Your Gift Makes it Possible

For three decades the Peace Center has thrived because of its Peacekeepers . . . people who made gifts to sustain our programs and services, and over time, gifts that have renovated our buildings and campus and kept our equipment up to date.

As a not-for-profit institution, everything our audiences enjoy today is possible because of Peacekeepers.

Please continue your support as a Peacekeeper, or become one today, to sustain the high-quality live arts and entertainment experiences enjoyed by our community. 

Peacekeeper Benefits

Peacekeepers have always been thanked in special ways, primarily with the opportunity to be the first to learn about our exciting shows and purchase tickets before they go on sale to the general public. Please take a minute to explore the unique benefits each donation level brings to you.

Supporting Players


  • Ticket access on pre-sale day #4  
  • Access to Box Office Donor Hotline  

$250 (all of the above, plus)

  • Ticket access on pre-sale day #3
  • Access to purchase Broadway season tickets in orchestra donor premium seating(subject to availability)

$500 (all of the above, plus)

  • Ticket access on pre-sale day #2
  • Listing on the Peace Center website

Backstage Players

$1,000 (all of the supporting player perks, plus)

  • Ticket access on pre-sale day #1
  • Invitation to special Backstage Players events throughout the year
  • VIP Donor Concierge Service

$1,500 (all of the supporting player perks, plus)

  • First access to purchase upper box seats
  • Quarterly listing in Peace Center program
  • Private backstage tours upon request and availability

$2,500 (all of the supporting player perks, plus)

  • First access to purchase lower box seats

$5,000 (all of the supporting player perks, plus)

  • First access to purchase orchestra and pit front row seats

Chairman's Circle

As a Chairman’s Circle donor, you invest in the Peace Center because you value the impact live arts and entertainment experiences make on your life and your community. 

In appreciation for an annual investment of $10,000, $15,000, $25,000, and $50,000, you and your fellow Chairman’s Circle donors enjoy special invitations to Chairman’s Circle events and recognition for your generosity in the Peace Concert Hall lobby. 

Ways to Give

Click Here to Donate Online

Your tax-deductible gift may also be made by:

  • Phone – Kelly Byers at 864-679-9202, or one of our Customer Service Reps in the Box Office at 864-467-3000 look forward to talking with you.
  • Mail – Checks may be payable to the Peace Center and mailed to 101 West Broad Street, Greenville, SC, 29601.
  • Stock – You may avoid capital gains tax by gifting appreciated stocks or bonds to the Peace Center.  For instructions on making this transfer, please contact Margaret Meadows at 864-679-9218 or
  • Donor-Advised Fund – You may recommend a donation to the Peace Center (Federal Tax ID # 57-0811297) from your donor-advised fund.
  • Qualified Charitable Distribution – If you are 70½ or older, you may donate up to $100,000 per year to the Peace Center (Federal Tax ID # 57-0811297) from your IRA and exclude the donated amount from your taxable income.

Meet the Peacekeepers

Behind every great donation, there’s an equally great patron. Below is a list of all the amazing people that we’re proud to call Peacekeepers. The generosity of Peacekeepers funds much of the operation and ambitious mission of the Peace Center—world-class performances, education and enrichment, and a superb home for Greenville’s own performing arts companies.

Chairman's Circle


Irvin L. and Jorene J. Cauthen Fund
M. Jill Cox
Mr. and Mrs. Robert DeLapp, III
The Farr Family
Sharon and Richard Griffin
Susan and Steve Lambert
March and Kristin Maguire
Mrs. Genevieve Sakas Manly
Ted and Karen Ramsaur
Mrs. Elizabeth P. Stall
Peace Sullivan


Tom and Brenda Boone
Mrs. Sharon Carlton
Paul and Patricia Gaeto
Suzie Luhn
Marcus and Dana McCall
Shirley Roe and Jerry Tuck
Edward and Stella Stall


Jim and Karen Akerhielm
The Bananahammock Family
Mr. Art Dunning and Mrs. Karen Baynes-Dunning
Lee Bell Jr. and Fotios Pantazis
Dennis and Phyllis Braddock
Ann P. Bryan
Cleve and Cheryl Christophe
Terry and Susie Conner
William and Marion Crawford
Bryan Faliero
Bill and Amy Graham
Priscilla and Johnny Hagins, Jr.
Tracy and Charles Hardaway
Debbie and Topper Hartness
Lynn and Flavia Harton
Heather and Glenn Hilliard
Teddy and Betsy Hipp
Bruce and Brandy Holstien
Peter and Lisa Larocque
Jeff and Mary Lawson
Erwin and Nancy Maddrey
Grover and Tonya Martin
Brantly and Krista Millegan
Rob and Mary Morris
Ben and Kathryn Norwood
Tom and Susan O'Hanlan
M. Pearce
Bill and Laura Pelham
Mike and Melissa Pereyo
John and Joan Poole
The Pryor Foundation
Sandra L. Reynolds
Megan Riegel
Ellen and Rick Stanley
John and Sandy Thompson
Rick and Pat Timmons

