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Wed, Oct 28, 2020
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Your Support Lights the Way

THANK YOU to the incredible individuals, corporations, and foundations who have made generous gifts during our intermission. Your unwavering support lights the way until the magic of live entertainment fills the Peace Center once again.


A – E

Anonymous (18)
Bob Abbott
Aldwin and Brook Abellada
Rudy Ables
Scott and Chris Abrahamson
Jerry and Dustine Acosta
Jamie Adair
Fred and Irene Adams
Janice M. Adams
Melanie Adams
Robert Adams
John and Julia Adamson
Jack Aden
Douglas Adler
Barry and Martie Agee
E. H. Agnew
Jim and Karen Akerhielm
Michael and Robin Aleksinas
James Alexander
Wayne Alexander
Glenn Alfonso
Alice Manufacturing Company, Inc.
Susan Allbaugh
Arnold and Teresa Allemang
David Allen
Elke Allen
John O. Allen, Jr.
James T. and Kathleen M. Allen
Kathryn R. Allen
Keith and Lisa Allen
Rachael Allen
Tom and Irma Allison
Kristine Braswell-Amin
James Anderson
Joann Anderson
Roslind Anderson
Scott Anderson
Scott and Melissa Anderson
Tom and Dawn Anderson
Alanna Angel
Stephanie Angelo
Barbara Anna
Elisabeth Ansede
Vicky Anthony
Toby Arbeiter
Deanna Arbet
Dr. Karen Ardis
Mark Arena
Kristen Armaly
Anita Arms
Dennis and Shawn Armstrong
Dewey and Amy Armstrong
In Memory of Shaun Arness
Dick Arnold
Judith Arnold
Scott and Nicole Arnold
Sherri Arrington
Glenn and Pam Ashley
Warren Ashmore
John Ashton
Susan Askew
Lucas Asper
Barry Atkinson
Carole Atkison
Eric and Lisa Autenrieth
John Avery
Linda Axelson
Chris Ayers
Norrene Ayers
Rose Azzaro
Everette and Rita Babb
John Bach
Rodney Back
Jean Badalamenti
Karen Baehr
Becky Bagwell
Gwen Bailey
Robin Pirrallo
Charles and Pam Baker
Judy Baker
Kenneth Baker
Scott and Kathy Baker
Paul Laurie Bakke
Mark Bakker
Michael and Vickie Balchunas
Barbara Ballew
Shannon Ballew
Andrew and Kimberly Balogh
Dr. Janis Bandelin and Mr. Bill Fitzpatrick
Eric Bank
Kate Bannister
Travis Bannister
Kerri Barfield
Norman J. Barker
Robin Barker
Marilyn Barmore
Walter and Gail Barnes
Marilyn Barnett
Jessica Barr
Jonathan Barreto
James Barrett
Richard and Sherry Barrett
Ryan and Mandi Barrick
David and Marcia Barstow
Melissa Barth
Jean E. Bartlett
Tom and Karen Barton
Jim and Terry Batchler-Smith
Paul and Ann Batson
Tim and Bobbi Tim Bauer
Ben and Charna Baum
April Baur
Mrs. Katherine Bayne
Mrs. Karen Baynes-Dunning
Dr. and Mrs. Gus Bazan
Betsy Beam
Lennie Beamon
Jeffrey Beane
John and Sherry Bearden
Judith Bearden
Karl C. Beason, Jr.
Jacqueline Bechek
Rick and Mary Bedard
Elaine Belcher
Betti Bell
Casey Bell
Clark and Lynn Bell
Debbie and Mike Bell
Gloria Bell
Tom Bellamy
Dave Benham
Virginia Benintende
Eric and Lisa Benson
Homewood Suites by Hilton Greenville Downtown
Stephen Berger
Jason Bergman
Susan Bernstein
Alexis Berry
Steve and Lori Berry
Joyce Berzle
Pamela Beyer
Steven and Susan Bichel
Paula and Stanley Bikulege
Yves and Stephanie Billioux
Donald Bireley
Tammy Bishop
John Bissell and Jane Chambers
Sawsan Bitar
Dr. and Mrs. Matthew Bitner
Jack and Marilyn Bixler
Betty Blackerby
Clarissa Blackmore
Susan Blackwell
Andrea Blake
Bradley Blake
Joe and Claire Blake
Pamela Blakely
Bennie M. Blalock
Kristie Bland
John and Iris Blando
Teresa Blankenship
Miles Blazek
Dianne Bledsoe
Lisa Bloomer
John Boarman
Harry and Stella Bobotis
Susan Boeker
John Boesch
Peggy Bogardus
Frank and Margaret Boineau
Maxcy and Sylvia Boineau
Mickey Boles
Gary and Juanita Bolick
Mike and Maggie Boliek
Jean Bollman
Patricia Booker-Christy
Katherine Boone
Tom and Brenda Boone
Alan Bornmueller
Mary Boswell
Allen and Julie Bosworth
Barbara Bottum
Aubrey D. Bougher
Brian Boughner
Jessica Bower
Julianne Bower
Ken and Holly Bowers
Marian Bowers
Donna Bowling and Libby Turner
Dr. Elizabeth Boyer
Patrick Bozik
Diane Brace
Sarah Bradberry
Dennis and Phyllis Braddock
Christina Bradford
Amanda C. Bradley
Bradshaw Automotive Group
Robby Brady
Mr. and Mrs. John Braeunig
Kim Bragg
Niles and Annette Brancati
Stacy Brandon
Larry Brandt
Steve and Scottie Lu Brandt
Alyssa Bransley
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brantley
Gordon Bray
Ruth Breazeale
Charles Breckheimer and Sandra Schorr
Linda Brees
James Brehm
Karen Brennan
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Brewton
Janet Bricker
Lance and Laura Bridgeman
Bonnie Bridges
Kathryn Bridges
Page Bridges
Raymond Briggs
Carolyn Briscoe
Jo Ann Bristow
James and Elyse Britenburg
Mary Britsch
Nell Britton and Mary Pendergrass
John Brock
Paul and Ann Brocker
James Brockman
Kevin Brode
Dr. Denise Broderick
Karalee Brookie
Amanda Kimzey
Nancy and John Brooks
Terri Brooks
Jena Broome
Carmen and Larry Brotherton
Christopher and Leesa Brotherton
Andrea Brown
Andrew Brown
Craig and Vicki Brown
James D. Brown
Jeff Brown
Josh and Alexis Brown
Lynda Brown
Mary K. Brown
Nancy Brown
Reed Brown
Sydney Brown
William and Karen Brown
Zack Brown
Chris Bruce
Duff and Margaret Bruce
Taylor and Dottie Bruce
Elaine Brummett
Ken and Jan Bruning
Greg and Elizabeth Bruno
Ann P. Bryan
Rance and Andrea Bryan
William Bryant
David Bryson
Vince and Rose Mary Brytus
Mrs. Deborah Bucci
Anne Buckingham
Brent Buckner
Dr. Terry and Noelle Buffkin
Frank Bufis
Robert Bullard
Heidi Bullock
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Buono
Luke and Pam Burchard
David and Pattie Burke
Michael Burks
Jennifer Burnett
Lance Burnett
Meahgan Burns
Tim Burns
Jim Burnside and Joseph Gavlick
Ed Burrell
Eve Burton
Dawn Busa
Doug and Adriana Bushey
Mrs. Ashley Buzzalino
Michael and Sarah Byars
Kelly Byers and Tom Wagner
Kristi Byers
Peter Byford
W. Bruce and Betsy Byford
Brad and Robin Bylenga
Robin Byouk
Len Byrne
Jim and Sandra Cagle
Anne Spicer
Linda A. Caillet
Jody Caldwell
Kimberly Caldwell
Mike and Debbie Call
Sean Callahan
James Callicutt, Jr.
