
Sunshine and Ben Norwood
Adam O'Brian
James and Noreen O'Connor
Carol Olsen
Ken and Chery O'Malley
Freeman R. O'Neal, Jr.
Hugh O'Neill
Richard and Patricia O'Neill
Jesus Ordonez
Mark and Rita O'Rourke
Brian O'Rourke
Mr. and Mrs. Michael O'Shea
Dr. Deborah Otto Sunderman
Mrs. Oritsetimeyin Otubu-Scipio
Sam Outten
Amie Owens
Dr. Kathlenn Oxner and Mr. Glenn R. Oxner
Louise E. Oxner
Lesa Paddick and Greg Grindstaff
Greg Padgett
Mike Palmerton
Emile and Judy Pandolfi
Genie Pannell
Barry Parham
Jim and Peggy Parham
Jordan Parker
Judy Parker
Elizabeth Parker
Graham Parker
Mr. and Mrs. David and Selena Parker
Lee and Kim Parrish
Holly Parrott
Jack Parsons
Mr. H. W. Pat Paschal
Jerry and Donna Pasquarella
Marie and Steve Pasternack
Ashley Pastore
Mike and Georgianne Pate
Tom and Laurie Patrick
Bob Paul
Dr. and Mrs. John Paylor
Andrea Payment
Kevin Payne
Mrs. D. Grant Peacock
Ms. Linda Peacock
Steve and Priscilla Pearce
Ford Pearse
Mr. and Mrs. Robbie Pearson
Kaley Peek
William J. Peeler
Hal and Pat Perkins
Jimmy and DeeDee Perkins
Diane F. Perlmutter
Bud Perreault
Mr. and Mrs. David Perrett
Mrs. Andrea Perry
Jeffrey and Andrea Peter
Helen Peterson
Harry and Sharon Pettigrew
Mark and Mary Pfeiffer
Joyde and Mel Pfister
Kimberly Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. I. Henry Philpot, Jr.
Mr. Glenn Pickard
Robert Pierce
Dane and Stephanie Pierce
John W. and Annemarie Pillman
Don and Jane Pilzer
Mary Ann Pires
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Pittillo
Jake Pleva
Camellia Ploof
Chris and Allison Plyler
Jeff Pogoda
Ashley Trexler, M.D.
Ms. Betsy Poole
Greg and Lydia Poole
Susan Justesen
Linda Porter
Julie Poteet
Bruce Powell
Dave Prairie
Ronald and Jeanette Priddy
Mr. and Mrs. Sims Propst
Mr. Frank Provenzano
Josh Pruitt
Mr. Russell Pryor
Larry and Mary Puls
Marian Purdue
Cindy Pury and Craig Sandtrom
Dr. and Mr. William Putnam
Kyle and Carmen Putnam
Judge and Mrs. C. Victor Pyle, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Quantz
William H. Quinn
Richard Quinn
Colonel and Mrs. Michael Quinn
Tyler Amey
Will and Nancy Quinn
Carmen Quintero
Lori Raad
Michael Ram
Ms. Colleen Ramirez
Ms. Eileen Rampey
Jerry and Linda Randolph
Bernard and Sandra Rauh
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ravan
KW Ray
Gary and Jennie Ray
Carl Ray
Dr. and Mrs. Holbrook W. Raynal
Bert and Carole Ann Reder
Laura Redmond
Will Reed
Daphne Reese
Carey Reichardt
Christopher Renzi
Nancy Reynolds
George Reynolds
Carol Rhodes
Vicky Rholl
Michael and Jamie Rickoff
Irving Stahl and Pamela Rider
Stephen Ridgeway
Melissa Riley
William Rivers
Mr. and Mrs. J. Cameron Rivers
Wes Rivers
Mr. Thomas Roberts
Leslie Roberts
Don Robertson
Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Robinson
Jack and Kitty Robinson
Dianne Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Rochester
Michael F. and Nancy W. Roddy
David Rodgers
Cindy Rody
William Roehm
Matthew Roeser
Jason Rogers
William Rogers
Russell and Karen Roman
Tony Roof
Ruth Roper
Mr. and Mrs. Don Ross
Mr. Scott Roth
Debra Rubin
Richard Ruffing
Evelyn T. Runge
Kathy and Sam Varner
Jean Runnels
Cindy Runnette
Timothy Rush
Mr. and Mrs. John Rush
Chuck and Brenda Russell
Julie Morgan-Ryan
Mrs. Amy Ryberg Doyle
Nicholas and Fran Sabatine
Loretta Sabol
Christopher and Marsha Samellas
Vicki Sample
Carole Sanders
Scott Sanders
