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Tue, Dec 18, 2018
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Buy First. Sit Closer. See More.

There’s a very special group of people that help keep the Peace Center’s doors open and our stage curtains up. These people are patrons who firmly believe Greenville is better because of what our venue brings to the table. Each year, they give generous gifts to the Peace Center, ensuring that we keep booking bigger and better acts for our stages.

Ready to give a gift and become a Peacekeeper? Your donation is tax-deductible! Call our Box Office at 864.467.3000, or click the “Donate Now” link below.


Peacekeeper Perks

Peacekeepers get early access to tickets for select shows, and as our way of saying thank you for your gift, each donation level has its own unique benefits.



  • Ticket access on pre-sale day #4
  • Access to Box Office Donor Hotline

$250 (all of the above, plus)

  • Ticket access on pre-sale day #3
  • Invitation to Broadway Series Preview Party
  • Access to premium seats for Broadway subscriptions

$500 (all of the above, plus)

  • Ticket access on pre-sale day #2
  • Listing on the Peace Center website
  • Customized payment plans

Backstage Players

$1,000 (all of the above, plus)

  • Ticket access on pre-sale day #1
  • Invitation to special Backstage Players events throughout the year
  • VIP Donor Concierge Service

$1,500 (all of the above, plus)

  • First access to purchase upper box seats
  • Quarterly listing in Peace Center program
  • Private backstage tours upon request
  • Invitation to observe master classes featuring visiting artists

$2,500 (all of the above, plus)

  • First access to purchase lower box seats
  • Private behind-the-scenes tour of Broadway show upon request
  • Invitation to observe a Peace Voices workshop

$5,000 (all of the above, plus)

  • First access to exclusive Peace Songwrights concerts
  • First access to purchase premium front orchestra and pit seating
  • Four complimentary tickets to one cultural presentation annually

Chairman's Circle

$10,000 (all of the above, plus)

  • Invitation to be the Peace Center President's guest for dinner and a performance
  • Recognition on Chairman's Circle signage in the Peace Concert Hall lobby
  • 25% discount on Huguenot Loft for a private event
  • Invitation to the Chairman's Circle Dinner

$15,000 (all of the above, plus)

  • Sponsor recognition for one night Peace Center presentation with customized benefits
  • Complimentary box for one cultural performance annually

$25,000 (all of the above, plus)

  • Sponsor recognition for one-week Broadway presentation with customized benefits OR sponsor recognition for a Peace Outreach Program or series
  • Complimentary use of Huguenot Loft for a private event

Meet the Peackeepers

Behind every great donation, there’s an equally great patron. Below is a list of all the amazing people that we’re proud to call Peacekeepers. The generosity of Peacekeepers funds much of the operation and ambitious mission of the Peace Center—world-class performances, education and enrichment, and a superb home for Greenville’s own performing arts companies.

Chairman's Circle


Emmet and Barry Martin
Rob and Mary Morris


Lillian Darby
Robert and Sandy deLapp
George and Cindy Harris
Rick and Letha Phillips
Shirley Roe and Jerry Tuck


Tom and Brenda Boone
Ann P. Bryan
M. Jill Cox
Joe and Gretchen Erwin
Tracy and Charles Hardaway
Topper and Debbie Hartness
Lynn and Flavia Harton
Bob and Betty Jenkins
Joe and Ann Jennings
Steve and Susan Lambert
Peter and Lisa Larocque
Randall and Christina Maddox
Erwin and Nancy Maddrey
Mrs. Genevieve Manly
Tom and Susan O'Hanlan
In Memory Of Bony Hampton and Dorothy P. Peace
Bill and Laura Pelham
John and Joan Poole
Ted and Karen Ramsaur
Edward and Stella Stall
Ellen and Rick Stanley
Peace Sullivan
Rick and Pat Timmons

Backstage Players


Anonymous (2)
Jim and Karen Akerhielm
Jean Aldridge
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Allin
Richard and Johanna Baker
Paula and Stanley Bikulege
Dennis and Phyllis Braddock
Carmen and Larry Brotherton
Craig and Vicki Brown
Cleve and Cheryl Christophe
Terry and Susie Conner
William and Marion Crawford
Annette B. Culbertson
Bob DiBella and Carol Savage
Paul and Patrica Gaeto
Dr. and Mrs. Jeff Giguere
Sharon and Richard Griffin
Dexter and Marcy Hagy
Fran Hanson
Jefferson Harralson
Heather and Glenn Hilliard
Mr. Edward F. Hipp and Mrs. Betsy McMillan-Hipp
Bruce Holstien
Dr. and Mrs. John M. Humeniuk
Edwin McCain
Marcus McCall
Bob Morris and Lesley Pregenzer
Rick and Nancy Pennell
Joseph and Diane Petrick
Jack and Cindy Plating
The Priester Foundation
Brooks and Lenna Quinn
Dr. Laurie Roley
Dr. and Mrs. Steven Samoya
Deborah Southern
Mrs. Elizabeth P. Stall
Yvonne Stephenson
George and M.G. Tyda
John and Janne Vann
Christopher and Michelle VanPelt
Pam and Charlie Walters
Bev and James Whitten
Kathryn Williams and Tom Ervin
Carolyn Munro Wilson
Dennis and Judie Winkleman