Stewart Callner
Bruce and Constance Campbell
Emily Campbell
Mary Anne Campbell
Jill Campen
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Camunas
Gaye Cantin
James and Tina Cantrell
Ronnie and Emilie Cantrell
Adair Caperton
The Capital Corporation
John Carino
DeeAnne Carlin
Robin Carlow
David Carlson
Nick Carlson
Mrs. Sharon Carlton
Ray and Joanne Carothers
Matthew and Tait Carpenter
Richard and Linda Carpenter
Patrick Carrington
Kathleen Carroll
Michael Carroll
John A. and Jane F. Carson
Matthew and Carol Carson
Randy and Martha Carson
Cindy Cartee
Jean Cartee
Jerry and Karen Carter
Kirk Carter
David and Wendy Cartledge
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Cary
Danny and Bonita Cash
Cynthia Cason
Kristen Cassell
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Cassidy
Ann Castaldo
James R. Castle
Dom and Deb Castor
Andrea Cataland
Leah Catherman
Yvonne Cattell
Carl Caudle
Brian Cauthen
John and Ginger Cebe
Keith Chadwell
Geoffrey and Amy Challenger
Dwight Chamberlain
Jerry and Cathy Chang
Harold Chapman
James Charbonneau
Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Nathan Charlton
Patricia and John Chastain
Dixie Chavez
Timothy Cherry
Trey Chesser
Timothy Chevalia
Kay Cheves
Bryan Childers
Richard and Luisa Chmielecki
Daniel Christie
Cleve and Cheryl Christophe
Scott and Pam Christopher
Constatine Christophillis
Lee Churchfield
Vincent and Joan Cialdella
Mr. and Mrs. Ox Ciplickas
Thomas and Anne Civilette
Christopher Clack
James and Cynthia Clanton
Robby and Mary Beth Clanton
Andy and Pat Clark
Barbara Clark
Doug and Wendy Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Clark
Sam Clark
Howard Clemens
Cynthia Clemmer
Chris and Diana Clemow
Sally Cleveland
Peggy Clinkscales
W. C. Clinkscales, III
Vonna Cloninger
Don Cluff
Rose Coady
Dr. Kathy Cochran
Gordon and Melanie Cochrane
Bruce and Cindy Cohn
Coker and Associates
Anthony Colatrella
Chris Cole
Geoffrey Cole
Dr. Lou Ann Cole
Martha Cole
Jim and Becky Coley
Page Collie
Millie Collins
Dr. Connie Colon-Jones
William and Laura Colyer
Charlene Comer
Larry and Peggy Comereski
Community Foundation of Greenville
James Conlan
David and Heather Conn
Steven and Becky Connelly
Terry and Susie Conner
Rick Connor
Mary Ellen and Michael Cononie
John Conroy
Nancy Cook
Terri Cooper
Tracy Cooper
Michael and Amy Cooter
Ronald and Ann Copsey
Alan and Roxanne Cordonier
Joe and Nancy Corpening
Jillian Corpora
Annmarie Corrow
Stephanie Cortellino
Lee and Cokey Cory
Mr. and Mrs. Al Cossey
Jay Courie
Glenn Cox
Nancy Cox
Rhonda Cox
Joe Crabtree
Janet B. Craig
Stephanie Craine
Amanda Craven
Jim and Jo Beth Cravens
John and Dulcie Creech
Julia Crenshaw
Vicky Crenshaw
Terry and Elizabeth Cribbe
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Crider
Mitchell Crisp
Edward Crittendon
Amy Crockett
Crockett Pediatric Dentistry
Sherry Crofts
Ross Cropper
Judy Crosby
David Cross
Susan Croteau
Page and Diane Crouch
Brian Crow
Harriett Crow
Jane Powell Crowder
Fred and Barbara Crowe
Marylou Crowley
Lee Crowther
William Crowther
Diane Croxton
Manning Y. Culbertson
Brooke Culclasure
Connie Culhan
Erin Culley
Bob and Carol Cullifer
Eric and Lynette Cummings
John Cummings
Daniel and Lynda Cunningham
Rick Cunningham
Laura Currie
Patricia Currie
Marion Currow
Kevin and Michele Curry
Harry Curtis
Harriette Cyrus
James D’Alessio
Susan Dabbs
Dori Dahlberg
Diane Dalbo
Mr. and Mrs. Lorie Dalpiaz
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Daly
Norman Dam
Richard and Beverly  D'Andrea
Reynold and Kathy Danesi
Tim Dangerfield
Joel and Kathleen Daniel
Robert and Patsy Daniel
Wendy Danielson
Tom Dankovich and H. Jill Fivecoat
Gordon and Kathy Dannelly
James Dant
Lillian Darby
Phil Darity
JoAnn Darling
Charles Darnell
Sarah Darrohn
Sandra Davidson
David and Jackie Davies
Michael and Barbara Davies
Tom Davies
Amanda Davis
Benita Davis
Chris Davis
Duane and Bonnie Davis
Drs. Elizabeth and Charles Davis
Mrs. Glenda Davis
Jennifer Davis
Kaley Davis
Kate Davis
Lynn Davis
Leann Davis
Melinda Davis Lux
Mike Davis
Nancy Davis
Dr. Ray Davis
Reagan Davis
Steve Davis
Tom Dawson
Stephanie De Arman
Lisa DeBellis
Misty Deason
Belinda DeBelli
James Trunk and Mary Trunk
Annemarie Forte DeFronzo
Ron and Mary Ellen DeGarmo
Janet Degres
William and Donna Dekay
Edward and Adele Delaney
Lauren DeLisle
Doris Demkovich
Stephen and Lauren Demosthenes
W. A. Jack Dempsey
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Denman
John and Jeanne Dennis
Michael and Patti Dennis
Gail DePriest and Ed Parris
Linda Derector
Dr. and Mrs. Joe DeRosa
Rhondalee Deschamps
Stacey Desrosiers
James Dewberry
Todd DeYoung
Lynda Dezzi
Bo and Katie Dial
Kathryn Dial
Donna DiAntonio
Bob DiBella and Carol Savage
Dr. and Mrs. Robert DiBenedetto
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Dietrich
Deborah Dill
Joe Dill
Kathy Diluzio
Luke and Jaqueline DiMaggio
Nanci Distler
Lee Dixon
Robert Dobbs
Clara Dockery
Rhett and Monica Dodge
David B. Dolge
Lonny Dolin and Philip Engleson
Wendy Dolven
Douglas and Rebecca Donivan
Diane Doolittle
D. Douglas Dorman
Eleanor Dorn
Dorothy P. Peace Fund
Elizabeth Dorsey
Lena Doss
Robert Dotson
Dr. and Mrs. Wells B. Doty
Michael and Mary Douglas
Rod Douglas
James and Anne Dout
George Dowling
Sharon Doxey
Allen and Sharon Doyle
Angela Chapman
Carley Draddy
Bob and Dianne Drake
Stephen Drinan
Pat Driver
Robert Dubose
Mrs. Mindy Duckworth
Leila Dudley
Shelby Duffy
Allison Dunham
Laura Dunlap
Vickie Dunleavy
Sharon Cole
Henry and Connie DuPre
Bern and Mary DuPree
Gloria Dupree
Teresa Dupuis
Charles and Judy Durham
Daniel Durham
Barbara Durk
Frederick Dvorak
Dawn P. Dwyer
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Dyar, Jr.
