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Fri, Feb 28, 2020
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National Geographic Live: Exploring Mars with Kobie Boykins

Peace Concert Hall

Few events in the last decade of space exploration have captured the world’s imagination like NASA’s Mars Exploration Program. The successful deployment of the Mars Exploration Rovers Spirit and Opportunity in 2004 launched a new era of scientific investigation of our nearest planetary neighbor, and marked a personal triumph for Kobie Boykins: he helped design and build the solar arrays that enabled the rovers to keep going long after their planned 90-day life. 


As supervisor of the mobility and remote sensing teams for the Mars rover Curiosity, Boykins monitored the headline-making studies of the rover, including evidence that conditions on Mars could once have supported life. In 2013, Boykins received a NASA Exceptional Service Medal, one of the highest honors given to NASA employees and contractors.


Boykins will give students an inside look at what Curiosity and other Mars rovers have discovered on the red planet, as well as what’s ahead for the future of Mars exploration. His boundless enthusiasm for unraveling the mysteries of outer space, and Mars in particular, is infectious.


Recommended Grade Levels: K-12
Genre: Science
Curricular Connections: Outer Space, Engineering, Robotics

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