E. H. Agnew
Karen Albert and Shawn Kelley
Michael and Robin Aleksinas
Bill and Ruth Allee
Tom and Dawn Anderson
Michael and Vickie Balchunas
Richard and Karen Bates
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Baumgarten
John H. and Sherry Bearden
Ted T. Bell and Vickie Charles
Roger and Patricia Benjamin
James M. Bergen and Dianne L. Arbour
William and Sheri Biggs
Dr. and Mrs. Matthew Bitner
Jon and Christina Bittrick
Susan Blackwell
Neal and Margie Bonavia
Fred and Maxine Botti
Robby Brady
Steve and Scottie Lu Brandt
Jo Ann Bristow
Christopher and Leesa Brotherton
William and Karen Brown
Thomas and Cindy Brown
John and Sherry Brunett
Ms. Andrea Bryan
Len and Ginny Byrne
Robin and Andy Carroll
John A. and Jane F. Carson
Dr. Connie Colon-Jones
Rick Cunningham
Gordon and Kathy Dannelly
Drs. Elizabeth and Charles Davis
Earnest W. Deavenport
Camille Debloom
Jerry Dempsey
Bobby and Beth Dobson
Susan and Bruce Dodds
Rhett and Monica Dodge
Anne Dout
Sean Dribben
Stephen Edgerton
Howard and Angi Einstein
Sheryl and Mark Escude
Mike and Debby Felix
Maria Feria
Tom and Eva-Marie Fox
Dr. Elizabeth Foxworth
Steve and Tammie Francis
Ann D. Funderburk
Clark and Katie Gallivan
John and Kathy Gilbertson
Neil and Joy Grayson
Rich Hagins and Yukichi Latta
Johnny and Priscilla Hagins, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Hartness
Mr. and Mrs. Pat Hartness
Mr. Sean P. Hartness and Dr. Courtney Tollison Hartness
Thomas and Cheryl Hatcher
Eastside Pediatric Dentistry / Glenn Head, DMD
Ryan and Fran Hendley
Joan Herlong & Associates | Sotheby's International Realty, Inc.
Doug Homoky
Robin and Elaine Howe
Katie and Rob Howell
Roger and Michele Huddleston
Kevin and Robbie Hughes
Bob and Bunny Hughes
Bernt and Bonnie Iversen
William and Joy Ivester
Marta Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Johnston
Jay and Pamela Kaplan
Paige and Willing King
John and Kim Kopchinski
Sandra W. Lamberson
Melinda Lehman and Terry Iwaskiw
Tommy and Rebecca Lever
Suzie Luhn and Eric Kuhn
Grant and Brenda Mattison
Timothy and Sarah McHenry
Charles and Rachelle Mickel
Dr. and Mrs. James C. Mills, III
Nancy Minor
Immedion, LLC
Ray and Kathy Monahan
Jay Motley
Rick and Debra Nash
Thomas Nederostek
Paula Noble
Dr. Chris and Mrs. Sheay Noel
Ben and Kathryn Norwood
Brian and Sarah O'Dell
Dr. Ikenna Onyebueke
Steve and Linda Owings
Cobb and Denise Oxford
Alan and Deborah Peabody
M. Pearce
Mr. Robert Pew and Mrs. Susan Taylor
Larry and Hazel Pirnak
Mrs. Betty S. Poe
Alan and Ellen Posta Jr.
Chris and Jeannine Prattini
C. Niles Ray
Samuel Riddle
Megan Riegel
Sal Russo and Lisa Schadt
Jerry and TJ Saad
Nick and Laura Sardone
Fred and Diana Setzer
Maureen Shallcross
Minor and Hal Shaw
Brett and Lisa Shelley
Michael and Elizabeth Shuler
Jeff and Wendy Siggins
Jan and Michael Smith
Trevor and Brooks Smith
Graham and Greta Somerville
Carson and Gale Sprow
Roger and Cher Stamey
Nancy B. Stanton
Joy B. Steverson
JET Commerical, LLC
Dr. and Mrs. Leighton D. Teague, Jr.
Drs. Robert and Krista Timmerman
Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Timmons, Jr.
Nat and Ellen Turner
Dennis and Jacquelyn Vick
Dan and Jill Wagner
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J Warday
Robert and Elaine Waring
Mrs. Russell W. Warren
Jonathan and JoDee Watkins
Rick Webel and Becky Barnes
Dr. and Mrs. Randall D. Wilhoit
Dr. and Mrs. Bart D. Williams III
Col. and Mrs. Robert F. Williams, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Hal Willson
Kathy Wilson
Trudy Wofford and Cathy Condry
Jerry and Sharon Youkey


