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Sat, Dec 7, 2019
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Support Community Impact Programs

The Peace Center’s Community Impact programs encompass an extraordinary range of arts education and community engagement opportunities that bring people together, inspire ideas, and celebrate the arts. 

Your contributions to Community Impact programs energize, empower, and educate students, teachers, and the Upstate community in amazing ways.

  • The Peace Passport Field Trip Series welcomes students to interactive daytime performances. 
  • Master Classes & Workshops provide coaching and mentoring to young artists by world-class performers in the fields of music, dance, and musical theater. 
  • School Residencies bring art into the classroom. 
  • Teacher Professional Development Events allow educators to explore effective strategies to integrate the arts into the curriculum. 
  • Peace Interludes – A Musical Happy Hour bring the community together to learn about music history, genres, and composers.  
  • Poetry comes alive through readings, conversations, and talkbacks with esteemed poets at Poetic Conversations.
  • Book Discussions unpack literary works connected to select performances presented at the Peace Center. 
  • And Peace Tours grant backstage access and explore careers in the arts.

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Community Impact Supporters

Thank you to those who continue to support our Peace Center Community Impact Programs.

Etca Ramsaur
Bobby and Beth Dobson
Rich Hagins and Yukichi Latta
M. Pearce
Fred and Diana Setzer
Graham and Greta Somerville
Bob Morris and Lesley Pregenzer
Charlie and Debbie Moseley
Mrs. Judith S. Prince
Dr. Connie Colon-Jones
Beth Ouellette
Craig and Vicki Brown
John A. and Jane F. Carson
Minor and Hal Shaw
Mr. Michael Creel
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan A. Einstein
Guy and Mickey Hempel
Tee and Sherry Hooper
Brenda Morrison
James and Marian O'Brien
Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Steinmann
Michael Baker
Sonya Varea and George Hammond
Mark M. Sweeney
Bob and Debbie Dubose
Linda L. Early
Mr. Ladson Gallivan
Gerald Henderson
Liz and Don Piccoli
Gary and Fran Richardson
Jon and Lauren Snipes
Donna E. Solpa
Rosemarie Arnau
Tom and Dawn Anderson
Tom and Karen Barton
Ms. Maggie Brown
Dr. Terry and Noelle Buffkin
Michael and Sarah Byars
W. Bruce and Betsy Byford
Ms. Liz Clark
Karen Dennis
Lynne and Gary Donehoo
Johnny and Priscilla Hagins, Jr.
Dexter and Marcy Hagy
Victoria Hammond
Michael H. Hudgins
Chris and Deborah Klasing
Mr. Peter MacKinnon and Ms. Vickie Frazier
Mr. and Mrs. Lance Renault
Jim and Donna Rogers
Bob and Shelli Siegel
John and Mary Such
Mr. and Mrs. Carey F. York