Backstage Players


Donna and David Bailey
Mr. Todd Baldree
John H. and Sherry Bearden
Ted T. Bell
Carmen and Larry Brotherton
Craig and Vicki Brown
Donald E. and Annette B. Culbertson
Travea Cutts
Taylor and Lisa Davis
Bob DiBella and Carol Savage
Patty and Greg Gibson
Cheryl and Harry Gleich
Dexter and Marcy Hagy
Jefferson and Christy Harralson
Susan Harrison
Denise King
Emmet and Barry Martin
Grant and Brenda Mattison
Mrs. Estelle Peace McClary
Gary and Marcia Mercer
Rear Admiral and Mrs. John Messerschmidt, USN (Ret)
Mrs. Judy Michaud
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Pennell, Jr.
Jack and Cindy Plating
Chris and Jeannine Prattini
The Priester Foundation
Brooks and Lenna Quinn
Jean Runnels
Ron and Elizabeth Sconyers
Doug and April Stambaugh
Yvonne Stephenson
Rob and Betty Temple
Dr. Laurie Roley
Drs. Robert and Krista Timmerman
Neill Timmons
George and M.G. Tyda
John and Janne Vann
Pam Walters
Robert and Elaine Waring
Catherine and Kevin Webb
Mrs. James S. Whitten
Dianne Dill Williams
Dennis and Judie Winkleman
Trudy Wofford and Cathy Condry


Anonymous (2)
E. H. Agnew
Michael and Robin Aleksinas
Dave and Kris Amin
Steve and Elizabeth Anderson
Julie and John Arrowood
Mr. Paul C. Aughtry III
Norrene Ayers
Michael and Vickie Balchunas
Dr. Janis Bandelin and Mr. Bill Fitzpatrick
Richard and Karen Bates
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Baumgarten
George and Betti Bell
Dave and Toni Benham
James M. Bergen and DiAnne L. Arbour
William and Sheri Biggs
Dr. and Mrs. Matthew Bitner
Susan Blackwell
Mary and Adam Blumber
Neal and Margie Bonavia
Robby Brady
Steve and Scottie Lu Brandt
Lance and Laura Bridgeman
Jo Ann Bristow
Dr. Denise Broderick
Christopher and Leesa Brotherton
William and Karen Brown
John and Sherry Brunett
Rance and Andrea Bryan
Kelly Byers and Tom Wagner
Mr. Nick Carlson
John A. and Jane F. Carson
Mr. Erwin Carter
Richard and Luisa Chmielecki
Scott and Pam Christopher
Vincent and Joan Cialdella
Robby and Mary Beth Clanton
Jim and Becky Coley
Dr. Connie Colon-Jones
Jon Cooke
Rick Cunningham
Drs. Elizabeth and Charles Davis
Misty Deason
Earnest W. Deavenport
Mrs. Beth Dobson
Susan and Bruce Dodds
Rhett and Monica Dodge
Sean Dribben
M6 Fund
W. Jeffrey and Andrea Edenfield
Stephen Edgerton
Jerry and Anne-Claire Edwards
Howard and Angi Einstein
Kimberly Elmore
June and Francis Erk
Sheryl and Mark Escude
Mark Fessler
Mrs. Eva-Marie Fox
Dr. Elizabeth Foxworth
Steve and Tammie Francis
Toynja Freeman
Candy Ghent
Dr. and Mrs. Jeff Giguere
John and Kathy Gilbertson
Raoul and Susan Glenn
Neil and Joy Grayson
Kimberly Grimm
Ms. Julie Haas
Lance and Margaret Hafer
Rich and Yukichi Hagins
Donna Hammett
Kevin and Cathy Harrington
Mr. and Mrs. Pat Hartness
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Hartness
Mr. Sean P. Hartness and Dr. Courtney Tollison Hartness
Mike and Loree Hartzog
Eastside Pediatric Dentistry / Glenn Head, DMD
Kelly and Jenny Heegard
Tom and Mary Sue Helfrich
Ryan and Fran Hendley
Tee and Sherry Hooper
Robin and Elaine Howe
Katie and Rob Howell
Shannon and Heather Holland
Bob and Bunny Hughes
Scottie and Robert Hughes
Greg and Leslie Ingram
Ann and Bob Irelan
Bernt and Bonnie Iversen
William and Joy Ivester
The Jain Family
Joie and Gary Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. George D. Johnson, Jr.
Jim and Barbara Johnson
Mrs. Ellis Johnston
Lynn Kay
George Kenney
Paige and Willing King
John Kopchinski
David A. Leiman
Tommy and Rebecca Lever
Lee and Monty Long
Vanessa A. Mazzoli
Mr. and Mrs. Doug McGraw
Joe and Hope McLaughlin
Bernard and Candis McPheely
Meredith McTigue
Margaret and Brad Meadows
Dr. and Mrs. James C. Mills, III
Treadway and Elise Mink
Frank and Christi Mobley
Lawrence and Donna Moerke
Ray and Kathy Monahan
Mary K. Moore
Jay and Beth Motley
Dr. Demarcus Mullinax and Ms. Kyle Gallman
Rick and Debra Nash
Thomas Nederostek and Vicki Rissmiller
Barry and Karen Nield
Dr. Chris and Mrs. Sheay Noel
Dr. Derek Watson and Megan S. O'Neill
Randy and Faith Ott
Robert and Charlotte Otto
Cobb and Denise Oxford
Keith and Judy Parker
Mrs. Deborah Peabody
Dr. Katelyn and Mr. Alexander West
Karen and Lyle Penley
Hal and Pat Perkins
Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas and Lauren Perkins
Kristin Peterson
Richard and Anne Pierce
Ellen and Alan Posta
Dr. Ann Marie Patterson
Mr. Michael Rendino and Dr. Tracie Ivy
The Honorable Richard W. Riley
William and Cyndi Rivers
Michele and Rick Rogers
Dr. and Mrs. Don Rubenstein
Sal Russo and Lisa Schadt
TJ and Jerry Saad
Walter Hughes and Patsy Sadler
Nick and Laura Sardone
Melanie Scarborough
Mrs. Gigi Schaalje
Jan and Jane Schipper
Lyndsey and Jeff Schmersal
Rebecca and Michael Seezen
Minor and Hal Shaw
Brett and Lisa Shelley
Bob and Shelli Siegel
Jan and Michael Smith
The Smith Family
Roger and Joyce Soderdahl
Kyle and Alice Spitzer
Russell H. and Susan Stall
Roger and Cher Stamey
Nancy B. Stanton
Joy B. Steverson
Brian and Lisa Stritt
Ms. Llyn Strong and Mr. Brad Pine
Jessi and Steve Sturgeon
George and Karen Summer
John and Laura Supra
Tim and Mary Beth Sweeney
Ed and Sydney Taylor
Dr. and Mrs. Leighton D. Teague, Jr.
Jennifer Thomas
LeAnne Thurmond and Ed Holcombe
Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Timmons, Jr.
Les and Shannon Vann
Michelle and Chris VanPelt
Johnny Wade
Dan and Jill Wagner
Benny and Nancy Walker
Jonathan and JoDee Watkins
Susan Weathers
Mr. Thomas Weathers
LeeAnn Weber
Michael and Suz Weitzel
David and Susan Wilkins
Dr. and Mrs. Bart D. Williams III
Jimmy and Kathy Wilson
TR Woods
John and Terry Yarbro
John and Michelle York
Wendy York
Danny and Lynn Youngblood


