Digital Ticketing

The Peace Center has moved to digital ticketing! Your digital tickets will appear in your online account 48 hours before your scheduled performance.

There are three ways to access these tickets:

Peace Center App

The Peace Center app is the easiest way to access your digital tickets. To download the app, search Peace Center in the app store and look for the icon pictured below and follow these simple steps.

  1. Log in to your Peace Center account
  2. Tap "My Account"
  3. Tap "My Tickets"

If you're logged in on the app on the day of your performance a "My Tickets" shortcut will appear on the home screen that will take you to your tickets as well.

Online on your smartphone

  1. Go to
  2. Tap the hamburger menu in the top right corner and scroll down to "My Account"
  3. Log in
  4. Tap "My Tickets" on the left hand side of your screen and navigate to the specific performance.

Online on your desktop

  1. Go to
  2. Click "My Account" in the top right corner of your screen
  3. Log in
  4. Click "My Tickets" on the left hand side of your screen under "Account Section"
  5. Navigate to your performance and click "View Tickets"
  6. Print tickets

Peace Center Safety and Security Policy

The Peace Center welcomes 360,000 guests annually to exceptional performances and events. The staff works diligently to ensure the best patron experience which includes the safety and security of each individual.

See something, say something.

In accordance with U.S. Department of Homeland Security recommendations, all guests are encouraged to stay aware of their surroundings. If something appears suspicious, be sure to report this activity to a Peace Center staff member or law enforcement professional who is working the event.

Every event on the Peace Center campus is staffed and monitored by law enforcement officers and security personnel.

Video cameras are located throughout the Peace Center campus and are actively monitored.

Please take a moment to review the following Peace Center security policies:

  • The Peace Center prohibits weapons of any kind including, but not limited to, firearms, pocket/utility knives or other cutting instruments. This policy applies to every individual, even those with a concealed weapons permit (CCW). Any off-duty law enforcement officer who is attending an event and carrying a weapon is required to check in with a law enforcement officer on duty at the Peace Center.
  • Peace Center guests may be subject to a bag check and/or electronic screening.  Those refusing an inspection will be denied entry.  Prohibited items discovered during a search must either be disposed of or returned to the patron’s vehicle.
  • Alcohol, weapons, illegal drugs or other items deemed dangerous or inappropriate may be confiscated and/or presented to law enforcement.
  • Diaper bags are permitted only when the patron is accompanied by an infant.
  • Additional security restrictions may apply at the discretion of Peace Center management.

Frequently Asked Questions

Buying Tickets

I’m thinking about buying my tickets from a site that isn’t… Yay or nay?

Nay. Very nay. The Peace Center Box Office, its phone center, and are the only authorized outlets for tickets to events held in our venues. Other ticketing sources usually increase the fees, and in some cases, you may end up with a fake ticket. If you purchase a ticket from a third party, keep in mind it is at your own risk. Buying from us ensures you get your ticket at face value and more importantly, get to see the show you intended to see.

Sidenote: In order to make sure our patrons get the absolute best prices, we do reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone we think is a third-party vendor, scalper, or ticket broker.

Find out more about authorized ticket vendors and how you can avoid them


Am I able to get a refund/exchange my ticket for another show?

Tickets are non-refundable. Please contact the Peace Center Box Office with any questions or concerns.

I ordered online/on the phone, why did I have to pay a fee?

We use service fees to keep our box office up and running. Fees help pay for things like server maintenance, ticket-selling software, and employee labor. We do our best to keep this fee as low as possible.

I don’t want to pay this fee. How can I avoid it?

If you visit us in person at the box office, service fees do not apply for single-ticket shows. However, there is a per-ticket handling fee of $15 for all subscriptions, regardless of where orders are placed.

Is there a limit to how many tickets I can purchase for a given show?

Well, it depends. Each show operates a little differently so per order and per customer, limits may apply. The easiest way to find out about a particular performance is to give us a call at 864.467.3000 and ask one of our Customer Service Reps. They’ll be able to tell you based on the specific show.

What are my options for ticket delivery and how do I get my tickets?

To reduce touchpoints all show tickets will be delivered digitally. Please reference our digital ticketing information here.

Can I purchase tickets for a large group?

Sure! Group minimum sizes vary from show to show, but if you’re interested, call our group ticketing manager at 864.467.3032 or send an email to

Keep in mind, because we want to make sure our patrons get the absolute best prices, we do reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone we think is a third-party vendor, scalper or ticket broker.

Does my young child need a ticket?

All patrons, including the adorable little ones, must have a ticket to enter our theater. But because tiny humans have needs that live entertainment cannot fulfill, and to make sure all of our patrons enjoy our shows, we do strongly recommend that children 5 years or younger do not attend Peace Center performances.

Are Peace Center shows appropriate for kids?

That isn’t our call to make. Some shows do require that we warn patrons about specific content, but those should be only seen as suggestions. It is up to the parent or guardian to determine what’s okay for their kids to see.

If you have a question about content for any of our shows, give us a call at 864.467.3000!

What are your policies on smoking?

Smoking, vaping or the use of tobacco products inside Peace Center buildings is strictly prohibited. The City of Greenville prohibits smoking within 10 feet of a building entry (Sec. 16-167)

Attending a Show

Late Seating

Certain companies request that late-arriving audience members be asked to wait in the lobby until they can be seated during a performance break. For your convenience, the Peace Center simulcasts each performance on lobby monitors and ushers are available for your assistance.

Can my child attend a performance without an adult?

Minors 16 or older are permitted in the Peace Center without an accompanying adult.

I'm attending and outdoor show. What do I need to know?

Please click here for FAQs specific to the outdoor concerts.

Can I snap photos or take video during the show?

Unfortunately, you cannot. We want each and every performance to be an amazing experience for all those involved, including our artists. Recording devices tend to get in the way and are a distraction to people in their seats and on the stage. You can, however, snap photos in our lobby.

Are food and drink allowed inside the theater?

Crumbs tend to attract unwanted guests, and they never have money to pay for tickets. So, to keep free-loading insects out, we don’t allow food or drinks in the theater. The only exception is bottled water. Just make sure the lid is on tight!

Do I have to worry about hecklers and other annoying customer-stereotypes ruining the show?

Anyone who is ruining the fun for everyone else, regardless of how old they are, will be asked to leave. The only case where this won’t happen immediately is during a stand up comedy act. Because let’s admit it, it’s always fun to see a comedian roast a heckler. 

Lost and Found

Please contact the Box Office if you have lost items at the Peace Center. If you find an item, please hand it to an usher or take it to the Box Office. 

I've heard the Peace Center is a Zero Waste Facility. What does that mean?

Essentially, it means that the waste from all of our facilities is either recycled or sent to a gasification site, which converts it into energy. We are even believed to be the first zero-waste-to-landfill performing arts facility!