Cathy Dyer
Richard and Jean Dykast
Linda L. Early
Angela Eaton
Richard and Jill Eaton
Raja Eckstein-Neuhaus
W. Jeffrey and Andrea Edenfield
Colonel Sandy Edge
Nancy Edgerton
Stephen Edgerton
Jerry and Anne-Claire Edwards
Perry Edwards
Carl Eggerding
Kacey and Gary Eichelberger
Meredith Eicken
Dan and Liz Einstein
Kim Eiring
Mrs. Teresa Elder
Anne Ellefson
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Elliot
Elliott Davis
John Ellis
Mark and Sarah Ellis
Frank and Lee Elmore
Kimberly Elmore
Maggie Elrod
Kevin Elward
Encore Container
MaryBeth Endicott
Eric Englebardt and Beth Burris
Daniel and Susan Engler
Jan English
JoAnn English
Jack Engram
Janifer Epling
Garth and Mollie Erdmann
Catherine Erickson
Heather Erickson
Ingrid B. Erwin
Rick Erwin
Joe and Gretchen Erwin
Sheryl and Mark Escude
Ms. Marie Evans
Doug and Pam Evans
Jane Evans
Scott Evans
Anne Everman

F – J

Ron and Kathleen Hedrick
Andy and Lynne Falatok
Erica Falchetti
Patricia Falzon
Family Dental Health
Richard and Madeline Faner
Eric and Lara Farnsworth
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Farrell
George and Lynn Farrell
Jay Farris
Tom and Becky Faulkner
Jeff and Linda Faust
Mrs. Lynn Faust
Michael and Lisa Fawcett
Marcy Fedalei
Elizabeth Feichter
Richard and Barbara Feingold
John and Elleanore Feininger
Jennifer Felder
Rebecca and Bryan Feldman
Ann Ferguson
Cecily B. Ferguson
Jerry and Natalina Ferlauto
David Fey
Fidelity Charitable Investments
Allison Fields
Joanne Finkbeiner
Charlotte Finn
Jordan Finn
Leah Finn
Marc Fiori
Cheryl Fisher
Gary W. and Diane Fitzgerald
M. Fitzgerald-Hobbs
Dale Flackett and Gina Smith
Mark and Sallie Flavin
Janice Fleming
Hayes Fletcher
Louise Fletcher
Mr. and Mrs. Stan Fletcher
Amy Floyd
Robin Floyd
Suzanne Foley
Ronald and Shelley Fones
Vince and Suzanne Foody
Raymond Foral
Paula Forbes
Dan Ford
Nathan and Emily Forrest
Susan Forsberg
Foster Victor Wealth Advisors
Chris Foster
Kathy Foster
Karen Fountain
Mr. and Mrs. John Fowler
Mignon Fowler
Thomas Finley and Sharon Fowler
Tracy Fowler
Vicki Fowler
Fox Rothschild LLP
Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Fox
Ruta Fox
Deborah Francis
Jim and Alechia Francis
Melissa and Eddie Franklin
Ronald and Martha Franklin
Dr. and Mrs. Jack L. Frasher, Jr.
Robert Fray
Ginger Free
Drs. L. Allen and Kathryn Freedman
Galina Freeman
Henry Freeman
Karin Freeman
Ruth Freeman
Lisa French
Eric Freshwater
Casey Frick
Leigh Ann Frick
Ruth Friedberg
David Friedline
Robert Friedman
Scott and Tammie Frierson
Julia Frugoli
Bill and Pat Fuller
Roger and Karen Fuller
Suzy Fuller
Rose Fyock
Samuel Gacha
Paul and Patrica Gaeto
William Gaffney, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Gaines
Jim and Nancy Gaines
Michael and Kim Gainey
Nathan and Mary Beth Galbreath
Charles Gallagher
Ken and Jona Gallagher
Don Gallian
Craig Galloway
Gale C. Galloway and Alex C. Galloway
Maribeth Galloway
In Honor of Nathan Galloway
Jeffrey Gardner
Greg Gardziola
Frances Garrett and Dan Garrett
Kay Garrett
Randall Garriott
Mark Garrison
William Garrison
Gilda Gatti
Dr. and Mrs. Jay Gaucher
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Gauderer
Joe and Veera Gaul
Mitch and Suzanne Gault
Mrs. Catherine Gay
L. Gray and Betty Geddie
Dan and Liliana Gehring
Robert Geist
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Gentry
Jeffrey and Samantha Gerac
Michelle Geras
Steven Getz
Cedric and Katharine Gibb
Harry and Debra Gibbs
Kimberly Gibbs
Mike and Lynn Gibbs
Cynthia Gibson
Doc and Robin Giddings
Dr. and Mrs. Jeff Giguere
Jim and Nancy Gil
Alan and Bonnie Gilbert
Diana Gilbert
John and Kathy Gilbertson
Andrew Giles
Mr. Randy Jones and Mrs. Angela Giles
Elaine Gillespie
Clark and Rikke Gillespy
Kirsten Gilliam
Claire Gilliland
Barry Gilmer
Nello and Susan Gioia
Janis Giordanelli
Stuart and Barbara Glassman
Lillian Glenn
Meredith Glenn
Tish Glenn
Jim and Marilyn Gobble
Anna Marie T. Azores and Kim Gococo
Ricardo Goddard
Godsey & Gibb Wealth Management
Brian and Andrea Goess
David and Kristen Goff
Kathryn Goforth
Sallie Gold
Miki Golden
Mr. and Mrs. Mason A. Goldsmith
Paul and Nancy Goldsmith
Mr. and Mrs. Wilmer Gonzalez
Ed and Peggy Good
Jeffrey and Dianna Goodman
Wendy Goodson
Kurt and Dr. Elizabeth Goodwin
Judith Goosen
Leroy and Carrie Gordon
Mark and Terry Gordon
Pamela Gordon
Christopher Gorry
Frank and Bonnie Gossett
Julie Gottlieb
Charles Gouch
Linda Govreau
Greg Gowan
Brendan Gower
CJ and MA Grabarczyk
Amy J. Grace
The Graham Foundation
Gary and Kathryn Grahn
Sonny and Jean Graves
Katie Gray
Elizabeth Grayson
Neil and Joy Grayson
Greenco Beverage Company
Myra Greene
Greenville County
Anne Greer
Wanda Greer
Michele Gregg
Roger and Janet Greiner
Charles M. Edmondson and Laura Greyson
Dr. and Mrs. Ken Grier
Jack and Nancy Griffeth
Bill Griffith
Barbara Grignol
Jared and Amy Grimes
Kimberly Grimm
David and Maggie Griscom
Dale and Terrie Groce
Mark and Sue Groce
Tywana Groce
Kathleen Grove
Allen and Nikki Grumbine
Carol Gullion
Wayne Gushard
Ms. Deborah Gutcheus
Frederick Guterman
Michael Guyton
Arthur and Louise Haaker
Lance and Margaret Hafer
Suzanne Hafner
Lacy Hagan
Bradley and Michelle Hager
Mr. and Mrs. James Hagey
Al and Helen Hagood
Dexter and Marcy Hagy
Andy Hall
Maggie Halley
Harold and Sarah Hall
Mrs. Jessica Hall
Mimi Hallman
Richard and Katherine Hall
Sherrill and Tom Hall
Suanne Hall
Dr. Susan Hall
Jack and Sandra Halsey
Brad and Sharon Halter
Gerald Haltom
Kenneth and Debra Ham
Claire Hamanaka
Paul Hamberis
Bob and Eileen Hamilton
Donald and Judi Hamilton
Connie Hammett
Marian Hammett
Eric Hammond
Victoria Hammond
Rebecca B. Hamor
Lyle and Ellen Hampshire
Whitney Hamrick
Ann Hamrick
Linda Hamrick
Jacklyn K. Han
Allyson Hancock
Geoffrey Handel
Phil and Gail Haney
Evan Hanley
Elliot and Vicki Hansen
Mrs. Robert Hanson
Nancy Hanson-Gluth
Tiffany Harakas
Anthony Harbin
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Harbin
Richard S. Hardaway
Tracy and Charles Hardaway
Lee Hardin
Mosley Hardy
Russell Harker
Calvin Harmon
Merridee Harper
Thomas and Christina Harper
Kevin and Cathy Harrington
Janet Harris Still
Dr. Falls L. Harris
George and Cindy Harris
Cory Harrison
Judy Harrison
Michael and Trish Harrison
Reuben Harris
Sandra Harris
Tom Harris
Keith and Juliann Hart
Judy P. Harte
Debbie and Topper Hartness
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Hartness
Mr. Sean P. Hartness and Dr. Courtney Tollison Hartness
Karen Hartney
Hart-Oeland Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Hartzog
Danny and Irene Harvey
John Harvey
Judith Harvin
Paula Harward
Gisele Hastings
Jessica Hatchell
Mrs. Eleanor Haton
Shauna Havird
Mr. and Mrs. Ken and Lisa Hawkins
Elaine Hayes
Joe and Judy Haynes
Priscilla and Knox Haynsworth
Margaret Hazelton
Eastside Pediatric Dentistry / Glenn Head, DMD
Aimee Heard
Allen and Cathy Heath
Kelly and Jenny Heegard
Brent and Lindsay Heffron
Richard and Teresa Heidelberger
Edward and Leigh Heidtman
Jonathan and Melinda Heigel
Andrew Heikaus
John and Marcia Heinrichs
John and Carol Helbling
Tom and Mary Sue Helfrich
Robert and Bridget Helmer
Peter and Jean Helwing
Gerald Henderson
Sue Hendricks
Dr. and Mrs. William H. Hendrix
Craig and Anne Henne
Henry Pak Inc.
