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Wed, Oct 18, 2017
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J.S. Bach was Handsome Once

Huguenot Mill

When you think of J.S. Bach, who do you picture? Most likely, it’s a stern and entirely too serious old man who looks as if he’s saying, “You don’t have any idea how lucky you are to gaze upon my greatness.” That’s because the only authenticated portrait of Bach was painted towards the end of his life.

This lecture, however, focuses on a different Bach. The real Bach. He had 20 children, drank, swore, and once even found himself in a sword fight. Because while his musical abilities were superhuman, he was not.

Join Miles Hoffman as he takes a look at Bach’s actual life. Because Bach was handsome once, and the world needs to know.

The Peace Chamber program is proudly sponsored by Campbell Young Leaders.

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