Mr. Robert Sanders
Brian Sanders
Harvey and Nancy Sanders
Mary Sandoval
Ms. Shirley Sapp
Lynn Satterfield
Dennis M. Satterfield
Dr. and Mrs. Bryan H. Satterfield
Robert Saul
Ms. Melanie Scarborough
Nancy Schafer
Bill and Nancy Schlegel
Scott and Michelle Schmeissing
Laura Schmidt
Daniel and Jill Schmidt
Carolyn Schmutz
Jill Schneider
Peter and Alexandra Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Schur
Dr. and Mrs. Robert G. Schwartz
Jon Schwartz
John and Laura Schwartz
Thomas Scotidas
Stephen Scott
Kelley and Tina Seawright
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Seay
Tom Seeley
Mr. and Mrs. William Seely
David and Victoria Segarra
James Sellers
Thomas Sellner
Ben Semmes
Mr. and Mrs. John Settin
Jo Beth Sewell
Deborah Sexton
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Seymore
Eddie Shadeed
Nancy Shaidnagle
David and Kay Shapiro
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Sharkey
Bill and Debbie Shaughnessy
Barbara Shaw
Kenneth Shaw
Tina Shealy
Dennis Shealy
Larry Shealy
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Shell
Susan and Don Don Shelley
Janet Shelley
The Sherards and Steck Family
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Sherbert
Mrs. Doris Sherrill
Angela Halfacre and David Shi
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Shore
Dawn Shore
Betsy and Matt Shouse
Cynthia and Bernard Showman
Mr. Jim Shubert
Charles and Carol Shuler
Timothy Shull
Diane and Steven Siegel
Krzysztof Sieron
Paul and Heather Siffri
Rebecca Sigmund
Reno and Susan Simmons
Shay Simmons
Dr. Melvin Sinclair
Hal Singley
Dr. Angelo Sinopoli
Helen Sirett and Ken Hendrix
John Sisson
B. R. Skelton
Jane Slane
Ms. Jo Anne Slaughter
Anita and Brian Sleeman
Daniel and Anne Sloughter
Wayne and Janet Smalley
David and Merry Smallridge
Mr. and Mrs. W. Stanton Smith
Kevin Smith
Mr.and Mrs. Michael Smith
Caroline Smith
Terri and John P. Smith
Mark and Donna Smith
Dr. J. Ronald Smith
Don Smith
Steven Smith
Gary and Patty Smith
Janine Smith
Douglas and Elizabeth Smith
Nancy Smith
Garrett Snipes
Calvin Snipes
Doug Jenny Snipes
James Snitker
Marsha Snow
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Snow
David and Nancy Snyder
Julie Snyder and Philip Lis
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Snyder
Jim and Cindy Sobeck
William and Bernadette Soliday
Alaine Sosebee
Karen Spacek
Glenn and Darlene Sparkman
Ms. Anne Spencer
Ms. Christine Spiak
Mark and Barbara Spinello
Kyle and Alice Spitzer
Judith Spivey
Tennille Springle
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Sprouse
Katherine and Wade Stack
Terri Stafford
Michael and Lisa Stamm
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Staton
Dee Steely
Carol and Rick Steif
Ms. Andi Stein
Steven Steinbrueck
Adrian and Sharon Steinmann
Kenneth and Janet Steketee
Carol Stephan
Dr. and Mrs. James E. Stephenson
Dennis Stevens
Ferdinan L. Stevenson
Keith and Ellen Stevenson
Jimmie and Blanche Stewart
Mrs. Vicki Stilwell
L. Bruce Stilwell
Robin and Sam Stilwell
Mark and Janet Stofega
Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Stokes
Ms. Lanie Stokes
Karla Storey
Kari Strathern
Robert and Susan Straup
Richard and Susan Strauss
Mr. and Mrs. Bart Street
Michael and Debbie Strickland
Sydney Strong
Mr. Phillip Stroud
Marshall L. Styles
Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Suggs, Jr.