Anonymous (5)
John and Julia Adamson
Clyde and Nina Allen
Anthony Law Firm
Shaun and Nancy Arness
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew & Mary Beth Atherton
Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Aughtry III
Everette and Rita Babb
D. Rodney and Christina Back
Terry and Kathy Ballard
Andrew and Kimberly Balogh
Dr. Janis Bandelin and Mr. Bill Fitzpatrick
Joe and Celeste Beaudoin
George and Betti Bell
James M. Belvin Jr.
Dave Benham
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Bishop
John Bissell and Jane Chambers
Mr. David Bockstahler
Beverly Bresette
Lance and Laura Bridgeman
Mark Brody
Dr. Mary Ellen Brooks
Doug and Adriana Bushey
Dr. Tait Carpenter
Mrs. Carol Carson
Jerry and Karen Carter
Jerry and Cathy Chang
Toni Christiansen
Scott and Pam Christopher
James and Cynthia Clanton
W. C. Clinkscales, III
Judy Coe
Rick and Lisa Conn
Janet Conviser
Michael and Amy Cooter
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Cunningham
Stephen and Laura Davenport
Stephen and Lauren Demosthenes
Forrest and Tina Dillard
Henry and Connie DuPre
Mr. and Mrs. Bern DuPree
W. Jeffrey and Andrea Edenfield
Dan and Liz Einstein
Frances Ellison
Jeff and Linda Faust
Mike and Lisa Ferney
Mark Fessler
Mark Fischman
Mr. and Mrs. Beach Foster
Gale C. Galloway and Alex C. Galloway
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Gentry
Rick and Sherry Anne Gettys
Mr. Randy Jones and Mrs. Angela Giles
Dr. and Mrs. Steven J. Gold
Charles Gouch
Mr. and Mrs. T. Michael Greer
Charles M. Edmondson and Laura Greyson
Dale and Terrie Groce
Lance and Margaret Hafer
Brad and Sharon Halter
Richard and Terri Harp
Carroll and Jimsie Hart
John Hart
Judy P. Harte
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Hartzog
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Hawkins
Tom and Mary Sue Helfrich
Jennifer Hershberger
Jackie D. Highley
Dawn Hill
Barry and Joy Hird
Dean and Ruth Holder
Dr. and Mrs. Bradley Howard
Robert and Jo Ann Hribernik
Suzanne Hudson
Jackson and Velda Hughes
Phillip and Lauren Hughes
John Hunter
Ann and Bob Irelan
Galina Ivanov
David and Phyllis Jackson
Jack and Bobbie Jamison
Steve and Deena Johnson
Jim and Barbara Johnson
Lora and Chris Johnstone
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Joyner
Libby and Bill Kehl
John and Chelle Kelaher
Pam and Bill Kendig
Zachary M. Kilpatrick Jr., M.D.
Barbara Kizer
Thomas and Nona Krena
Ms. LuAnn Loeber
Allen and Ashley Lomax
Michael Lopez
Chris and Vivian Loveless
March and Kristin Maguire
Dr. Tim and Mrs. Alane Malinowski
William M. and Susan Malloy, Jr.
Ronald and Tammy Malone
Edward and Karen Martin
Dr. Dennis and Dean Mayer
Gabriel McAlister
Gene and Lucy McCall
Mrs. Estelle McClary
Ann McFadden
Mike and Fran McGuigan
Steve and Judy McNeely
Rear Admiral and Mrs. John Messerschmidt, USN (Ret)
Mr. Treadway Mink
John Moore and Ginny Wylie
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Moore
Moore/Corpora Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Robert R. Morgan, Jr.
Mark and Courtenay Nantz
Rick and Debra Nash
Barry and Karen Nield
Edgar and Stephanie Norris
Ben and Joy O'Hanlan
Kim Oliver
Dr. Derek Watson and Megan S. O'Neill
Dr. and Mrs. Mark O'Rourke
Robert and Charlotte Otto
Julie Park
Keith and Judy Parker
Anne V. Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Bony Hampton Peace III
Elizabeth Pearce
David Pereira
Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas and Lauren Perkins
Chris and Rosalyn Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Dirk Pieper
India Pinkney
Timothy and Susan Reed
Julian and Brooke Reed
Marilyn and Don Reichert
Trip and Suzanne Renfro
Sandra L. Reynolds
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Rigsby
The Honorable Richard W. Riley
Susan and Mike Riordan
William Rivers
Jim and Nicole Rogers
Walter Hughes and Patsy Sadler
Johnny and Jonnie Sarvis
Dr. and Mrs. Scott Sasser
James and Janet Scardo
Mo and Harry Schaffhauser
Bart and Stephanie Schmidt
John and Carol Schwager
Daniel and Alice Seaman
Patricia K. Shelley
Dr. John and Lauren Siddens
Bob and Shelli Siegel
Wayne and Lora Sigler
Grant Sims
Rion and Lolly Smith
Kent E. Smith
Roger and Joyce Soderdahl
Jo Sousa
Doug and April Stambaugh
Blair and Arlene Stanicek
Mr. and Mrs. Carl M. Stecker
Dr. and Mrs. Erik Steiniger
Chris and Sandra Stone
Thomas Stultz
Bill and Martha Beth Sturgis
Judson L. Suber
Donna and Joe Sullivan
John and Laura Supra
Ed and Sydney Taylor
Sandi Teel
Arch and Sara Thomason
LeAnne Thurmond and Ed Holcombe
Neill Timmons
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Travers
Mike and Dana Van Gieson
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Van Romer
Les and Shannon Vann
John and Meredith Vry
Benny and Nancy Walker
LeeAnn Weber
Erik Weir
Mrs. Jennifer Whittle
Mr. Stephen Wickliffe
Mr. and Mrs. David and Joy Wiggins
Dick Wilkerson
Dianne Dill Williams
Mrs. Lorena Williams
Bill and Connie Williamson
Anne Woods
Jamie and Dawn Zellner
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Zurenko


