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Mon, Jan 21, 2019
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2018-2019 Peace Passport Field Trip Series

Introduce your students to the Peace Center through our Passport Series. Curated for all students, our arts programs invite young learners to become global citizens in an active exploration of world music, dance, and theater. The STEM programs unravel the mysteries of the universe through interactive performances that merge science and the arts. By learning about the richness of cultural traditions, scientific discoveries, and works of art – in class and through live performances – students cultivate a global perspective that nurtures empathy and understanding.

Our arts-centric approach engages students in learning through the works of art with inquiry, exploration, writing, and art making. Critical thinking skills are developed through open-ended questions that challenge developing cognitive abilities. “What do you notice about the work of art?” and “Where does the music come from?” promote a wide array of interpretations requiring students to examine the work of art and themselves more closely.

Performances recommended for Pre-K through 2nd grade include: Women of the World, Ballet Folklórico de México, Erth's Prehistoric Aquarium, and the Villalobos Brothers.


Bring the Peace Center into the classroom with FREE teacher resource guides and student worksheets! To best meet the curricular and instructional expectations for classroom teachers, we have aligned all resource guide activities with the South Carolina College and Career Ready Standards.

If you have questions about the shows or the process for reserving tickets, email us at [email protected] or call 864.467.3032.

Erth’s Prehistoric Aquarium

Peace Passport Field Trips

1.28.19 Peace Concert Hall

The Three Harriets

Peace Passport Field Trips

2.4.19 - 2.5.19 Gunter Theatre

David Drake (Dave the Potter)

Peace Passport Field Trips

2.6.19 - 2.7.19 Gunter Theatre

Call of the Wild: Illustrated Edition

Peace Passport Field Trips

2.11.19 - 2.12.19 Gunter Theatre


Peace Passport Field Trips

2.25.19 Gunter Theatre

Currents by Mayumana

Peace Passport Field Trips

2.26.19 Peace Concert Hall

Avital Meets Avital

Peace Passport Field Trips

4.12.19 Huguenot Loft

Villalobos Brothers

Peace Passport Field Trips

4.23.19 - 4.25.19 Gunter Theatre

Special Services

To provide the richest possible educational experience, many show pages include study guide materials and informative video clips. For select performances, we offer educational talks, artist visits and Peace Center tours. To learn more, contact us.