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Sun, Aug 9, 2020
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Peace Chamber

Impressionism – Ravel and Riesling

Genevieve's Theater Lounge

Peace Interludes are FREE music appreciation gatherings that unpack the rich traditions and diverse styles of great composers. Each month will feature a unique composer and drink pairing, providing a multi-sensory sip, listen, and learn experience that highlights a musical period.

Step into one of Claude Monet’s gardens and delight in the Impressionist period when music sought to convey moods or capture feelings. Mimicking the visual artists of the time, the structure of a work of art became subordinate to its effect. In the years containing the first movie theater and the invention of color photography, the world was brimming with opportunities to fill life with audio and visual encounters. Be impressed and join us!

Did you know?

Joseph Maurice Ravel became a master orchestrator, carefully studying every musical instrument to determine its possibilities. Since childhood, Ravel displayed a keen interest in minute objects, miniatures, the tiny world of figurines, and little things that worked by clockwork.  Perfection was an absolute for Ravel, and Stravinsky described him “the most perfect of Swiss watchmaker.”  

Although typically thought of as sweet, riesling is an aromatic and refreshing wine that can vary in flavor based on where the grapes were grown. Born in the Rhine region of Germany, it is commonly thought of as the preferred wine of German nobility.

Hosted by Peace Center Artist-in-Residence Igor Begelman.

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