Anonymous (5)
Linda N. Albright
Dr. and Mrs. Jim Alexander
Anthony Law Firm
Thomas and Genevieve Arnold
Julie and John Arrowood
Keith Ashworth
John Bach
Cheryl Bailey
Mr. and Mrs. Scott C. Barker
Lila M. Barr
Paul and Ann Batson
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Bauer
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence B. Bauknight
Brice and Jill Bay
Karen Baynes
Chris and Heath Beard
Mike and Debbie Bell
Jennifer Belshe
Roger and Patricia Benjamin
Kristin Bennett
Kristie Bland
Olin and Georgia Blanton
Harry and Stella Bobotis
Luther and Sally Boliek
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Boling
Bill and Sandra Boone
Brian Boughner
David A. Bowers
Larry Brandt
Marion Brannon
Ruth Breazeale
June Bridwell
Linda and Allen Brown
Garry and Melissa Brown
Duff and Margaret Bruce
Taylor Bruce
Carla and Bland Burkhardt
Bruce and Jan Butler
Michael and Sarah Byars
Kelly Byers and Tom Wagner
Ann and Matt Bynum
Linda A. Caillet
James Callicutt, Jr.
Mrs. Jill Cameron
Ray and Joanne Carothers
Sandy and Andy Carr
Mr.  James Charbonneau
Mrs. Ansley Cheatham
Douglas and Sheila Cheek
Mike and Ann Chengrian
Vincent Cialdella
Brian Clark
Henry Clinkscales
David E. Coates
Mr. Page Collie
Gary and Lee Comprini
Betsy Cooksey
Andrea and Edwin Cooper
Alan and Roxanne Cordonier
Cokey and Lee Cory
Brent Coyle
William and Linda Cromer
Howard and Kay Daniel
William and Beth Anne Darnall
Pauline Davis
Lynn Davis
Mr. Mike Davis
Sunnie Harmon
Luke and Jaqueline DiMaggio
Marvin and Joan Dixon
Lynne and Gary Donehoo
Mr. D. Douglas Dorman
James Dunaway
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Duncan
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan A. Einstein
Alex Estevez
Jane Evans
Elaine Lang and Michael Ferguson
Elizabeth Flanagan
Mark and Sallie Flavin
Ronald and Martha Franklin
Drs. L. Allen and Kathryn Freedman
Leigh Ann Frick
Bill and Beth Fuller
Ann D. Funderburk
Victor and Mary Galef
Kevin Geagan
Cedric and Katharine Gibb
Doc and Robin Giddings
Clark and Rikke Gillespy
Lillian Glenn
Raoul and Susan Glenn
Ed and Peggy Good
Pamela Gordon
Michael and Ruth Gorman
Amy J. Grace - Homestar Financial Corporation
Dr. Lochrane Grant
Sonny and Jean Graves
Doug and Lynn Greenlaw
Mr. Jack Griffeth
Mark and Sue Groce
Tywana Groce
Mr. John Guffey
Maggie Halley
Mimi Hallman
Victoria Hammond
Richard and Barbara Hammons
Lyle and Ellen Hampshire
Dr. Falls L. Harris
CoCo Harris and George Shields
Randy and Beth Harrison
Edward and Leigh Heidtman
Mark and Danielle Herro
Hayne and Anna Kate Hipp
Mary Hipp
Tee and Sherry Hooper
David and Ginny Hoppenworth
Mr. Murray Howard
Bill Howell
Dr. Mark Wolken and Ms. Jennifer Huber
Greg and Leslie Ingram
Paul Jackson
William Johnson
Harold Johnson
Mr. Rick Johnson
Allen Johnston
Mr. Keith Jones
Midge Jones
Mike and Margaret Josephson
Tina Jury
Kris and Kathy Kapoor
Dr. and Mrs. J. Don Kelley
Mr. and Mrs. William Kilbourne
Boyd and Barrie King
John King
Gray Kitchens
Debbie and Todd Kleman