Atsuko Henson
Wynn Herbert
Cathy Herdener
Jackie Herr
Dawne Hershberger
Jennifer Hershberger
Michey Hess
Donna Heuerman
Donald Hewitt
Ron Hewitt
Carol Ann Heymann
Ruby Hicks
Deborah Hiergesell
Selena Hilemon
Alan Hill
Leonard and Patricia Hilla
Dawn Hill
Susan Hilligoss
Katherine Hill
Dr. Vicente Hill
Mary Hipp
Elaine Hitch
Robyn Hite
Bruce and Catherine Hitt
David and Sylvia Hodge
Philip and Adelia Hodge
Tommy and Erroll Hodges
Thomas Hodge
Tommy and Nell Hodge
Kyle Hoffman
Missy Hoffman
Lisa Hohmann
Judy Holcomb
Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Holder, Jr.
Mark Holland
David Holliday
Joshua Holliday
Richard Hollifield
Sandra Holmes
Evangeline K. Holseberg
Bill and Emmy Holt
Richard and Kathy Holt
Rick Holt
Tee and Sherry Hooper
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hoover
Dorothy Hopkins
Jim and Linda Hopkins
David and Ginny Hoppenworth
Katherine Horne
Margaret Horner
David and June Horton
Francis and Lori Horton
Nelson Horton
Elizabeth Hotaling
Bryon and Laura Hotzler
Karen Houck
Kelly Hough
Nancy Houghtelin
Mrs. Thomas Edward House
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Houser
Jill Houston
Amy Howard
Bob and Bev Howard
Dr. and Mrs. Bradley Howard
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Howard, III
Katherine Howard
Lynn and Christine Howard
Robin and Elaine Howe
Mark Howell
Mr. and Mrs. Rob Howell
Robert and Sharon Howell
Bill and Pat Howle
Mrs. Norma Hrbek
Holly and Ian Hubbard
Jon and Karen Hubbard
Josh Hubbard
Rob Hubbard
Jan and Richard Hubble
Sara North
James Huck
Michael H. Hudgins
Heather Holland
Ivet Hudson
Jeffrey and Denise Hudson
Jennifer Hudson
Joy Hudson
Suzanne Hudson
Archie Huff
Rachael Huggins
Emily Hughes
Erin Hughes
Kelley Hughes
Susan and George Hughes
Mary Hughey
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hume
Valerie Humen
Dr. and Mrs. John M. Humeniuk
John Humphries
Michael Hunnicutt
Steven Hunnicutt
Craig Hunt
Margaret Hunter
Jimmy and Ann Hunt
Brian and Kimberly Hurry
Janice Huskey
Tom and Janet Huskey
Mary Jo Huycke
Hyatt Place Greenville - Downtown
Hyatt Place Greenville - Haywood
John Ihme
David and Harriet Ike
Anna Ingram
Greg and Leslie Ingram
Mary Inman
Kenneth Inskeep
Donna Insler
Joseph and Hilda Ippolito
Ann and Bob Irelan
Leigh Irwin
Bernt and Bonnie Iversen
William and Joy Ivester
David and Phyllis Jackson
Mrs. Kathy Jackson
Laurie Jackson
Marylee Jackson
Paul Jackson
Mark and Edna Jacobsen
Timothy Jacobson
Diana Jahries
Amber James
Joanne James
Nancy Janich
Jarden Process Solutions
Steve and Jan Jarrell
Mr. Andy Bylenga and Ms. Leanne Jaskwhich
Tracy Jedd
Margaret Jenkins
Joe and Ann Jennings
Adam Jennings
Jake and Cynthia Jennings
Joyce Jennings
A.J. Jester
Julia Jeter
Debbie K. Johnson
Edward Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. George D. Johnson, Jr.
Jerrilyn Johnson
Jim and Barbara Johnson
Larry and Monica Johnson
Lisa Johnson
Mitch Johnson
Shannon Johnson
Timothy Johnson
William and Suzanne Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Johnston
Kirby Johnstone
Adam G. Jones
Billy Jones
Donna Jones
Emelyn and Neil Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Garvin Jones
Jo Jones
Joe Jones
Judy O. Jones
Marguerite Jones
Midge Jones
Paul Jones
Robert and Nancy Jones
Steve Jones
Wes and Margaret Jones
Terrell Jordan
Thomas and Joyce Joy
Dr. Savannah Joyce
Brian Cromer and LJ Joyner
Tina Jury
Donny and Toni Justus

K – O

Zachery Kahler
Mrs. Sheri Kaiserman
Jay and Pamela Kaplan
Judith Kaplan
Kris and Kathy Kapoor
Johnnye Kappas
Joe and Julie Kavanagh
Dr. and Mrs. Barry Keane
John Keenan
Phyllis C. Keeney
Clarence and Brenda Kegler
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Keiser
John and Chelle Kelaher
Diane Keller
Jackie Kellett
Dr. and Mrs. J. Don Kelley
Sean Kelley
Kathlynn Kellogg
Burnett and Beverly Kelly
Michael and Sandra Kelly
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Kelly
Tim and Melissa Kelly
Bill Kendig
Bates Kennedy
George and Graciela Kennedy
Ida Kennedy
Martha Kent
Tom Kent
Michael and Karen Kenyon
Roger Keranen
Charles and Stephanie Kernaghan
George and Sharon Kerns
Bob and Norah Kertis
Michael Kessler
Mr. and Mrs. William Kilbourne
Michael Kilburn
Jack King
John King
Sharon and Rus Kingman
Paige and Willing King
Dottie Kinlaw
Robert Kinstrey
Ginger Kirby
Ken Kirkland
Vaneta and Paul Kirsch
Nathan Kiser
George and Faye Kitchens
Gray and Stacey Kitchens
Richard Klausing
Mrs. Darlene Kleckley
Frank and Maggie Kleger
Robert Klein
Howard Klickman
Victor and Jennifer Klimas
Knowlton Klinck
Kelly Kline
Brad Kluttz
James Knight
Jennifer Knight
Kasel Knight
Peter Kobes
Marc Komisarow
Joan Koppel
Barbara Koprowski
Laura Korte
Kim Kotecha
Suzanne Kovacs and Mitchell Jolley
Stephen and Virginia Kovalcik
Maribeth Kowalski
Tracy Kramer
Steven and Linda Krause
Sandra Krecioch
Craig and Page Krieger
Paul Krieger
Mark Krom
Miriam Kutcher
Eric Kuzniar
Dennis and Kimey Whatley
Mike and Cindy Lackey
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Lackey
John Lady
Dr. and Mrs. R. M. Laffitte, Jr.
