Teaching & Schools

Inspiring and teaching current and future generations of arts lovers and educators in the classroom and at the Peace Center.

Peace Passport Field Trips

Curated for all students, our arts programs invite young learners to become global citizens in an active exploration of world music, dance, and theater. The STEM programs unravel the mysteries of the universe through interactive performances that merge science and the arts. By learning about the richness of cultural traditions, scientific discoveries, and works of art – in class and through live performances – students cultivate a global perspective that nurtures empathy and understanding.

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Professional Development

Engage with our learning community! The Peace Center provides professional development programs for arts specialists, teaching artists, and classroom teachers.

Peace Literacy Initiative

The Peace Literacy Initiative explores the impact that the performing arts have on students’ motivation to read. By engaging students, teachers, and parents through literary works and facilitating wonder, curiosity, and interests through the performing arts, the Peace Center, in partnership with Greenville County Schools, aims to increase reading levels in a title 1 school’s second and third grade classrooms.

To learn more about the Peace Literacy Initiative, please email education@peacecenter.org.