Suzanne Kovacs and Mitchell Jolley
Stephen and Virginia Kovalcik
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kozlarek
Sherry Kratzer
Steven and Linda Krause
Stephen Lanford
Mary LaVigne
Jay and Mindy Levy
Mary Jo Lewis
Lura Lewis
Tammy Lister
Charles and Janie Little
Courtney Lominack
Jan and Linda Lucas
Mr. and Mrs. John Lusby
Dr. Gregory and Lynda Malcolm
Dr. and Mrs. T. C. Mann, Jr.
Drs. Neal and Ann Marrano
Hollie Marsh
Dr. and Mrs. Pat Marshall
Sandy and Bill Martin
Ann and Richard Marzec
George and Crissy Maynard
Steve McClure
Ronald and Julie McCreight
Mike and Debbie McDonough
John and Cathie McFadden
Chuck and Jiffy McKeown
Scott and Doris McLallen
Mr. and Mrs. Bern Mcpheely
Rex and Wanda Meade
Leovick Medina
Carmen Mezzacappa
Ms. Sandra Mickens
Dianthius Miles
Matthew and Debra Miller
Jon and Blair Miller
Ted and Karen Moon
Charlie and Debbie Moseley
Bob Muller
Mr. Clay Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Muse
John and Linda Neely
Linda Nicholson
Kathy Noonan
Donald and Carol Nordin
Mrs. Xanthene Norris
Garrett Norris
Drew and Dorianne Norwood
Ms. Bonnie Parker
Henry and Lil Parr
Leon and Barbara Patterson
Dr. Ann Marie Patterson
Steve and Janis Patton
Bob Paul
Jo Lynne Pearce
Mr. and Mrs. Tracy Pellett
David Penrod
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Perrigin
Dr. and Mrs. William J. Pierce
Matt and Joan Pike
Jane and Don Pilzer
Joseph F. Pirola, Jr.
Julie Poteet
Pete and Sally Potosky
William Price
Mr. and Mrs. James Price
Marvin and Biff Quattlebaum
Dr. Michael and Mrs. Christine Quinn
Mr. Thomas Quinn and Ms. Joy Bennett
Rama Family
Jeff and Cheryl Reed
Tim and Donna Rhyne
Gary and Fran Richardson
Flora and Ernest Riley
Felicia Collins Robbins
Linda M. Robertson
Ray and Liz Rochester
Davis and Jackie Roeske
Ann and Porter Rose
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rote
Jean Runnels
Kent and Linda Satterfield
Melanie Scarborough
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Schiff
Jeffrey Schmersal
Pam Scurry
Patricia K. Shelley
George and Angela Shiflet
Amanda Shrum
Hank and Karen Sitton
Chip and Wendy Smith
Michelle Smith
Greg Smith
Brad Wyche and Diane Smock
Tony Stapleton
Carl Sobocinski
Russell H. and Susan Stall
Carolyn and Vonnie Stanton
Chuck, Jan, and Andy Staples
Sarah Steele
Rick Stetzer
Michael and Debbie Strickland
Prudence Taylor
Nancy D. Taylor
Mike and Cynthia Tedeschi
Ryan and Emma Thackray
John Thompson
Bonnie Thorpe
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Tiddy
Mr. and Mrs. Grover E. Todd
Scott Turner and Steve Price
Julie and Ross Turner
David Vaughn
Mrs. Elizabeth Vayo
Paul and Kitty Vidovich
Lynda Wallace
Gillaine and Charles Warne
Susan Weathers
Gage and Cary Weekes
Robert Wells
Philip and Melanie Wessinger
Larry and Kate Weston
Lance and Lawson Wetli
Charles and Kathy Whitmire
David and Susan Wilkins
Steve and Sharon Wilson
Dr. and Mrs. Robert D. Wood
Jonathan and Stephanie Wright
Linda Wyatt
Mike and Ellis Yost
Berry and Richard Zander



