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Wed, Oct 28, 2020
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Giving & Support 

For nearly three decades, the Peace Center has been a special gathering place to enjoy fabulous shared experiences filled with laughter, some tears, and often sheer joy.  

Throughout it all, individuals and businesses like you have supported this not-for-profit institution for the excitement it adds to your life and vibrancy it adds to your community.

During the current Coronavirus pandemic, the Peace Center is silent for our community’s health. 

Your gift today will enable the Peace Center to plan with confidence and be well-positioned to help jump-start Greenville’s economy once this intermission ends.

Please give now or call your Development team to discuss the impact you would like to make. Together, we will bring the excitement back to downtown Greenville.

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Peace Center Development

Margaret Lawson Meadows
Vice President of External Relations
[email protected]

Kelly Byers
Director of Individual Giving
[email protected]

Suzanne Foody
Corporate Relationships Manager
[email protected]

Lindsey Whitfield
Donor Concierge, Backstage Players and Chairman’s Circle donors
[email protected]

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