Karen Lafleur-Stewart
Cary and Sue Laine
Debra Lamb
Sandra W. Lamberson
Michael and Joanie Lancellot
Mark Lane
Mr. and Mrs. Theo Lane
Katherine Lanham
Dana Lanning
Penny Lark
Thomas Larkin
Matthew Larmore
Peter and Lisa Larocque
Wendy Larsen
Carol Larson
Jerry and Cynthia Larson
Scott Larson
Pat Lashomb
Melissa and Richard Lassor
Gina Latham
Mark Latouf
Ray and Jackie Lattimore
Carolyn and Richard Launius
Mary LaVigne
Clifford Lawrence
Nancy Lawrence
Jeff and Mary Lawson
Jordan Lea
Brenda Leach
Brenda League
Fraser and Linda League
Barry Leasure
Kathleen Leaumont
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Leavengood, Jr.
Chris and Margaret Leavitt
John and Becky Leckrone
Ed and Elinor LeClaire
Kenneth and Mary Ellen Leconte
Pam Ledbetter
Marsha Lee
Beth Lee
Cheryl Lee
Beverly Leech
Coyann G. Lee
Dennis and Amy Lee
Robert Leeper
Robert and Debra Lee
Teresa Lee
Charles Lehman
Melinda Lehman and Terry Iwaskiw
Ronald and Jacqueline Lemonde
Dewey and Donna Lemons
Marilyn Lemos
Jim Lempke
Gerald Lenz
Bruce and Tamara Leonard
Dianne Leonard
Sandra Leone
Lecia Lewis
Stephanie Lewis
James and Susan Lichatowich
Gary Lickfield
Wallace and Marsha Lightsey
Timothy Lincolnhol
Kathryn Lindemann
Kathy P. Lindley
Nancy Linvill
Ken and Linda Lister
Charles and Janie Little
Jil Littlejohn
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Locke, Jr.
Dennis Lockhart
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics
Susan Loeb
Jennifer Loew
Ron Logan
Ashley Loging
Heather Lollis
Dr. and Mrs. Edward K. Lominack, Jr.
Aimee Lonergan
Ray and Alice Longerbeam
Janet Long
Jerry Long
Randy Looper
Michael Lopez
Sam and Tricia Lortz
Kim Love
Mrs. Laura Lowery
Angelica Lozano
Jan and Linda Lucas
Jon Lucas
Kevin and Carolyn Lucas
Carolyn Luce
Stephen and Carroll Luck
Violet Ludvick
Shannon ludwig
David and Leslie Luke
Dr. Katherine Lumpkin-Leech
Billy Lundeen
Joy Luthi
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Lyles
Eric and Dawn Lynch
Tim and Karen Lynch
Mrs. Meg McGowen
Doug and Debbie Mack
John and Alice MacKeil
Grace Mack
Andrea MacMeccan
Robert MacRae
Kathy Madden
Randall and Christina Maddox
Warren and Deborah Maddox
Erwin and Nancy Maddrey
March and Kristin Maguire
Joseph Mahaffey
Michelle Mahle
Dr. Gregory and Lynda Malcolm
Suzanne and Todd Malo
John Maloney
Lisa Mangione
Frank Mansbach
James and Barbara Manuel
Heather Marchbanks
Mrs. Margaret Marcum
Dee and Ron Margadonna
Margie Marianos
Francis Marrapodi
Alan and Kathy Marshall
Celinda Marshall
Dr. and Mrs. Pat Marshall
Hollie Marsh
Sue Marsh
Andrea Martin
Barry and Cindy Martin
Brian Martin
Dewanda Martin
Emmet and Barry Martin
Mike Martinelli
Grover Martin
Jim Martin
John Martin
Michael and Catherine Martin
Pat Martin-Perkins
Sarah Martin
Terri L. Martin
Gail Marx
Mark and Renee Masaschi
Karen Mascaro
David Mason
Mrs. Abigail Massey
Mike Massey
Laurie Masters
Richard F. Mastracci
Lisa Matfess
Mr. and Mrs. Jay and Sherri Matkovich
Ron Mattern
Mrs. Deb Matthews
Elizabeth Matthews
Theresa Matthews
Van Matthews
Mrs. Michelle Matthias
Grant and Brenda Mattison
Fleming and Garland Mattox
Karen Maud
Roger Mauney
Marian Maxwell
James and Donna May
Dr. Dennis and Dean Mayer
Ann Mayhew
Ellen Mays
Vanessa A. Mazzoli
John and Preston McAfee
Cathryn McAlpine
Mrs. Evon McAngus
John and Jill McBurney
Gene and Lucy McCall
Marcus McCall
Mrs. Paula McCallum
Sean and Nadine McCallum
Jack and Connie McCammond
William McCann
Dr. and Mrs. Landrum McCarrell, Jr.
Thomas and Ginger McCarver
Elizabeth McCauley
Jeff and Brenda McCleerey
Elizabeth McCluskey
Libby McConnell
Nim and Linda McConnell
Dr. and Mrs. Travis McCoy
Mrs. Julie McCraw
Heidi McCrory
Jeff McCuen
Donald McCullough
Robert McCurdy
Jane A. McCutcheon
Jeanie McDade
Janet McDonough
Mike and Debbie McDonough
Gail McElmoyle
Tim  and Janice McFall
Joy McFarland
Brenda B. McGowan
Keith McGowen
JP McGuire
Phil McIntyre
Scott and Leslie McIntyre
Rebecca McKay
Hanna McKenzie
Becky McKinney
Scott and Doris McLallen
Nick and Jann McLane
Eric McLendon
Mechele McLeod
Arthur and Suzanne McMaster
Dr. and Mrs. Stan McMeekin
Libby McMillan-Henson
Brian McMorrow
Kevin McMurtrey
Steve and Judy McNeely
David and Elizabeth McNeely
Donna McNeely
Peggy McNelis
Mary McNicholas
Hunter McRae
Kerry and Amy McTigue
Richard Mead and Ruth Pollow
Rex and Wanda Meade
Margaret and Brad Meadows
Leovick Medina
Thomas and Kathy Meeks
Heidi Mehalic
Paul Melamed
Joan Mendelsohn
Margaret Menehan
Carole Mercer
Amanda and Vernon Merchant
Bernadette Merchant
Hamir Merchant
David Merline
Sandy Merlino
Rebekkah Merrell
Susanna Merriman
Andrea Merritt
Ronald and Laura Messer
Rear Admiral and Mrs. John Messerschmidt, USN (Ret)
Metropolitan Arts Council
Amanda Metzger
Carmen Mezzacappa
Charles and Rachelle Mickel
Charles and Ann Middleton
Tyler Miers
Brian Miller
Charles A. and Janice Miller
Dianne Miller
James Miller
John and Valeri Miller
Jon and Blair Miller
Melissa Mills
Mrs. Erin Milroth
Treadway and Elise Mink
Mary Ann Minkin
Nancy Minor
Ina and Michael Minsky
Tammy Misanko
Shawn Mizell
David and Julie Modaff
Mr. and Mrs. David Modeen
Gary Mohr
Roberta Moll
Ray and Kathy Monahan
Edward and Susan Mongeon
Brenda Monn
Steve Monteith
Marcia Montgomery
Jack Moore
John Moore and Ginny Wylie
Dr. and Mrs. J. Lee Moore
Mark Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Moore
Marian Moorhead
Robert and Claudia Moran
Susan Moreland
Frank Morelli
Bob and Jennie Morgan
Ed Morgan
Ray and Susan Morgan
William A. Morgan
Tom Moritz
Bob Morris and Lesley Pregenzer
Timothy and Brenda Morrison
Rob and Mary Morris
Sherry Morris
Debra Morse
Suzanne Morse
Carmine and Barbara Moschella
Jay and Beth Motley
Michael and Beth Mount
Deborah Moyes
Robert Mull
Bob Muller
Carl and Allison Muller
Mr. Demarcus Mullinax and Ms. Kyle Gallman
Daryl and Rhonda Muncus
Pam Mundey
Malcolm Munson
Annemarie Murphy
David and Pamela Murphy
Kristen Murphy
Michael Mutolo
Catherine Myers
Judiann Myers
Masato Nakayama
Christopher and Catherine Nall
Mark and Courtenay Nantz
George Napoles
Rick and Debra Nash
Susan Nasim
Thomas Nederostek
Ralph Neisler
David Nelms
Anita Nelson
Dannie and Kim Newell
Eric Newman
Christopher and Laura Nicholas
Lynn Nickell
Joyce and Phil Nickles
William Nickles
Thomas and Mary Nicoll
Barry and Karen Nield
Peggy Nielson
Manuelo Noa
Lucretia Noble
Michael and Patricia Nocito
Dr. Chris and Mrs. Sheay Noel
Mark and Kathleen Nolan
Lawrence Nolte
Debra Noonan
Rooksana Noorai
Donald and Carol Nordin
Ellen Norman
Thomas Norris
Alex North
Northwestern Mutual
Mr. and Mrs. Darryn Norton
Karen Brown and Laurens Norton
Mr. Conyers Norwood
Ben K. and Sunshine Norwood, Jr.