Anonymous (3)
Clyde and Nina Allen
Scott and Nicole Arnold
Eric and Lisa Autenrieth
Everette and Rita Babb
Rodney Back
Jean Badalamenti
Lisa and Bill Baldwin
Andrew and Kimberly Balogh
Robert and Kerri Barfield
Jessica Barr
Lila M. Barr
Lynn Barrett
Ryan and Mandi Barrick
Dr. Arnold and Paula Batson
Jeff Bauer
Mrs. Katherine Bayne
John Beatenbough
William Beckett
Debbie and Mike Bell
Steve Bell and Phoebe Stapleton
Paula and Stanley Bikulege
John Bissell and Jane Chambers
Jon and Christina Bittrick
Ms. Harriet Wallace and Mr. David Black
Kristie Bland
Olin and Georgia Blanton
Katie Bolchoz
Bill and Sandra Boone
Barbara Bottum
Lynn Bowden
David A. Bowers
Donna Bowling and Libby Turner
Lee Bowman
Dr. and Mrs. Stuart and Rebecca Bowne
Richard and Stacey Bradshaw
Mr. and Mrs. John Braeunig
Ruth Breazeale
The Bresette Family
June Bridwell
Brian and Amanda Brooks
Mr. Michael Brooks and Mrs. Lisa Marie Estrada-Brooks
Duff and Margaret Bruce
Taylor and Dottie Bruce
William Bryant
Billy and Debi Bush
Doug and Adriana Bushey
Bruce Butler
Brad and Robin Bylenga
Mr. and Mrs. Shane Campfield
Andy and Sandy Carr
Matthew and Carol Carson
Jerry and Karen Carter
Cynthia Cason
Jerry and Cathy Chang
Toni Christiansen
James and Cynthia Clanton
Judy Coe
Randy Coleman
Elisa Cooley
Michael and Amy Cooter
James and Janice Cordes
Alan and Roxanne Cordonier
Mary Costigan
Mitchell Crisp
Edward Crittendon
Charles and Libby Dalton
Tom Dankovich and H. Jill Fivecoat
Gordon and Kathy Dannelly
Bill and Donna deKay
Stephen and Lauren Demosthenes
John and Sunnie DeWorken
Bo and Katie Dial
Josh Doll
Mr. D. Douglas Dorman
Kacey and Gary Eichelberger
Dan and Liz Einstein
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan A. Einstein
Mrs. Brenda Ellison
Joe and Gretchen Erwin
Doug and Pam Evans
Jeff and Linda Faust
Allison Fields
Meredith Fields
George and Anne Fletcher
Ms. Mary Forde
Mr. and Mrs. Beach Foster
Lee and Pam Foster
Karen Fountain
Ronald and Martha Franklin
Gale C. Galloway and Alex C. Galloway
In Honor of Nathan Galloway
Dr. and Mrs. Sagar and Pamela Gandhi
Angela Geiger
Ted and Mary Gentry
Wesley and Dawn Gilliland
Lillian Glenn
Dr. Steven J. Gold
Jeffrey and Dianna Goodman
Pamela Gordon
Linda Govreau
Dr. and Mrs. Steven L. Graddick
Sonny and Jean Graves
Mr. and Mrs. T. Michael Greer
Charles M. Edmondson and Laura Greyson
Dale and Terrie Groce
Jeff and Janet Halliburton
Brad and Sharon Halter
Lyle and Ellen Hampshire
John Hart
Judy P. Harte
Thomas and Cheryl Hatcher
Mr. and Mrs. Ken and Lisa Hawkins
Jennifer Hershberger
Jackie D. Highley
Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Holder, Jr.
Jennifer Holder
David and Ginny Hoppenworth
Dr. and Mrs. Bradley Howard
Salinda Anne and Ferlin Howell
Suzanne Hudson
Jackson and Velda Hughes
Dr. and Mrs. John M. Humeniuk
Michael and Laura Hunzinger
Paul Jackson
Jack and Bobbie Jamison
Dr. and Mrs. James E. Jennings
Walter and Marta Johnson
Allen and Lee Ann Johnston
Paul and Marilyn Jones
Bill and Elizabeth Joyce
Mr. and Mrs. Don Kamb
John and Chelle Kelaher
Betty King
Mr. Nate Kiser
Mary Knapp
Jeremy Knotts
Stephen and Virginia Kovalcik