Patricia Sullivn
Kay and Heyward Sullivan
Jane Swanson
David Sweatt
Mark M. Sweeney
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Swofford
Dottie and Jim Sykes
Jim and Katherine Symmes
Bill Taber
Ms. Cathy Tabor
Gail Tapio
Ronald and Sherry Tate
Sidney and Linda Tate
Ms. Cheryl Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Teague
Amy Teaster and Tom Spalding
Walter Terlitsky
Beverly Terlizzi
Arlis Ternes
Ms. Courtney Tessler
Mr. Stan Tew
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Thames
Rick and Pat Thatcher
Alan Theyken
Crystal Thomas
Dallas and Becky Thomas
Dr. and Mrs. Gill Thomas
Cecilia M. Thomas
Susan Thomas
Brian Thomas
Elaine G. Thomason
Dr. Eugene W. Thompson and Dr. Sandra S. McConnell
Miriam Thompson
Patrick Thompson
Greg and Marie Thompson
Mark Thompson
Bonnie Thorpe
Tom and Diane Throop
Pam Thurston
Sergey Tolchinsky
Matt and Betsy Toner
Toni Toney
Todd Trace
John Tracy
Mr. and Mrs. Rush Trammell
Michael Traurig
Mr. and Mrs. David G. Traxler III
Tom and Beth Traxler
Mr. Brendan Treanor
William Trent
Ms. Kathleen Trewhella-Grant
Ms. Edith F. Triguero
Dr. and Mrs. Chris Troup
Larry and Sherry Trout
Eric and Elizabeth Troutman
Linda Tschappat
Nesha Tucker
Michelle Tucker
Frank and Jane Tumminia
C. B. Turner
Terry Turner
Bill and Barbara Turner
Ms. Susan Tuten
Judy Tuttle
Ms. Amy Underwood
Ms. Maria Vadeboncoeur
Ken and Anne Vagen
Julie and Ron Van Dyck
Henry and Connie Van Dyke
Terry and Alan Van Ostenbridge
Stephanie van Rhyn
Ann Van Voris
Brian and Brenda Vance
Yvonne Vance
Satu vanderwoude
George and Jane Vanik
Joe Varieur
Mr. Randy Vaughn
Ron and Betsy Vayo
William Verdell
Dale Vicars
Bryan and Cynthia Vick
Michael Viola
Emil and Mary Ellen Vogel
Tobias and Lori Vogel
Randy and Jane Vogenberg
Mr. James Vojtech
John Voss
Ms. Dawna Wade
Barbara Wade
Jason Wagner
Sheila Wagner
Bert Wakeley and Emily Melton
Gary and Erica Walajtys
Cathy Walgate
Mr. Stacy Walker
Sabrina Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Gill Walker
Jan Walker
Kevin and Shanna Walker
Craig and Bianca Walker
Dr. and Mrs. James Wallace
Franklin Wallin
David Walsh
Mary A. Walter
Terrill Duke Walters
Mr. and Mrs. Lifford Ware
Carolyn Waterfield
Jane and Henry Watkins
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Watson
Esther Watson
Dr. and Mrs. David Watson
C. Watters
Mr. Rocky Watts
Ms. Patricia Webb
Marjorie Webb
Joseph and Sylvia Weber
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Webster III
Peggy and Roger Weeks
Mr. Tim Weese
Craig and Ruthann Weida
David B. West
Mr. Robert West
Andy and Cathy Westbrook
Vivian Westfield
Ginger S. Whaley
Duncan and Carolyn Wheale
Johnathon Wheatley
David Wheeler
Mary-Ellen Whelchel
Rory Whelehan
Lara Wheless
Simon Whitaker
Darrell Whitaker
The Honorable and Mrs. Knox White
John White
William Whitehouse
Alton and Mary Ann Whitley
Dr. Robert Whitley
James Whitley
Charles and Kathy Whitmire
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Whitner
William and Yolande Whitney
Sims Whitted
James Whitworth
Ms. Nancy Whitworth
John and Lil Whyte
Richard and Linda Wickett
Tim and Denise Wilkerson
Harriett Williams
Pam A. Williams
Mary and Kemp Williams
Genice and Jackie L. Williams
Ryscha Williams
Mr. Michael Williamson
Sandra Williamson
Mr. Solomon Willis
Nancy Owens Willms
Evelyn Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. T. Bryan Wilson