Jonathan Norwood
Kathy Novatny
Sunjay Nunley
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua O’Connor
Peggy O’Reagan
Adam O'Brian
Sean O'Connell
Debra O'Connor
Dennis O'Connor
Lonnie and Madison Ogburn
Tom and Susan O'Hanlan
Michael O'Leary
Jane Oliver
Carol Olsen
Mr. and Mrs. Freeman R. O'Neal, Jr.
Hugh A. O'Neill
Jesus Ordonez
Mary Orem
Anne O'Rourke
Dr. and Mrs. Mark O'Rourke
Michael and Judith O'Shea
Joleen Osman
Eric Ossmann
Robert and Charlotte Otto
Dr. Deborah Otto Sunderman
Beth Ouellette
Peek Owen
James Owens
Steve and Linda Owings
Glenn and Kathleen Oxner

P – T

Marc Paap
Lesa Paddick
Beth Padgett
Susan Paladino
Jean Palamara
Palmetto Air and Water Balance, Inc.
Emile and Judy Pandolfi
Genie Pannell
Chris Paredis
Jim and Peggy Parham
Parham Smith & Archenhold LLC
Julie Park
Dr. and Mrs. H. Byron Parker, Jr.
Jane Parker
Jordan Parker
Judith Parker
Keith and Judy Parker
Bard Parks
Michael and Debora Parmer
John F. Parrott and Rev. Sally Parrott
Pat Paschal
Mike Pastore
Linda Patrick
Larry Patten
Barry Patterson
Danette Patterson
David Patterson
Leon and Barbara Patterson
Neville and Beth Patterson
Michael Patton
Kenneth Pauli
Robin Paulison
Kevin Payne and Sarah Payne-Poff
Michael Payne
Alan and Deborah Peabody
Mr. and Mrs. Bony Hampton Peace III
Elizabeth Pearce
Jo Lynne Pearce
M. Pearce
Ford and Suzanne Pearse
Cheryl Peden
Clay Peek
Kaley E. Peek
Leigh Victoria Peek
Dr. and Mrs. James Pelkie
Richard Penkert
Karen and Lyle Penley
Hugh and Judy Pennell
Dianne Perry
Tom Perry
Deborah Perzak
Andrea Peter
Heidi Peters
Helen Peterson
Harry and Sharon Pettigrew
Mel and Jodye Pfister
David Phelps
Jeffrey and Lisa Phillips
Chris and Rosalyn Phillips
Craig and Kay Phillips
Elizabeth Phillips
John and Kim Phillips
Dr. and Mrs. Michael S. Phillips
Rick and Letha Phillips
Donna Phipps
Mr. and Mrs. Lesley Pickell
Richard and Kathy Pickens
Pickens Dental Associates, P.A., Dr. Marler, Dr. Hinton
James and Becky Pierce
Richard and Anne Pierce
Whitney Pierpont
John and Annemarie Pillman
Jane and Don Pilzer
Mary Ann Pires
Chaunci Pirhalla
Tobi Pirolla
Dianne Pitts
Camellia Ploof
David Plowden
Mrs. Betty S. Poe
Jeff Pogoda
Debbie Polson
Betsy Poole
The Pope-Brown Foundation
Steve Porter
Chris Posey
Ellen and Alan Posta
Julie Poteet
Karen Potter
Elizabeth Poupore
Bruce and Denise Powell
Greg and Jean Powell
Maya Powers
Chris and Jeannine Prattini
Mark and Gindy Preddy
Kristin Pressley
Susan Pressley
Rob Pressly
Kelly Price
Mrs. Kelly Price
Lauren D. and David R. Price, Jr.
Todd and Susan Price
William Price
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Priddy
The Priester Foundation
Sims and Anne Propst
Donna Provenzano
Frank and Jessie Provenzano
Dan and Porter Pruitt
Mrs. Catherine Puckett
Laurie Pulver
Cindy Pury and Craig Sandtrom
Sallie Putnam
Terri Pyle
Donna Qualls
Marvin and Biff Quattlebaum
Michael and Carol Queen
Brooks and Lenna Quinn
Joel and Maurissa Quinn
Dr. Michael and Mrs. Christine Quinn
William H. Quinn
Robin Radtke
Dean Rainey
Viji Ramachandran
Ted and Karen Ramsaur
George and Sandra Randall
Pavani Rangachari
Timothy Ranney
Allison Ranson
Mrs. Elizabeth Rauch
Dr. Ann Marie Patterson
Gary and Jennie Ray
Raymond James & Associates
Holbrook W. Raynal
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Reas
Mrs. Cathy Reas Foster
Jeffrey Reddekopp
Norbert and Carole Ann Reder
Robert Reece
Ron Reece
Jeff and Cheryl Reed
Mary Reed
Robert Reed
Timothy and Susan Reed
Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Reeves
Jeff Rehm
Carey Reichardt
Linda Reid
Donna Reiss and Art Young
Judy Render
Michael Rendino
Trip and Suzanne Renfro
Amy Rex
Alex Reynolds
Calvin Reynolds
Elizabeth Reynolds
Marla  Reynolds
Sandra L. Reynolds
Terry and Marijane Rhinebold
Saundra Richards
Ruth McAlister Richburg
Anna Rickell
Kenneth and Virginia Ricketts
Michael and Jamie Rickoff
Irving Stahl and Pamela Rider
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Rigsby
Michael and Janet Riksen
Melissa Riley
The Honorable Richard W. Riley
Susan and Mike Riordan
Gregory J. Rusnak and Mary B. Rippon
Senator and Mrs. James Ritchie
Sally Roach
Jim and Susan Robbins
Mrs. Jackie Roberson
Andrew and Lucy Roberts
Joe Roberts
Larry and Judith Ann Robertson
Linda M. Robertson
David and Ginny Robinson
Linda Robinson
Melvyn Robinson
Heather Robison
David Roche
Gail D. Rodgers
Allison Humen
Brooke Rogers
Jim and Donna Rogers
Jon and Jeanette Rogers
Ken and Donna Rogers
Oliver Rogers
William Rogers
Randy Rokala
Marc Rose
Mason and Sonia Rose
Salvador Polanco and Melanie Rose
Ann Ross
Mr. and Mrs. Don Ross
Gwynn Ross
Nelson Roth
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Rowe
Rachel Rowe
Juliet Roy
Don and Vicki Rubenstein
Shirley Rudisill
Eric Ruhnke
TJ Rumler
Louis and Evelyn Runge
Katherine Runion
Jean Runnels
Cindy Runnette
Mr. and Mrs. Bon Runnion
Tom and Carol Ruppert
Eldon and Linda Russ
Chuck and Brenda Russell
Drucilla Russell
Sal Russo and Lisa Schadt
Andrew Rutherford
Brenda Rutledge
Debra Rutledge
Valinda Rutledge
James Ryan
Jennifer McClung
John Rzepinski
TJ and Jerry Saad
Christine Sabia
Loretta Sabol
Michelle Salcedo
Gary Salowich