Linda and Steve Krause
Stephen Lanford
Mr. Charles Lee
Daniel and Janice Lee
Mr. Robert Leeper
Marilyn Lemos
Chris and Vivian Loveless
Jan and Linda Lucas
Steven Lurus
Joseph and Renaie Mahaffey
Dr. Gregory and Lynda Malcolm
James and Barbara Manuel
Hollie Marsh
Edward and Karen Martin
Ann and Richard Marzec
Mike Massey
Mr. Ryan McCart
Fran McCaskill
Ronald and Julie McCreight
Mr. Austin McDaniel
Scott and Leslie McIntyre
Scott and Doris McLallen
David and Elizabeth McNeely
John and Cheryl Meister
Rebekkah A. Merrell DMD, MS
Nancee Meuser
Jon and Blair Miller
Lesley Mitchell
John Moore and Ginny Wylie
Rob and Eva Moore
Dr. and Mrs. Robert R. Morgan, Jr.
Ms. Annemarie Murphy
Kacey Murphy
Daniel Neidig
James and Lynn Nickell
Ken and Cathy Nix
Edgar and Stephanie Norris
Lonnie and Rosanne Ogburn
Kim Oliver
Anthony and Amarinthia Panuccio
Brian Boughner
James Passon
Charley Patrick
Tom and Laurie Patrick
Leon and Barbara Patterson
Mr. and Mrs. Bony Hampton Peace III
Elizabeth Pearce
Jo Lynne Pearce
Ford and Suzanne Pearse
Katrina Phillips-Key and Sophia Phillips
Ms. Rory Poole
Pete and Sally Potosky
Lauren D. and David R. Price, Jr.
William Price
Luis and Carlinda Quintero
Mr. Jeffrey Randolph
Brooke and Julian Reed
Jeff and Cheryl Reed
Trip and Suzanne Renfro
Chris Leroy Retherford
Gary and Fran Richardson
Derek and Missy Rick
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Rigsby
Linda M. Robertson
Helene Robinson
Jim and Nicole Rogers
Dr. Justin Michael Roman
Robert and Sandra Rosenfeld
Brad and Valinda Rutledge
Ritu and Aniket Saha
Emmanuel and Cheryl Sarmiento
Johnny and Jonnie Sarvis
Dr. and Mrs. Scott Sasser
Kent and Linda Satterfield
James and Janet Scardo
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Schiff
Steven Schimmel
Harrison Schlewing
Stephanie Schmidt
Stephen W. Schnee
Daniel and Alice Seaman
Nancy Shaidnagle
Mr. and Mrs. Andy and Elaine Sherard
Mr. Reid Sherard
George and Angela Shiflet
Matt and Betsy Shouse
Dr. John and Lauren Siddens
Grant Sims
Linda Sims
George and Jeannette Sink
Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Sizemore
Jim and Lisa Smith
Kent and Martha Smith
Brad Wyche and Diane Smock
Jim and Cindy Sobeck
Carl and Karen Sobocinkski
Jackie Soladay
Jo Sousa
Blair and Arlene Stanicek
Carolyn and Vonnie Stanton
Mr. and Mrs. Carl M. Stecker
Sydney and Michelle Strong
Donna and Joe Sullivan
Mr. Mark Sullivan
Roy and Sue Swan
Kathleen Swinney
Arch and Sara Thomason
Dr. and Mrs. Craig Thompson
Blake Thrift
Julie and Ross Turner
Scott Turner and Steve Price
Mrs. Kristin Turney
Michael and Beverly Upright
Mike and Dana Van Gieson
Elizabeth Vayo
Meghan Vella and Christopher Greene
Kevin and Shanna Walker
Barbara Weaver
Alita and Doug Webster
Bettina Wehner
Robert Wells
Philip and Melanie Wessinger
Mr. Stephen Wickliffe
Dick and Donnice Wilkerson
Adam Williams
Kaitlyn and Courtland Williams
Bill and Connie Williamson
Carolyn Munro Wilson
Rise' Wilson
Steve and Sharon Wilson
Dr. and Mrs. Robert D. Wood
Jason and Dawn Woodard
Anne Woods
Jonathan and Stephanie Wright
Mike and Ellis Yost
Jerry and Sharon Youkey