Anonymous (2)
Bob Abbott
Rudy Ables, State Farm Insurance
Daniel Adair
Barry and Martie Agee
Richard Alexander
Claudia Allen
Kristine Braswell-Amin
Jennifer Anderson
Bob and Ruth Andreasen
Susan and Steve Anstett
Sara Arnold
Bob Arotsky and Caroline Barnett
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson B. Arrington, Jr.
Chris and Sheryl Arthurs
Glenn and Pam Ashley
Philip Astwood
Ann Atkinson
Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Aud
Ron and Norrene Ayers
Jean Badalamenti
Mrs. Logan Bagley
Brion and Deb Bahnmuller
John and Martha Bainbridge
Anastasia Bakaes
Judy Baker
Tom and Karen Barton
Marie R. Bauer
David and Amy Baxter
Mrs. Katherine Bayne
Jacqueline Bechek
Bradley Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Betette
Wes Bigler
Stephanie Billioux
Sawsan Bitar
Jack and Marilyn Bixler
Bill Blackwood
Joe and Claire Blake
Bennie M. Blalock
Susan Boeker
Mickey Boles
Tammie Bolin
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Boling
Mrs. Jill Bondura
Jean Borden
Aubrey D. Bougher
Niles and Annette Brancati
Anthony and Gail Branham
Charles Breuer
John and Rebecca Bridges
Dr. and Mrs. Lance Briggs
Shon Brink
James and Elyse Britenburg
Cindy and Joe Brothers
Josh and Alexis Brown
Hal and Stephanie Brown
Lynda Brown
James and Leslie Brown
Jennifer Browning
Ken and Jan Bruning
Morris M. Bryan
Dr. Kyle Bryans
Mark and Katherina Buff
David and Pattie Burke
Robert Burnett
Dennis Burt
Chalmers M. and Mary L. Butler
Dan and Kristi Byers
William and Jody Caldwell
Dr. James Cameron
Greenville County Youth Orchestra Association Inc.
Holly and Jim Caprell
Alan Carithers
Michael Carnes
Kathleen Carroll
Danny and Bonita Cash
Phyllis Cashion
Cynthia Cason
Dom and Deb Castor
Carl Caudle
Emily Champion
Harold Chapman
Nadine Chasteen
Jim and Toni Childers
Mr. and Mrs. Ox Ciplickas
B. Allen Clardy, Jr.
Beverly Clark
Pat and Andy Clark
Peggy Clinkscales
Gordon and Melanie Cochrane
Merl and Denise Code
Bruce and Cindy Cohn
Jim and Becky Coley
Ellen Collins
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Collins
William and Laura Colyer
Ann Cone
Steven and Becky Connelly
Sally Cook
Brenda Cooper
Penny K. Cooper
Ronald Cope
Janet B. Craig
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Crider
Edward Crittendon
Jane Powell Crowder
Jaime Cruz
Eric and Lynette Cummings
Patricia Currie
Harry Curtis
Rich and Joy Cutter
Thomas Dankovich
James Dant
George Davenport
Denby and Lee Davenport
Pamela Davis
John W. Dean
Belinda DeBelli
Annemarie Forte DeFronzo
Donna Dekay
Mr. and Mrs. Bob DeVito
Herbert Dew
Pamela Dhillon
Kathryn Dial
Dr. and Mrs. James W. Dickert, Sr.
Marvin and Joan Dixon
Dr. Lauren Doar
Scott and Meredith Dobson
Pamela Dobson
Robert Doherty
Lonny Dolin and Philip Engleson
Dr. and Mrs. Wells B. Doty
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Todd Dover
Scott and Brenda Drake
Katherine Dukes
Allison Dunham
Ms. Laura Dunlap
Ms. Barbie D. Dunlap
Billy and Becky Dunn
Leon and Mary Duran
John and Judith Eastham
Richard and Jill Eaton
Perry Edwards
Johnny and Kathy Edwards
Mary Ann Edwards
Kacey and Gary Eichelberger
Steve and Brenda Ellison
Kevin Elward
Eric Englebardt and Beth Burris
Patricia Engstrom
Rick Erwin's West End Grille
Jill Evans
Daphanie Evans
Michael and Barbara Evert
Richard and Madeline Faner
Eric and Laura Farnsworth
John and Karen Faulkner
Mrs. Lynn Faust
Michael and Lisa Fawcett
Jerry Fay
Wally and Katie Fayssoux
Jerry and Natalina Ferlauto
Ronald Ferrill
Robert Fink
Jordan Finn
Linda Fitzhugh
George and Sarah Fletcher
Anne Fletcher
Donna Foltz
Dan Ford
Mrs. Mignon Fowler
Jim and Alechia Francis
Melissa and Eddie Franklin
Dr. and Mrs. Jack L. Frasher, Jr.
Charles and Sandy Frederick
Dr. and Mrs. Ned Freeman
Denise Frick
Roger and Karen Fuller
William Gaffney, Jr.
Michael and Kim Gainey
Nathan and Mary Beth Galbreath
Charles Gallagher
Jeffrey and Ruth Gardner
Ken and Myra Garrett
Leah Garrett
Jennifer Garriga
Angela Geiger
Phillip and Suzanne Gerard
Mike and Lynn Gibbs
Jim and Nancy Gil
Jeffrey Gilliland
Mary Gilstrap
Nello and Susan Gioia
Paul and Nancy Goldsmith
Kurt and Elizabeth Goodwin
Mark and Terry Gordon
Pat Gosnell
Frank and Bonnie Gossett
James G. Gray
Katie Gray
Mrs. Sylvia Greenwood
Richard and Jean Greer
Kimberly Grimm
Greg and Lesa Grindstaff