Donna Wilson
Ms. Stephanie Winchester
Marjorie Winkelman
Lori Winkles
Lynel Wiseman and Joseph Simpson, III
Jerry and Jane Witowski
Ms. Carole Wofford
Charles W. Wofford and Nancy B. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Wolcott
Dr. Robert M. Wood
Gerald W. Woods
Don and Vicki Woodward
Steven B. Woolf
Millie C. Workman
Mr. Douglas Worthington
Mrs. David R. Wylie
Jerry and Barbara Wynn
Don and Patti Yandle
Donna and Joe Yanek
Mrs. Debbie Yeager
Mr. R. Lynn Yeargin
Mary Ellen and Bob Yeargin
Ms. Barbara Yonce
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Yost
Mr. Robert Young
Larry and Jean Young
Deborah Zachary
Steven and Teri Zahn
Robert Zavasnik
Susan Zeigler
Mike Zieminski
Elizabeth Zow
Ellen Zuercher


Anonymous (6)
James Abbott
Scott and Chris Abrahamson
Ms. Becky Adams
Karen Marie Alexander
Tom Allen
Kathryn (Kitty) Allen
Skip and Jean Andersen
Karen Angell
Douglas Arflin
Mrs. Carole atkison
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Atnip
Mr. Brett Austin
John Bacot
Ken Baerwalde
Orestes Baez
Rick Bagwell
F. Bagwell
Morris Bailey
Mrs. Sue Bailey
John and Martha Bainbridge
Hannah Baird
Derric Bakker
Peggy Batson Ballard
William Bauer
Tami Baur
Ms. Melanie Bearden
Nancy Beeker
Virginia Benintende
John Bennett
Will and Sue Benney
Bryan Bentley
Susan Berger
Steve and Lori Berry
Amber Berry
Stephen Berwager
Eugenia Best
Eric and Kimberly Best
Keith and Judith Betts
Larry Betzel
John Bilich
Gretchen Binstead
Jeffery Birch
Edward Black
Ginger Blatchford Boyle
Jill and James Blume
Ralph and Marilyn Boeker
Vana Bolling
Amy Bond
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bookbinder
Ms. Kimberly Botzo
Aubrey Bougher
Susan Bouknight
Ralph and Becky Bouton
Ken and Holly Bowers
John Bowman
Elizabeth Boyer
Patrick Boykin
Mrs. Caroline Brackett
Mrs. Elaine Bradley
Bill and Dee Bradshaw
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brantley
Mr. and Mrs. Rusty Bratcher
Lawrence Breeding
James Brehm
Peter Brennan
David and Peggy Brenner
Carolyn Briscoe
Len Broderick
David Brown
Jane Anne Bruch
Klaus Bruns
Monroe and Barbara Bryan
Tammy and Shane Bryant
Michael Buckner
David Buckshorn
Ms. Burgess
Ms. Linda Burrell
Bill and Laureen Burtless
Jana Burton
Dorothy Buschmann
Chalmers M. and Mary L. Butler
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Byars
Eileen Byers
Peter and Norma Bylenga
Rich and Cissy Byrd
Scott Calderwood
Mike and Debbie Call
Tom and Janet Cameron
Mike Campagna
Larry and Melanie Cannon
Tom Cardo
B. David Carson
Don and Jo Carson
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Cassidy
Jim and Cathy Castle
Mr. Scott Cathey
Mr. Carl Caudle
Nelson Chandler
Mr. and Mrs. J. Robert Chandler
Edwin Chaplin
Ms. Candice Chapman
Liz Charak
Mike and Ann Chengrian
Mr. Scott Chesney
Kay and Lang Cheves
Dick and Suzanne Childs
Mr. Larry Chorpenning
James B. Clamp, Jr.
Donald Clarke
Jeffrey Cleland
Jessica Clements
Mark Clifford
Lucius M. Cline
Mr. Erik Cobham
Robert and Janeen Cochran
Robert and Pat Coles
Michael Comer
David and Heather Conn
David Constant
Thomas Cookson
Carole Cooley
Ashley Cooper
Mr. and Mrs. Sean Corbin
Cheryl Corbin
James and Janice Cordes
Adrian Corlette
Mr. and Mrs. Al Cossey
Robert Cowman
Mrs. Peggy Cox
Janet B. Craig
Mr. Gary Cramer
Mr. and Mrs. James Crandall
Jim and Jo Beth Cravens
Terry Cregar
Johanna Crist
Dr. Richard H. Crooks, M.D.