Anonymous (6)
Auto Advantage
Linda N. Albright
Mrs. William B. Allin
Tom and Dawn Anderson
Bob and Ruth Andreasen
Mr. Frank Ardizzone
Mr. and Mrs. Beattie Ashmore
John Bach
Becky Bagwell
Kenneth Baker
Marilyn Barmore
Amy Barry
Dr. Mackenzie Bartz
Paul and Ann Batson
Betsy Beam
Carl and Cathy Beard
Chris and Heath Beard
Kathy Rogoff Becker
James M. Belvin Jr.
Laura and Tor Bennstrom
Mr. James Berginski
Mr. Carlos Bernard and Mrs. Lori Fremaint
Yves and Stephanie Billioux
Tammy and Tony Bishop
Mark Blonstein
Luther and Sally Boliek
Larry Brandt
Anthony and Gail Branham
Linda and Allen Brown
Josh and Alexis Brown
Kimberly Brown
Jody and Jenni Bryson
Julia Buglino
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Buono
Christopher Burkard
Michael and Sarah Byars
Dan and Kristi Byers
Pam and Jon Cabot
Linda A. Caillet
William and Jody Caldwell
Ray and Joanne Carothers
Patrick Carrington
Christina Catt
Keith Chadwell
Doug and Sheila Cheek
Patricia Cheezem
Mike and Ann Chengrian
Stephanie Clements
Sally Cleveland
Hank Clinkscales
Peggy Clinkscales
David E. Coates
Merl and Denise Code
Page Collie
Gary and Lee Comprini
Andrea and Edwin Cooper
Karin Craig
Dr. and Mrs. Norris W Crigler
Jay and Amy Crockett
Stanley Crowe
Connie and Greg Crumpton
Daniel and Lynda Cunningham
Kevin and Michele Curry
Lynn Davis
Pauline Davis
Annemarie Forte DeFronzo
Edward and Adele Delaney
Herbert Dew
Kathryn Dial
Scott and Meredith Dobson
Douglas and Rebecca Donivan
Bob and Lisa Dotson
Mr. Allan Downen
Mr. Shawn Drew
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Duncan
Henry and Connie DuPre
Johnny and Kathy Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Edwards
Meredith Eicken
Lee, Marguerite, and Sara Lawton Elmore
Catherine Emmerth
Eric Englebardt and Beth Burris
Rick and Maria Erwin
Alex and Shelley Estevez
Allan Ethridge
Jane Evans
Eleven Events
Anne Everman
Eric and Lara Farnsworth
Michael and Lisa Fawcett
Mike and Lisa Ferney
Ms. Tina Fischer
Mark and Sallie Flavin
Emery Fore
Mignon Fowler
Jim and Alechia Francis
Melissa and Eddie Franklin
Charles and Sandy Frederick
Mr. John Freed
Leigh Ann Frick
Elaine Fulbright
Bill and Beth Fuller
Deb Fullerton
Ann D. Funderburk
Charles Gallagher
Chester Garrison
Kevin Geagan
Jennifer Gilliland
Mr. Thomas Godfrey
Dr. and Mrs. A. J. Goforth, III
Ed and Peggy Good
Kurt and Dr. Elizabeth Goodwin
Charles Gouch
James G. Gray
Katie Gray
Kerry Griffin
Mark and Sue Groce
Tywana Groce
Mr. and Mrs. W. Carlisle Hamrick
Richard Hardaway and Questria Meyer
Robert Harrell
Dr. Falls L. Harris
Randy and Beth Harrison
Adam Hart
Danny and Irene Harvey
John Harvin
Bill Harwood
Dennis Hays
Edward and Leigh Heidtman
Dean Henderson
Sue Hendricks
Mark and Danielle Herro
Mr. Bradley and Dr. Meredith Heyde
Ms. Kathy Duncan
Harriet Hildebrant
Carlton Hillman
Anna Kate Hipp
Mary Hipp
Cliff Holekamp
Sean Holtz
Jan Horton
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Houser
Jill Houston
Billy Howard
Mark Howell
Robert and Sharon Howell
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Howes
John Humphries
David and Phyllis Jackson
Mr. Andy Bylenga and Ms. Leanne Jaskwhich
Marjorie and Stephen Jenkins
Jake and Cynthia Jennings
Jerrilyn Johnson
Mrs. Renee Johnson
Connie Jones
Randel and Midge Jones
Roy and Lynne Jones
Mike and Margaret Josephson
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Joyner
Kris and Kathy Kapoor
Marilu and Ron Karpinsky
Michael and Tonja Keaton
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Keiser
Dr. and Mrs. J. Don Kelley
Michael and Sandra Kelly
Tim and Melissa Kelly
Dr. Austin Kemmerlin
Bill Kendig
Bates Kennedy
Kimberly Kent