Charles and Paula Gucker
Dennis Gunter
Mr. and Mrs. David Guthrie, Jr.
Bradley and Michelle Hager
Al and Helen Hagood
Shannon Hait
Suanne Hall
Sherrill and Tom Hall
Claire Hamanaka
Donald and Judi Hamilton
Deborah Hamilton
Mark Hammond
Rebecca B. Hamor
Mark and Jonna Hamrick
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hardaway
Craig Harmon
Christina Harrell
Pete and Myrna Harris
Mark and Susin Hartman
David Hartman
Mrs. Eleanor Haton
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Haynes
Dennis Hays
Thomas and Rosemary Healy
Aimee Heard
Catherine Hearn
Mr. and Mrs. Kelly and Jenny Heegard
Richard Heidelberger
Robert and Susan Heiferman
Peter and Jean Helwing
Jackie Herr
Richard and Annetta Hewitt
Ms. Kathy Duncan
Jerry Hightower
Barbara J. Hill
Dr. Vicente Hill
Constance Hillman
Harold Hillman
Elaine Hitch
Philip and Adelia Hodge
Neil and Barbara Hoffman
Missy Hoffman
Judy Holcomb
Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Holder, Jr.
Craig and Eileen Homan
Jim and Linda Hopkins
Dr. and Mrs. William Horton
David and June Horton
Mrs. Thomas Edward House
Shaler Houser
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Houser
Bob and Bev Howard
Robert and Sharon Howell
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Howes
Howard and Norma Hrbek
Joey and Peggy Hudson
John Humphries
James Hunt
Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Hyatt
Charlotte Ihme
Mr. and Mrs. Herman E. Jackson
Paul James
Chris James
Ennis and Dru James
Steve and Jan Jarrell
Edwin Chaplin
David Jenkins
Jake and Cynthia Jennings
Kyle and Tonia Jeray
David and Jan Johnson
Todd Johnson
Jerrilyn Johnson
Carson and Andrea Johnson
Roy and Lynne Jones
Donna Jones
Thomas Joy
Sally Juhasz
Donny and Toni Justus
Monica Kaffenbarger
Kim and David Karr
Mr. Nathan Kaser
Aaron Katz and Beth Del Savio
Lynn Kay
Phyllis C. Keeney
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Keiser
Tim and Melissa Kelly
Bates Kennedy
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kenyon
Donald and Patricia Kilburg
Jack King
Dick W. King
Jan Kinley
Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Kirkland
Vaneta and Paul Kirsch
Butch and Diane Kirven
Stevie Klein
Mr. Marc Komisarow
Dr. Paul D. Kountz Jr.
Paul Krieger
John Lady
Brian and Barb Laffler
Karen Lafleur-Stewart
Rick Lankford
Dr. and Mrs. Jerry K. Larson
Melissa and Richard Lassor
Dr. and Mrs. John Thomas Latham, Jr.
Mrs. Lisa Lawrence
Brenda Leach
Kathleen Leaumont
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Leavengood, Jr.
Kenneth and Mary Ellen Leconte
Valerie Lee
Ms. Martha Lee and Ms. Lisa Strickland
Mrs. Shelva Leep
Barbara and Jeffery Leimsieder
Ms. Mary Lou Lelii Bryant
Dianne Leonard
Stephanie Lewis
Martha Louise Ramage Lewis LLC
Walt and Becky Ligon
Heather Lollis
Dr. and Mrs. Edward K. Lominack, Jr.
Aimee Lonergan
Don and DeAnn Louis
Kim Love
Joseph and Laura Lowery
David and Leslie Luke
Mr. and Mrs. Barry J. Lynch
Gina Lysek
Aaron and Keremy MacDonald
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Mannino
George and Shelley Manos
Tom and Leighann Markalunas
Drs. Neal and Ann Marrano
Sue Marsh
Amy and Edwin Martin
ProSource Supply
Brad and Gwendolyn Martin
David Martin
Karen Mascaro
Mrs. Andrea Mason
Fleming and Garland Mattox
Karen Maud
Vanessa A. Mazzoli
Mrs. Evon McAngus
John and Jill McBurney
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McCarver
Jeff and Brenda McCleerey
Robert McCurdy
David and Laura McCutchen
Jane A. McCutcheon
Hiram McDade
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin McDaniels
James McGee
Brenda B. McGowan
Ms. Becky McKinney
Dr. Elizabeth McKinney
Janice McNeal
Jerry McTier and Joyce Patterson
Kerry and Amy McTigue
Mrs. Margaret Meara-Clancy
Brian and Susanna Merriman
Mike Meszaros
Dwight Miller
Dr. Debra Miller-Cox
Melissa Mills
Floyd Mills, III
Charles and Debbie Milteer
John and Ellie Mioduski
Lorette Mitchem
Dr. J. Robert and Amy Monroe
Dr. Regina Monroe
Steve Monteith
Mrs. Jill Moody
Ted and Karen Moon
Dr. and Mrs. J. Lee Moore
Robert and Cindy Moore
Malcolm Morgan
Ed Morgan
Doc and Julia Morgan
Debra Morse
Gregg and Cathy Morton
Ms. Annemarie Murphy
Fran Nelson
Christopher Nicholas
Thomas Norris
Mr. and Mrs. Darryn Norton
Mr. Jonathan Norwood
Ronald Oglietti
Mr. and Mrs. Freeman R. O'Neal, Jr.