Teddee Crowther
Barbara Crumley
Manning Y. Culbertson
Erin Culbertson
William and Teresa Culbreath
Gordon and Ellen Culler
Carol Cullifer
Alton Cumbie
Elizabeth Cunniffe
Karen and Jimmy Gibson
Thomas Dacus
Dori Dahlberg
Michael Skolochenko and Pamala Dallas
Bob and Patsy Daniel
Rosemary Darby
Mr. Walkeer Davidson
Sandra Davidson
Jaclyn Davis
Kimberly Davis
Shelley Davis
Mr. Clifford Davis
L. W. Day
Joseph De Brux
Talon Dean
Anne Decabooter
Ron and Mary Ellen DeGarmo
Nancy deJong
Carolyn Gunter
Mrs. Pamela Dendy-McDuffie
Ms. Carol Devito
Dr. and Mrs. Luther A. Diehl
Gerry and Becky Dietz
Nancy L. Diver
Lee Dixon
Robert Dobbs
Jack Foster
Ms. Jennifer Doherty
Douglas and Rebecca Donivan
Eleanor Dorn
Mark Dowell
John Patrick and Paula Downey
Maryam Duffey
Kelli S. Dulin
Marie Monroe and Jeff Dunlaevy
Vicki Dunn
Teresa Dupuis
Linda L. Early
Calder and Glenda Ehrmann
Ms. Priscilla Eichelberger
Kim Eiring
Debra Ellenburg
John Ellis
Sloan and Anne Emerson
Stephen and Catherine Emmerth
James and Mary Beth Endicott
Mrs. Marty Epp-Carter
Eva Epps
Steve Erwin
Katherine Estes
Valerie Evans
Mr. Allen Evans
Jane Evans
David and Marinda Everette
Joey Everhart
Tom and Becky Faulkner
Lynn Faust
Elizabeth Feichter
Rebecca Feldman
Mr. Robert Fink
Mr. Joseph Finn
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Fjeld
Jenny Fletcher
Wayne Fogle
Scott and Ashley Forbes
Susan Fore
William Foster
Elizabeth Fowler
Thomas France
Debbie Francis
Heather Frechette
Toynja Freeman
Irene and Leon Friedman
Pamela P. Fulbright
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fuller
Ms. Ana Funariu
Jeff Futrelle
Ken Gallagher
William and Linda Gantt
Jan Gardo
Mr. David Garner
Anne Garner
William Garren
Leah Garrett
Robert Gause
Pat George
Allan and Carol Gerson
Lisa Gicking
Ms. Wanda Gielzecki
Alan and Bonnie Gilbert
Mrs. Catherine Gilbert
Paul Gilbert
John Gilbert
Ms. Barbara Gilliard
Trip and Melinda Gilreath
Janis Giordanelli
Kathy Godfrey
Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne Goodwin
Mary Jane Gorman
Ms. Berry Gower
Marilyn Gower
Donna and Steve Graddick
Mary Graham
Michael and Olga Grassi
Katherine Gray
Nicole Greenblatt
Lou Greer and Dee Shields
Sue Grimley
Randy Gross
Mrs. Lisa Grossman
Mrs. Hope Guerra
Ms. Donna Gutshall
James Hackenberg
Richard Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Jarrell Hall
Ms. Carol Hall
Christopher Hallmark
Ms. Nancy G. Hamilton and Mr. Karl Sedlarz
Bob and Eileen Hamilton
Marian Hammett
Raymond Hammond
George Hammond
Ann Hamrick
Frances Hamrick
Allyson Hancock
Rob Haney
Kerin Hannah
Mr. Elliot Hansen
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Hardaway III
Martha Harper
Eleanor Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Harrison
Gina and Matt Hayden
Mrs. Elaine Hayes
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Hays
Mr. Allen Heath
Sharon Heinz
Regina Henderson
Ron and Nan Henderson
Craig and Anne Henne
Jeff Henry
Leland Henson
Joan and Red Hermann
Mary Herrygers
Michael Hester
Ruby Hicks
Brian and Kathy Hill
Susan Hilligoss
John Hinson
Ruth Hinton
Michael J. Hirsch
Ms. Elaine Hitch
David and Sylvia Hodge
Mr. and Mrs. David Hoffman
Ken Holder
Fred Bunnell
Grant Hollett
Sharyn Holmes
Mr. Ric Holmes
Ms. Charlotte Holt
Katherine Hoover
Nelson Horton
Elizabeth Hotaling
Shaler Houser
Jill Houston
Lynn and Christine Howard
Carolyn Howell
Pat and Bill Howle
Archie Huff
Stephen and Ann Huffaker
Kelly Hughes
Tommy Hughes
Bill and Cynthia Huie
Kevin Hummel
Pam Hunley
Walter Hunt
Mr. James Hunt
Bob and Mary Anne Inglis
Mr. and Mrs. Herman E. Jackson
David and Muriel Jackson
Ellen and Terry Jackson, Jr.