Mr. and Mrs. William Kilbourne
John King and Jacki Berkshire
Vaneta and Paul Kirsch
Kent Kistler
Gray and Stacey Kitchens
Judie Klapholz
Frank and Maggie Kleger
Debbie Kleman
Larry Kline
Richard and Suzanne Knox
Joseph Konopacke
Dr. Paul D. Kountz Jr.
Suzanne Kovacs and Mitchell Jolley
Brian and Barb Laffler
Henry Landis
Beth and Witt Langstaff
Rick Lankford
Ray and Jackie Lattimore
Mary LaVigne
David League
Beth Lee
Jay and Mindy Levy
Katherine Ligon
Tammy Lister
Charles and Janie Little
Jennifer Garvey
Aimee Lonergan
Michael Lopez
David and Cindy Lowery
Robert Mabry
Dr. and Mrs. T. C. Mann, Jr.
Matthew and Denise Mannino
Kevin and Sue Marsh
Dr. and Mrs. Pat Marshall
Barry and Cindy Martin
Sandy and Bill Martin
Jennifer Mason
Mrs. Evon McAngus
John and Jill McBurney
Ben McCarthy
Martin McCoy and Andrea Durkin
Robert McCurdy
Mr. Randy McDougald
Ann McFadden
Mike and Fran McGuigan
Chuck and Jiffy McKeown
Mr. William McKibbon
Dr. Lynda McKinnon
Janice McNeal
Brian and Kelly McSharry
Jerry McTier and Joyce Patterson
Ms. Sandra Mickens
John and Ellie Mioduski
The Moon Family
Ed Morgan
Bob Morris and Lesley Pregenzer
Bob Muller
John and Linda Neely
Diane Nichols
Manuelo Noa
Donald and Carol Nordin
Thomas Norris
Debroah Novak
Dr. Ikenna Onyebueke
Dr. and Mrs. Mark O'Rourke
Mr. Kevin Orzech
Sam Outten
Beth Padgett
Joseph and Mary Lou Parisi
Henry and Lil Parr
Ashley Pastore
David and Breonna Paulsen
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Pazdan
William J. Peeler
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Perrigin
John and Kim Phillips
Jane and Don Pilzer
Carrie Pollard
Debbie Polson
Julie Poteet
Todd and Susan Price
Marvin and Biff Quattlebaum
Mr. Thomas Quinn and Ms. Joy Bennett
KW Ray
Melody Reid
Mr. Nathan Renfro
Jim and Amy Rex
Ashley and Tom Reynolds
Calvin Reynolds
William Reynolds
Tim and Donna Rhyne
Doug and Julie Richardson
Susan and Mike Riordan
Dr. Mary B. Rippon and Mr. Gregory J. Rusnak
Mr. Sean Roach
Christopher Robinson
Davis and Jackie Roeske
Allison Humen
Mike and Frances Rohde
Mr. and Mrs. Don Ross
John Rzepinski
Dr. and Mrs. Steven Samoya
Mo and Harry Schaffhauser
Sean and Meg Scoopmire
Thomas and Iris Scott
Lea Seaton
Bill and Melissa Seely
Stacy Sharp
Mr. Kevin Shoemake
Mrs. Susan Shriner
Robert Sihler and Ann Jaedicke
Theodore and Teresa Sillstrop
Roger and Virgina Sims
Hank and Karen Sitton
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Smith
Chip and Wendy Smith
Mr. and Mrs. John P Smith
Ms. Letitia Smith
Mickey and Laurie Smith
Nancy Smith
Gary and Patty Smith
Ms. Regina Smith
Trevor and Brooks Smith
James Snitker
Sarah Steele
Nathan and Caitlin Steelman
Greg and Kimberly Stephan
Rick Stetzer
Sam and Robin Stilwell
Michael and Debbie Strickland
Diane Swords
Jason and Mary Tannery
Sidney and Linda Tate
Nancy D. Taylor
Daniel Tegel
Kendra Thornton
Willis and Cynthia Tisdale
Brian Todd
Mr. and Mrs. Grover E. Todd
Sergey Tolchinsky
Walt and Angel Tollison
Alison Towle Fogarty
Chris and Lisa Troup
Tommy and Julie
Debra Van Valkenburg
David and Luci Vaughn
John and Meredith Vry
Jason and Nichole Wagner
Lynda Wallace
Jim and Marsha Wallace
Amanda Warlick
Dylan and Jessica Watson
Mr. and Mrs. Waldo Watts
Mr. and Mrs. Irvine T. Welling, III
Lance and Lawson Wetli
Simon and Megan Whitaker
Danny and Sallie White
Marc White
Charles and Kathy Whitmire
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Wienke
Mr. and Mrs. David and Joy Wiggins
Dr. Ashlyn Shealy and Mr. Joshua L. Willett
Kathryn Williams
Gary Wills
Mr. Tom Wohlgemuth
Mark Wolken and Jennifer Huber
David Wright
R. Lynn and Janie Yeargin
Angie Zachary
Berry and Richard Zander