Brian O'Rourke- Office for Development Clemson University
Charlotte Osmer
Mr. Jeff Outten
James Owens
Scott Oxner
Mr. Michael Pack
Beth Padgett
Dr. and Mrs. David Palma
Jordan Parker
John F. Parrott and Rev. Sally Parrott
Jerry and Donna Pasquarella
Tom and Laurie Patrick
Steve and Priscilla Pearce
David Penrod
Brenda Perfect
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Persak
Harry and Sharon Pettigrew
Renee Phillips
Craig and Kay Phillips
Dr. and Mrs. Michael S. Phillips
Donna Phipps
Liz and Don Piccoli
Gene and Carol Pinson
David Plowden
Robert Poole
Ashley Powell
Todd and Susan Price
Mrs. Carmen Pullian
William Putnam
Donna Qualls
Amy Quinn
Will and Nancy Quinn
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Rafert
KW Ray
Carl Ray
Vicky and Tom Reardon
Ruth Reed
Daphne Reese
Carey Reichardt
Rhoda Woods Reyner
Calvin Reynolds
Mrs. Nancy Reynolds
Carol Rhodes
Powdersville Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Melanie Richards
Michael and Jamie Rickoff
Lee Riddle
Irving Stahl and Pamela Rider
Julie Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Rochester
Matthew and Pam Roeser
Ken and Donna Rogers
Jim and Donna Rogers
Jason Rogers
Mike and Frances Rohde
Cathy Ronald
Peter Rosal
Katherine Runion
Cindy Runnette
Eldon and Linda Russ
Drucilla Russell
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Ryan, Jr.
Peter and Susan Salis
Dr. and Mrs. Neyef Samhat
John R. and Barbara Sanders
Robert Saul
Lindsay Saunders
Dr. Belinda Sauret
Janice Sayatovic
Richard and Linda Schaefer
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Schaefer
Stephen W. Schnee
Dr. Cheryl Schosky
David Schutzman and Carole Weinstock
Jon Schwartz
Mr. Richard Schweitzer
Sean and Meg Scoopmire
Thomas Scotidas
John Scott
Kelley and Tina Seawright
Mr. and Mrs. William Seely
David and Victoria Segarra
Deborah Sexton
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Sharkey
Mr. Wade Shealy
Doug and Susan Sheeks
John and Anne Shelley
Mr. Andy Shelton
Richard and Laura Shick
Ford Shippey
Matt and Betsy Shouse
Charles and Carol Shuler
Rebecca Sigmund
Mr. G.D. Sims
Roger and Virgina Sims
Nancy Smith
Lindsay and Julie Smith
Mickey and Laurie Smith
Ms. Betty Rose Smith
Ken  and Layne Smith
Caren Smith
Jim and Cindy Sobeck
Mark and Alice Sobray
Kelly Solesbee
Tony and Dianne Sosnowski
Ms. Christine Spiak
Kyle and Alice Spitzer
Dee Steely
Carol and Rick Steif
Kenneth Stenstrom
Carol Stephan
Greg Stephan
John Sterling
Charles K. Stewart
Jim and Kathy Stewart
Sam and Robin Stilwell
Mark and Janet Stofega
Robert and Susan Straup
Ms. Llyn Strong and Mr. Brad Pine
Tina Sudlow
Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Suggs, Jr.
Mr. George Summer
Roy and Sue Swan
Sharon and Phil Swede
Sidney and Linda Tate
Edgar and Loren Taylor
Les Teague
Raymond and Arlene Teaster
Ruth Tennyson
Walter Terlitsky
Arlis Ternes
Jim and Sandy Terry
Michael and Linda Thigpen
Brian Thomas
Dr. and Mrs. Gill Thomas
Mark Thompson
Howard L. Thompson
Willis and Cynthia Tisdale
Drs. Merritt and Stefan Tolan
John and Marcela Tomlin
Allen and Jean Toole
Tom and Beth Traxler
John and Kelli Tripoli
Linda Tschappat
Michelle Tucker
Leslie Tucker
Mrs. Kristin Turney
Carrie Twedt
Frank and Mary Louise Ussery
Steve Valand
Henry and Connie Van Dyke
Meghan Vella
Ellen Vest
James P. Vojtech
Philip Volino
Gary and Erica Walajtys
Kevin and Shanna Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Walker
Michael and Mary Wall
Don and Ellen Wall
Lifford and Alice Ware
Esther Watson
Joe Watson and Amy Sutherland
Mr. Rocky Watts
Mr. and Mrs. Waldo Watts
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Way
Deb and Richard Waycaster
Richard Webb
Ken and Wanda Webb
Alita and Doug Webster
Lalane Welborn
Mr. and Mrs. Irvine T. Welling, III
Bill and Mary West
Dennis and Kimey Whatley
Sharon and Roger Wheeler
5500Tax Group
Simon and Megan Whitaker
Mr. James White
John and Laura White
Mark Whitney
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Wienke
Keith and Melissa Wiese
Patrick Williams
Dwayne Wilson
Bryan and Kim Wilson
Andy O. Wilson
Mary Shelby Wirt
Thomas Wirth
Nancy Witek
Robert M. Wood, MD
Ross Woodall II
Elizabeth Workman
Crystal Worthy
Mimi Wyche
Danny and Lynn Youngblood
Susan Zeigler
Mike Zieminski
Martha Zolides
Elizabeth Zow