Karen Jackson
Mark and Edna Jacobsen
Surendra and Neelima Jain
Norman Jakust
Dr. Vance Jenkins
Robert L. Jenkins
E. Darrell and Pat Jervey
A.J. Jester
Jennifer Jevens
Lynn Johnson
Edward Johnson
The Johnson Family
Mark and Gretchen Johnson
Thomas and Rosemary Johnson
Jimmy and Becky Johnson
Mr. James Johnston
Lora and Chris Johnstone
Benjamin Jolly
Mr. and Mrs. Roy D. Jones
Collie E. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Jones
Neil Jones
Robert and Nancy Jones
Catherine Jones
Patrick and Javelin Jordan
Mr. Edgar Joyner
Harold Kain
Abraham Kassin
Ms. Letha Kay
Robert J. Keegan
Gretchen Keene
Daniel Keller
Mr. David Keller
Bill and Lydia Kellett
Mark Kelly
Ms. Sara Kilpatrick
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Kimbrell
Richard King
Marietta King
Trevor King
Suzanne Kirkman
George and Faye Kitchens
Bob Kjellen
Mrs. Darlene Kleckley
Ms. Paula Klim
Bo Knapp
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Knauss
Linnea Knecht
Gail Knighton
Joe and Janet Kouten
Larry Kraemer and Jan Morgan
Charles and Perrin Kreidler
Mary Kretzinger
Doug and Suzi Kroske
Dolores Kunze
Nancy Kuperman
Robert and Paulette Kurek
Karen Lafleur-Stewart
Debra Lamb
Michael and Charity Lanasa
Kim Land
Mrs. Theresa Landwirth
Morris Laniado
Freda Lark
Earl Larson
Brent and Julie Larson
Richard and Kathryn Laurens
Richard and Tricia Lawdahl
Ms. Peg Lawhorn and Ms. Valeen Goodreau
Gretchen Lawson
Jonathan Lazarus
Ms. Pam Ledbetter
Fredna Lee
Angie Lee
Robert Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Lemonde
Dewey and Donna Lemons
Bruce Leonard
Ms. Georgia Levett
David Levinson
Neil Lewis
Ann Lewis
Dr. Lynn Lewis, R.N.
Mark Lieberman
Ms. Becky Ligon
Kathy P. Lindley
Mr. Damon Lindsay
Daniel and Sandra Livingston
Robert Lloyd
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Locke, Jr.