Christopher and Marsha Samellas
Dr. and Mrs. Steven Samoya
Dr. Stephen Samuelson
Brian Sanders
Carole Sanders
John and Barbara Sanders
Sandra Sanderson
Scott and Jill Sanders
Mary Sandoval
Tiffany Santagati
Joe and Cynthia Saracino
Nick and Laura Sardone
Elaine Sarratt
Johnny and Jonnie Sarvis
Dr. and Mrs. Scott Sasser
Dennis M. Satterfield
Kent and Linda Satterfield
Robert Saul
Patricia Sauls
Stephen Saunders
Tom Sauret
Lance Savage
Elizabeth Savely
Michael and Bonnie Saxton
Michael Sayles
Melanie Scarborough
Mo and Harry Schaffhauser
Amy Scheiper
Taryn Scher
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Schiff
Steven Schimmel
Bill and Nancy Schlegel
Rebecca Schmale
Bart and Stephanie Schmidt
Daniel and Jill Schmidt
Jill and Greg Schneider
Peter Schneider
Robert Schrage
Mr. and Mrs. John Schrank
Michelle Schultz
Sharon R. Shultz
Jeff Schumars
Steven and Nancy Schwartzhoff
James Schwartz
John and Laura Schwartz
Jon Schwartz
Sandra Schweitzer
Dan Scieszka
Sean and Meg Scoopmire
Deborah C. Scott
Mrs. Elizabeth Scott
Keith and Connie Scott
Stephen Scott
Louise P. Scruggs
Cordes and Georgia Seabrook
Daniel and Alice Seaman
James Searcy
Lea Seaton
John and Kelly Sech
Benjamin Seel
John Seeley
Mr. and Mrs. William Seely
Nancy and Pete Selleck
Tom and Sarita Sellner
Mrs. Ashley Senfield
Marjorie Severance
Jo Beth Sewell
Deborah Sexton
Hoyt and Rhonda Seymore
Roger and Patti Seymore
Joy Shackelford
Eddie Shadeed
David Shalaby
Jerry and Martha Shaleuly
Ileana Shaner
Dr. Angela and Mr. Jerry Sharkey
Mrs. Lawrence Sharp
William and Elizabeth Shatten
Bill and Debbie Shaughnessy
Debbie Shaw
Minor and Hal Shaw
Wade Shealy
Doug and Susan Sheeks
Emily Sheets
Patricia K. Shelley
Susan and Don Shelley
Frederick Shepard
Russell Shepherd
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Sherbert
Ann Sheridan
Karen Sherman
Richard and Laura Shick
George and Angela Shiflet
Megan Shirley
Ted Shiver
Troy Shockley
Susan Shores
Matt and Betsy Shouse
Charles and Carol Shuler
Michael and Elizabeth Shuler
Hannah Shull
Shawn and Kelly Shumaker
Betty Shurley
Blake Shusterman
Mark Shutters
Janie Sickinger
Barbara Siebert
Jeffrey Siegel
Steve Siegel
Wayne and Lora Sigler
Robert Sihler and Ann Jaedicke
Reno and Susan Simmons
Grant Sims
Ron and Dona Sims
Melvin Sinclair
Wanda Siniard
Steve and Pam Sinnott
Sitters Registry, Ltd.
B. R. Skelton
Greg and Linda Skene
Donnie Skidmore
Lynn Skidmore
Jane Slane
Mrs. Dot Sloan
Mark Small
Janet Smalley
Steve Smart
Anna Smith
Barbara Smith
Bernard and Sharon Smith
Caren Smith
Carol and Richard Smith
Chip and Wendy Smith
Chuck and Dee Smith
Dan and Melissa Smith
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Smith
Douglas and Elizabeth Smith
Gary and Patty Smith
James W. Smith Jr.
Janine Smith
Jim and Lisa Smith
John P. Smith
Joshua Smith
Justin Smith
Kent E. Smith
Letitia Smith
Marcia Smith
Mark and Donna Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Smith
Merle and Maryann Smith
Rebecca Smith
Rion and Lolly Smith
Dr. and Mrs. Samuel W. Smith, Jr.
Sharla Smith
Mr. and Mrs. W. Stanton Smith
Trevor and Brooks Smith
Brad Smoak
Angela Sneed
Jon and Lauren Snipes
Kim Snipes
Kyle Snipes
Candice Snodgrass
Jeffrey and Sarina Snow
John Sobota
Mark and Alice Sobray
Roger and Joyce Soderdahl
Kelly Solesbee
Donna E. Solpa
Graham and Greta Somerville
Jo Sousa
South Carolina Arts Commission
Stephanie Southerland
Karen Spacek
Karol Sparks
Spartanburg and Greer ENT & Allergy, Erik D. Steiniger, MD
Lucy Spearman
Kenneth and Pamela Spengeman
Debbie Spink
Kyle and Alice Spitzer
Mike and Cathy Spitzmiller
Pete and Mary Spizzirri
Tennille Springle
Connie Spykerman
Christina Squadroni
Richard Srubas
Mrs. Elizabeth P. Stall
Roger and Cher Stamey
Mary Standrich
Jan Stanifer
Ellen and Rick Stanley
Thomas Stanley
Jenny Stansell
Vonnie Stanton
Paul Stapleton
Mr. and Mrs. Carl M. Stecker
Brad Steele
Sarah Steele
Dee Steely
Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Steinmann
Kenneth and Janet Steketee
Greg and Kimberly Stephan
Peggy Stephens
Jim and Emelia Stephenson
Margaret Stephenson
Jim and Kathy Stepp
Riley Stevens and Cindy Lee
Joy B. Steverson
James Stewardson
Mrs. Amanda Stewart
Blanche Stewart
Eleanor Stewart
Margot Stewart
Dr. Nancy Stewart
L. Bruce Stilwell
Sam and Robin Stilwell
Mark and Janet Stofega
David Stokes
Katherine Stokes
Brett and Elaine Stoll
Zephnur Strait
Robert and Susan Straup
Richard and Susan Strauss
Michael and Debbie Strickland
Tammy and Arnold Strickland
Paul Stringer
Sydney Strong
Bob and Beckie Stubler
Thomas and Patricia Stultz
Jessi and Steve Sturgeon
Patricia Sturm
Marshall L. Styles
Judson L. Suber
John and Mary Such
Donald and Tina Sudlow
Donna and Joe Sullivan
George Summer
Diana Summermatter
Katie Surkamer
Mrs. Nancy Sutterfield
David and Mary Swain
Elaine Swanson
Tim and Mary Beth Sweeney
Amy Swetenburg
Alex and Ginger Swire-Clark
Jim and Dottie Sykes
Mrs. Cheryl Szczesniak
Ron and Carol Szeremeta
Susan Tamsett
David and Jeanie Taylor
Edgar and Loren Taylor
Mittie and Bert Taylor
Nancy D. Taylor
Prudence Taylor
Tiffany Taylor
Donald and Lucille Tchir
James and Betty Teague
Dr. and Mrs. Leighton D. Teague, Jr.