Supporting Players


Anonymous (6)
Jack Aden
Barry and Martie Agee
Mr. Glenn Alfonso
Keith and Lisa Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Anderson
Nancy Anderson
Scott M. Anderson
Glenn and Pam Ashley
John Ashton
Lucas Asper
Barry Atkinson
Robin Pirrallo
Dr. Jason D. Bakos
Keith and Emma Barksdale
Walter and Gail Barnes
Jonathan Barreto
Richard and Sherry Barrett
Jane Batson
William Bauer
Margaret Baugh
Dr. and Mrs. Otis Baughman III
Jacqueline Bechek
Greg and Abbey Bell
Bobby Bennett
Jason and Connie Bergman
Ray and Dee Bingham
Sawsan Bitar
Kathleen Black
Robert Black
Joe and Claire Blake
Bennie M. Blalock
John and Cathy Boarman
Ralph and Marilyn Boeker
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Bolding
Gary and Juanita Bolick
Annette Bostic
Jami Bostic
Mary Ellen Bosworth and Gary Brothers
Aubrey D. Bougher
John and Sherry Boyer
Drs. Erin and Stephen Brackbill
Michael Bragg
Niles and Annette Brancati
Mr. Michael Brearley
James Brehm
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Brewton
Carlee Bright
Sandra Bright
Gary and Elizabeth Brittain
Paul and Ann Brocker
Len and Jane Broderick
Robert Brookover
Cindy and Joe Brothers
Dianna W. Brouthers
Christine Brown
Mark and Katherina Buff
Frank Bufis
Brent and Jan Bunnell
David and Pattie Burke
Mrs. Laura Burke
Mr. Michael and Dr. Carmen Burkhalter
Jennifer Burnett
Lance Burnett
Len Byrne
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew B. Cajka, Jr.
Sean Callahan
Stewart Callner
Dr. James Cameron
Mary Anne Campbell
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Camunas
James and Jan Carino
Mr. and Mrs. Parker Carlisle
David Carlson
Linda Norris Carpenter
Kathleen Carroll
Danny and Bonita Cash
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Cassidy
Yvonne Cattell
Cory Causby
Geoffrey and Amy Challenger
Harold Chapman
Joseph Chasin
Beverly Chell
Jim and Toni Childers
Andy Chmar
Neil H. Christian
Melanie Cindric
Karen Clardy
Brian Clark
Carl Clark
Dave and Maria Clausen
Vonna Cloninger
Gordon and Melanie Cochrane
Cynthia Coggins
Bruce and Cindy Cohn
Mrs. Christina Colton
William and Laura Colyer
Mr. Brian Connaughton
Dotti C. Connell
Randy Cooksey
Lee and Cokey Cory
Janet B. Craig
Amanda Craven
Chris Crecente
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Crider
Fred and Barbara Crowe
Diane Croxton
Mr. and Mrs. Jaime Cruz
Eric and Lynette Cummings
Patricia Currie
Michael Custardo
Dori Dahlberg
Diane Dalbo
Richard and Virginia Dalton
Richard and Beverly  D'Andrea
Howard and Kay Daniel
Stephen and Laura Davenport
David and Jackie Davies
Michael and Barbara Davies
Dr. Ray Davis
Lisa DeBellis
Belinda DeBelli
Bernie and Janet Degres
Michael and Patti Dennis
Bob DeVito
John Devlin
Todd DeYoung
Donna DiAntonio
Lee Dixon
Christopher and Lauren Doar
Robert Dobbs
Mrs. Clare Donofrio
Dr. and Mrs. Wells B. Doty
David Dowe
Sharon Doxey
Scott and Brenda Drake
John Drews
Wayne and Pauline Thrift Family Foundation (Bob Dubose)
Robert Dubose
Ms. Kara Dullea
Allison P. Dunham
Carolyn Stuart
Billy and Becky Dunn
Teresa Dupuis
Richard and Jill Eaton
Perry Edwards
Mrs. Teresa Elder
R. Charles and Diane Eldridge
Aaron C. Ellett
MaryBeth Endicott
Daniel and Susan Engler
Ingrid B. Erwin
Samuel and Meg Erwin
Linda Evans
Jeffery Everett
Michael and Barbara Evert
Dr. Gregory Faucher
Mrs. Lynn Faust
Andrew Felty
Elaine Lang and Michael Ferguson
Mr. and Mrs. Stan Fletcher
George and Sarah Fletcher
Louise Fletcher
Dan Ford
Frederick L. Fox
Dr. and Mrs. Jack L. Frasher, Jr.
Drs. L. Allen and Kathryn Freedman
Dr. and Mrs. Ned Freeman
Ruth Freeman
Bill and Pat Fuller
Roger and Karen Fuller
Suzy Fuller
Earle Furman
Beth Gaddy
Michael and Kim Gainey
Nathan and Mary Beth Galbreath
Ken and Myra Garrett
Natalie Garrett
Barbara Gatlin
Dan and Liliana Gehring
Berry and Alison Gibbes
Mike and Lynn Gibbs
Diana Gilbert
Andrew Giles
Charlie and Patricia Glazener
Jim and Marilyn Gobble
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Golden
Paul and Nancy Goldsmith
Alberto Gonzalez
Mark and Terry Gordon
Pat Gosnell
Frank and Bonnie Gossett
Amy J. Grace
Richard and Stephanie Graham
Richard and Jean Greer
Dennis Gunter
Bradley and Michelle Hager
Bayne Haigler
Shannon Hait
Suanne Hall
Maggie Halley
Denise and Michael Hallisey
Sonya Varea and George Hammond
Rebecca B. Hamor
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hardaway
Mr. Russell Hardee
Russell Harker
Calvin Harmon
Guerry and Ben Harris
Judy Harrison
Michael and Trish Harrison
Eric Hassman
Richard and Teresa Heidelberger
John and Marcia Heinrichs
Peter and Jean Helwing
Dr. and Mrs. William H. Hendrix
Mr. David Hennessy
Gordon and Sarah Herring
Richard and Annetta Hewitt
Brent Hicks
Alan Hill
Dr. Vicente Hill
Mrs. Kathryn Hilton
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hinton