Dr. Elizabeth Lofquist
Zeke and Tyner Lollis
Mr. Jerry Long
Janet Long
Mr. Randy Looper
Ms. Gale Losek
Silas and Lindsay Lucas
Diana Lugo
Dwayne Lusk
Mrs. Dawn Lynch
Patricia Lynch
Heather Lyndon
Gina Lysek
Sara Lyter
Robert Mabry
Tony Machosky
Doug and Debbie Mack
Kimberly Mann
Harry Marchant
Dee and Ron Margadonna
Cameron Marks
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Markway
Alan Marshall
L. Dean Martin
Andrea Martin
Michael and Catherine Martin
Pamela Y. Martin
Michelle Martinez
Karen Mascaro
Sandra Mason
Mr. Randy Mathena
Sandra Mattson
Timothy Mayberry
Anne Mayher
Ann Mayhew
John and Jill McBurney
Len McCall
Mrs. Dotty McCalla
Sean and Nadine McCallum
Harry and Margaret McClain
Mr. Calvin McClain
Mrs. Beth Newman
Nim and Linda McConnell
Barbara McCracken
Nancy Grant McDaniel
Linda McDaniel
Dave and Catherine McElhany
Robert McElreath
Ms. Elise McGee
Brenda McGowan
Jean and Mark McGrath
Timothy McHenry
Catherine McKinney
Nick and Jann McLane
Ms. Mechele McLeod
Mr. Gerald McQuaid
Bob and Ulana Mellor
Hamir Merchant
David Merline
Robert Merrill
Paul and Donna Meyer
Debby Mickelson
Eva Migdalas
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Millard
Karen Miller
Marion Miller
Ms. Judith A. Miller
Melissa Mills
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Milteer
Richard Mims
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Miner, Sr.
Ms. Mary E. Minniear
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Minsky
Allan Mishan
Brenda Monn
Ms. Tammy D. Moore
Daniel Moore
Deborah Morgan
William A. Morgan
Stan and Diane Morris
Katrina Stikeleather
Theresa Morrison
Brenda Morrison
Carmine and Barbara Moschella
Sherie Moses
Deborah Moyes
John Muir
Mr. and Mrs. Veli-Pekka Muumaki
John and Annette Nelson
Lana Neveu
Dannie Newell
Mr. Paul Newhouse
Karla Nichols
Martha Nipper
Michael and Patricia Nocito
Iris Nolan
Dorothy Noone
Rooksana Noorai
Eduardo Noriega
Julie Northup
Laurens Norton
Taylor Oliver
Maggie Oneal
Jennifer Orseck
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Osborne
Amy Ostwalt
Mr. Stephen E. Ouimette
Gerald Owens
Don Owens
Lynn Owens
Ms. Margaret Oxford
Surinder Pabla
Kenneth and Linda Padgett
Jennifer L. Page
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Pang
Paul Pappy
Kim Paquette
Scott Park
Dean and Susan Parker
Holly Parrott
Dr. Chetan Patel
Brian Patton
Michael Payne
Joe and Ginny Pazdan
Rebecca Peden
John and Sylvia Peters
Ms. Kelly Pettigrew
Cydney Phillips
Jean Phillips
David Pinion
Gene and Carol Pinson
Robyn Pirovitz
Debbie Pittman
Ledayne Polaski
Linda Poole
Dale Potruski
J. Potter
David Powell
Greg and Jean Powell
Stacy Powers
Mark and Gindy Preddy
Joey Preston
James and Stephanie Price
Liz Prince
Michael and Lou Ann Pursley
Lynda Putnam
Casey Rampey
William and Allison Ranson
Julie M. Rau, Attorney at Law, LLC
Aimee Redick
Wallace Reid
Carla Renner
Mr. Pete Resh
Mrs. Linda Reyes
Rhoda Woods Reyner
Tiffany Rhodes
Diane Rice
Devereux and Tina Rice
Ruth Richburg
Peter and Doreen Richichi
Kathy Ridgeway
Eve Rishty
Doug Robbins
Mrs. Jackie Roberrson
James Robinson
Harry and Linda Robinson
Gail D. Rodgers
Malcolm and Melissa Rogers
Jon and Jeanette Rogers
Charles Rohling
Jennifer Rose
Estelle and Stan Ross
Mary Ross
Dr. John Rowe
Natalie Ruggiero
Patrick Ryan
Ms. Jeanne Ryan
Esther Sabbagh
Ray and Loretta Samuels
Mr. Russ Santora
P.J. and Mar-Lou Sasso
Michael Sasson
Michael Schellinger
Larry and Cecilia Schilz
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schmidt
Mr. and Mrs. John Schrank
Sharon Shultz
Josh Schumpert
Connie Scott
Mrs. Gerri Scott-Means
Louise P. Scruggs
Cordes and Georgia Seabrook
Mr. James Searcy
Cornell Secosan
Ms. Christi Sellars
Nancy and Pete Selleck
Jean Senn
Jerry and Martha Shaleuly
Frank and Harriett Shallo
Morris Shalom
Ellen Sharpe
Doug and Susan Sheeks
John and Anne Shelley
Darlene Shepherd
Russell Shepherd
Kathy Sheppard
Dr. Susan T. Shi
Mr. and Mrs. George O. Short, Jr.