Lauren Tedeschi
Sandi Teel
Ruth Tennyson
Sal and Karen Tesi
Stan Tew
Think Up Consulting
Mica Tholen
Gill and Nancy Thomas
Jennifer Thomas
Larry Thomas
Arch and Sara Thomason
Elaine G. Thomason
Susan G. Thomas
Dr. and Mrs. Craig Thompson
Gwen and Michael Thompson
Mark Thompson
Jim Thomson
Kendra Thornton
Donna Threatt
Brian and Erin Thurston
Neill Timmons
Rick and Pat Timmons
Willis and Cynthia Tisdale
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Tobin
Peggy Tollison
Walt and Angel Tollison
Mary Tolstedt
Bernie Tompkins
Matt and Betsy Toner
Edgardo Torres
Carol Toth
Austin Tothacer
Scott Townes
Harrison and Cheryl Trammell
Megan and Sean Tran
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Travers
Karen and David Traxler
Tom and Beth Traxler
Amy Treece
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin S. Treu
Mark and Jane Trexler
Kenneth F. Trofatter
Dr. and Mrs. Roger Troutman
Mrs. Susan Troutman
Ben Truslow
Linda Tschappat
Jerry and Diana Tucker
Leslie Tucker
Michelle Tucker
Nesha Tucker
Tammy Turk
Bonnie Turner-Adomatis
Bill and Barbara Turner
Linda Turner
Scott Turner and Steve Price
Stephanie Turner
Mrs. Kristin Turney
Dr. Carrie Ann Twedt
George and M.G. Tyda
William Tyler

U – Z

Sue Ugenti
Brett Ulrich
United Community Bank
Up & Up
James Upp
David and Linda Uranga
Ricardo and Coreen Urbina
Jonell Usher
Ken and Anne Vagen
Sangita Vakharia
Steve Valand
John Valentin
Kathleen Valentine
Paul Valentine
Alice van den Broek
Julie and Ron Van Dyck
Henry and Connie Van Dyke
Lee and Ann Van Voris
Amy Vance
Brian and Brenda Vance
Wanda Vanderford
Dana Vanderwood
Jay and Cathy Vandevoorde
John and Janne Vann
Les and Shannon Vann
Christopher and Michelle VanPelt
Cindy Van Wingerden
David Vaughn
Laura Vaughn
Elizabeth Vayo
Meghan Vella
Jean Veres
Ellen Vest
James Vickery
Paul and Kitty Vidovich
Michelle Vieyra
Mary Ellen Vogel
Tobias and Lori Vogel
James P. Vojtech
Heidi Von Dohlen
Greg and Mary Helen Wade
Dan and Jill Wagner
Jason and Nichole Wagner
Shirley C. Wagner
Wayne and Peggy Wagner
James Wain
Gary and Erica Walajtys
Carl and Margaret Waldrop
Cathy Walgate
Benny and Nancy Walker
Cary and Herman Walker
Keith Walker
Larry Walker
Sabrina Walker
Don and Ellen Wall
Angie Wallace
Jim and Marsha Wallace
John and Virginia Wallace
Steve and Jill Wallace
Kurt Wallenborn
Bogue and Bonnie Wallin
David Walsh
Mrs. Barbara Walters
Pam and Charlie Walters
Jack Walton
Karen Walton
William Ward
Robert and Elaine Waring
Ronald Warner
John and Courtney Warren
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Washnock
Suzanne Waskey
Carolyn Waterfield
Allen Waterman
Kimberly Waters
Jonathan and JoDee Watkins
Peggy Watkins
Mr. and Mrs. Jerrold Watson, Jr.
Mr. Derek S. Watson and Ms. Megan P. O'Neill
Douglas Watson
Esther Watson
Lauren Ameling
Maureen Watts
Mr. and Mrs. Waldo Watts
Susan Weathers
Amy Weaver
Barbara Weaver
Bill Weaver
Catherine and Kevin Webb
Cary Webber
Patricia R. Webb
Richard Webb
Stephen and Phyllis Webb
Steve Webb
Joseph and Sylvia Weber
LeeAnn Weber
Alita and Doug Webster
Roger and Peggy Weeks
Bettina Wehner
Susan Wehrman
Jennifer Weidemann
Erik Weikel
Joyce Weiner
Michael Weitzel
Gregg and Tracey Welborn
Lalane Welborn
Robert Wells
William Wells
Henry Welter
Larry Weltin
Joseph Werner
David and Desiree Werth
John Wesley
Philip and Melanie Wessinger
The Westin Poinsett
Russel West
Tabitha Weston
Lance and Lawson Wetli
Mrs. Sherry Wharton
Barbara Whatley-West
Johnathon Wheatley
Rory Whelehan
Michael Whitaker
Linda White-Butler
James White
John and Laura White
Judi White
Laura White
Steve White Volkswagen Audi
Anja Whitesell
Lindsey Whitfield
Robert Whitley
Stephanie Whitlock
Charles and Kathy Whitmire
William and Yolande Whitney
Sims Whitted
Mrs. James S. Whitten
John and Lil Whyte
Margaret Wicker
Adam and Samantha Wickliffe
Stephen Wickliffe
Keith and Melissa Wiese
Dick Wilkerson
Tim and Denise Wilkerson
David and Susan Wilkins
Virginia Willard and Jack Olson
Dr. and Mrs. Bart D. Williams III
Chip Williams
Dianne Dill Williams
Harriett Williams
Kim Williams
Bill and Connie Williamson
Pam A. Williams
Col. and Mrs. Robert F. Williams, Jr.
Michelle Willis
Erin Wills
Mr. and Mrs. Hal Willson
Andy O. Wilson
Becky Wilson
Bill and Lucia Wilson
Donna Wilson
Jimmy and Kathy Wilson
Richard Wilson
Mrs. Debbie Winchester
Barbara Windham
Window and Door Concepts
Wingate by Wyndham - Greenville Airport
Chip Winter
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Winzeler
Mrs. Shelby Wirt
Thomas Wirth
Joseph Simpson, III and Lynel Wiseman
Nancy Witek
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Wolcott
Kimberly Wolcoveick
Antoinette Wolf
Deborah Wolfe
Mark Wolken and Jennifer Huber
Womble Bond Dickinson (US) LLP
Cynthia Digby Wood
Robert M. Wood, MD
Sylvia Woodall
Anne Woods
R. Dean Woods
Gerald Woods and Dr. Deborah Bates
TR Woods
Don and Vicki Woodward
Joletta Woodward
David Woolard
World Acceptance Corporation
David Wright
Jonathan and Stephanie Wright
Pam Wyatt
Janie Wylie
Mary Anne Wylie
Ted and Lee Wyndham
Baxter and Paula Wynn
Jerry and Barbara Wynn
Brandon Wyss
Joseph and June Yanick
Hubert and Lee Yarborough
Dale and Jennifer Yarbrough
Bob and Mary Ellen Yeargin
R. Lynn and Janie Yeargin
Ashley Yoakley
David and Beth Yon
Gary Yordy
Mike and Ellis Yost
Don Youatt
Daniela Young
Douglas Young
J. David and Michelle Young
Mr. and Mrs. John Young
Danny and Lynn Youngblood
Deborah Zachary
Steven and Teri Zahn
Sue Zahniser
Ruthie Zaleon
Susan Zeigler
Scott and Melissa Zeitz
Jamie and Dawn Zellner
Mr. Steven Zides
Lisa Zimmerman
Nicole Zimmerman
Michael Zinck
Martha Zolides
Elizabeth Zow
Thomas and Ellen Zuercher

Names reflect gifts March 13 – September 28, 2020