Celebrating Black Artists

A simple glance at the Peace Concert Hall windows on Graham Plaza and you’ll be instantly captivated by the Allied In Art Project.

This poster series was a collaboration between EP+Co and the Peace Center celebrating the words, ideas and dreams of some of the incredible artists of color who have graced the Peace Center’s stage or the poignant works they created that continue to inspire.
From the Civil Rights history preserved in each letter by Tré Seals and his Vocal Type Co. to the words they create, the Allied in Art Project is a reminder that hate is not welcome in our city, and that thought, creativity, love and beauty will always prevail.
The Peace Center strives to be an inviting and welcoming home for the community to gather and experience live performance. We are so thankful to EP+Co for helping us celebrate some of the incredible artists of color that have graced the Peace Concert Hall stage over the past 30 years. These artists continue to inspire us every day.
“Right now it seems like the only headlines that get attention are about what pushes us apart; but what about the things that bind us? We at EP+Co are big believers that art has a way of bringing people together and the ability to heal rifts, produce real dialogue and create true, genuine discourse. That skill seems to have gotten lost somewhere along the way. We have this incredibly diverse and unique culture here in the Upstate, so we wanted to create something that celebrates the art and creativity around us in all its forms,” said Con Williamson, President and Chief Creative Officer at EP+Co. “We’re joining forces with the Peace Center to not just showcase art, but to use art to bring our amazing city together…and maybe even help us all move forward as one.”
The collection can be seen on the Peace Concert Hall windows at the corner of Broad and Main. If you see a poster that you’d like to share, you can download it below or at https://www.alliedinart.epandcompany.com – no strings attached!
Join us and become #AlliedInArt.