Betty Shurley
Alan and Lisa Shusterman
Janie Sickinger
Jeffrey Siegel
Jeffrey Siegel
Charles Simmons
Dee Smith
Merle Smith
Wray and Carol Smith
Richard and Carol Smith
Ms. Letitia Smith
Dan and Melissa Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Bud Smith
Jon and Lauren Snipes
Kim Snipes
Ms. Candice Snodgrass
Donna Snyder
Joe and Sharon Snyder
Ms. Donna E. Solpa
Kati Sorensen
Dianne Sosnowski
Martha Spence
Mike and Cathy Spitzmiller
Thomas Sponenberg
Ms. Sarah Spruill
Asa Stafford
Mike and Christi Stahl
Nancy Stamey
Regina Stancell
Carolyn Stanton
Harry and Regina Stathopoulos and Family
Michael Steinberg
Greg Stephan
Peggy Stephens
Jim and Kathy Stepp
Kelly Stevens
Tara Stevenson
Eleanor Stewart
Lynn Kester
Barbara Stio
Travis Stone
Mrs. Kelly Strom
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Stroud
Bob and Beckie Stubler
Patrick Suggs
Wynne Sullivan
Rodrick M. Sutterlin
Alfreda Suttles
Judah Sutton
Shane Swanson
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Sylvester
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Symonette
Franco Tajana
Leslie Talley
Mittie and Bert Taylor
Nicole Taylor
Tiffany Taylor
Stephen and Mary Ann Taylor
Robert and Juliane Taylor
David and Jeanie Taylor
Donald and Lucille Tchir
Sharon Telo
Ruth Tennyson
Meg Terry
Mark and Tanya Thomas
Barbara Thomas
Catherine Thomason
Greg Thompson
Sidney and Ted Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Steven W. Thrasher
Mr. and Mrs. Rollin Tillie
Jim Timmie
Robert Tisdale
Willis and Cynthia Tisdale
Mr. and Mrs. Kermit Tolley
John and Callie Tourigny
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Toy
Randall Traynham
Mark and Jane Trexler
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Triplitt
Millard and Mary Trott
George Turano
Mr. and Mrs. Luis Uranga
Ms. Carolyn Vagourdes
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Van Ostenbridge
Mrs. Cindy Van Wingerden
Catherine Vargo
Frieda Vidovich
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Vilardo
Vincentius Vriens and Sue Applegate
Martha E. Wade
Greg and Mary Helen Wade
Mrs. Gayle Wafrock
Susan and Earl Wagener
Jennie Wakefield
Mr. and Mrs. James Wakeley
Carl and Margaret Waldrop
Irene Walker
Ralph and Lea Walker
Marcus Wall and Tom Petersen
Michael Wallace
John and Virginia Wallace
Brandy Walters
Jack Walton
Fred Warden and Patsy Torchia
Mr. Timothy Warren
Barbara Waters
Mr. Matthew Watkins
Dianne Watson
Jason and Erin Watts
Dr. Mollie Weaver
Stephen and Phyllis Webb
Terri Weber
Charles and Sandra Welch
Bill and Mary West
Jane Western
Tabitha Weston
John Whitehead
Mary Whittington
Bob and Sue Whorton
Caroline Wiley
Mr. Robert Wilkes
Mr. Jason Williams
David M. and Sandra G. Williams
Wendie Williams
Darlene Williams
Ms. Terri Williams
Terry and Jan Willis
Dr. Deborah Willoughby
Tara Wilson
Bill and Lucia Wilson
Lee Wimmer
Steven Wolochowicz
Michael Wood
Leigh Wood
Mr. Ross Woodall
Ms. Johnnye Woods
Robert Wooten
Marnie and Jim Wrona
Mr. Stephen Wunder
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wyatt
Mr. Robert Wyatt
Dale and Jennifer Yarbrough
Robert Yax
Charles Yearwood
Ms. Beth Yon
J. David and Michelle Young
Lance and Lenna Young
Danny and Lynn Youngblood
Ms. Erica Zaglin
Scott and Melissa Zeitz
Tammy Ziegler
Lori Zimmerman