Dr. Shanna Hirsch
David and Sylvia Hodge
Tommy and Erroll Hodges
Kitty Hodinka
David Holliday
Joshua Holliday
Carter and Diane Hollis
Ms. Belvin Holman
Michael Holmes
Bill and Emmy Holt
Greg and Kim Holt
Jim and Linda Hopkins
Dianne Hopstetter
David and June Horton
Gary and Leslie Horvath
Mrs. Thomas Edward House
Amy Howard
Bob and Bev Howard
Mrs. Norma Hrbek
Randolph Hudson
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hume
Brett and Sandra Hunt
Dr. Abbie Husman
Julie Ibrahim
Mary Inman
Joseph and Hilda Ippolito
Margaret Ivey
John Ivy
Diana Jahries
Ennis and Dru James
Paul James
Steve and Jan Jarrell
Ashley Jenkins
Adam Jennings
Joyce Jennings
Kyle and Tonia Jeray
Laura and Marshall Johnson
Donna Jones
Lamar and Deborah Jordan
Pam Jordan
William Jordan
Thomas and Joyce Joy
Sharon June
Donny and Toni Justus
Monica Kaffenbarger
Michael and Joyce Kaplan
Collette Kauffman
Phyllis C. Keeney
Michael and Nancy Kennedy
Michael and Karen Kenyon
Roger Keranen
Donald and Patricia Kilburg
Jack King
Mr. James King
Larry and Jane King
Sharon and Rus Kingman
Kate Klein
Robert Klein
Stevie Klein
John and Janet Klodowski
Pamela Knauss
Bernard Kost
Gregory Kramer
Paul Krieger
Lezlie Kunkel
Dennis and Kimey Whatley
John Lady
Dr. and Mrs. R. M. Laffitte, Jr.
Dana Lanning
Gina Latham
Lisa Laub
Brenda Leach
Kathleen Leaumont
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Leavengood, Jr.
Ms. Pam Ledbetter
Dianne Leonard
Butch and Betty-Ann Lewandowski
Lecia Lewis
Stephanie Lewis
Gary Lickfield
David Lilly
Sandy Lipe
David Little
Harry Logan
Heather Lollis
Thomas Louie
Chuck Lowe
Jon  Lucas
Stephen and Carroll Luck
Dr. Adele and Mr. Jim Lynagh
Jane Lynch
Mrs. Penny Macauley
Doug and Debbie Mack
Pierce MacLennan
Heather Marchbanks
Mrs. Margaret Marcum
Charles and Linda Markel
Brad and Gwendolyn Martin
David Mason
Roshan Mathew and Ruthanne Dahlheimer
Mr. and Mrs. Jay and Sherri Matkovich
Brent Mattox
Fleming and Garland Mattox
Natasha Matus
Erina Mauck
Karen Maud
John and Preston McAfee
Thomas and Ginger McCarver
Jeff and Brenda McCleerey
Jane A. McCutcheon
Mr. Matthew McDonald
Mike and Debbie McDonough
Donna McNeely
Robert McQuiggan
Leovick Medina
Thomas and Kathy Meeks
Carole Mercer
David and Barby Merline
Susanna Merriman
Mike Meszaros
Amanda Metzger
Carmen Mezzacappa
Charles and Ann Middleton
Michael J. Mikina
Jane Milford
Dwight Miller
Melissa Mills
Tina Milsap
Shawn Mizell
Gary and Diane Mohr
Roberta Moll
Dr. J. Robert and Amy Monroe
Mr. Paul Moody
Dr. and Mrs. J. Lee Moore
Doc and Julia Morgan
Charlie and Debbie Moseley
Kerry Murphy
Christopher and Catherine Nall
Jeff Neal
Ralph Neisler
Eric Newman
Brenda Newsome
Christopher and Laura Nicholas
Laureen J. Noll
Lawrence Nolte
Mr. and Mrs. Darryn Norton
Kathy Novatny
Mrs. Susan OConnell
Michael O'Leary
Carol Olsen
Mr. and Mrs. Freeman R. O'Neal, Jr.
Samantha Cox Oppenheimer
Brian O'Rourke - Office for Development, Clemson University
Eric Ossmann
James Owens
David Padilla
Dr. and Mrs. David Palma
Emile and Judy Pandolfi
Jane Pannier
Jordan Parker
John F. Parrott and Rev. Sally Parrott
Pat Paschal
Mike and Georgianne Pate
Ginger and Bobby Patterson
Michael Patton
Kevin Payne and Dr. Sarah Payne-Poff
Clay Peek
Kaley E. Peek
Andrew Peeler
Pam Perry
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Persak
Scott Peterman
Harry and Sharon Pettigrew
Craig and Kay Phillips
Dr. and Mrs. Michael S. Phillips
mary katherine philpott
Donna Phipps
Dr. and Mrs. William J. Pierce
Gene and Carol Pinson
Elizabeth and Joe Pittillo
Chris and Allison Plyler
John Plyler
Jeff Pogoda
Mr. Chris Posey
William and Melinda Powell
Mr. Richard Pressley
Larry and Mary Puls
Cindy Pury and Craig Sandtrom
Suzanne R. Pyle
Donna Qualls
Mrs. Mary Jane Quattlebaum
Michael Raby
James Tony Rackley
Tom Ramer
Pavani Rangachari
Edward Rapp
Mike and Jo Ray
Mrs. Karen Rayburn
Daphne Reese
Carey Reichardt
Patricia Reid
Nancy Reynolds
Patty Rhodes
Brad and Deedi Richardson
Robert Richmond
Michael and Jamie Rickoff
Irving Stahl and Pamela Rider
Senator and Mrs. James Ritchie
paula rivers
Mr. David Roche
Carol and Doug Rochester
Mrs. Leslie Rodwell
Ken and Donna Rogers
Ms. Cathy Ronald
Tony Roof
Peter and Andrea Rosal
Ann Ross
Rachel Rossman
Dr. Charles 'Jason' Rousseau
Debra Rubin
Richard Ruffing, MD
Cindy Runnette
Eldon and Linda Russ
Drucilla Russell
James and Elizabeth Ryan
Dr. and Mrs. Neyef Samhat
Elli Saraceno
Robert and Jan Saul
Patricia Sauls
Mrs. Angela Sawyer
Richard and Linda Schaefer
Nello and Susan Gioia
Greg Schlangen
Julianne Bower
Donald and Rachel Schmitt
Jill and Greg Schneider
Robert Schrage
Sharon R. Shultz
Jeff Schumars
Jill Schwartz
Jon Schwartz
Thomas Scotidas
Kelley and Tina Seawright
Nancy and Pete Selleck
Tom and Sarita Sellner
Mrs. Ashley Senfield
Natalie Sessions
Hoyt and Rhonda Seymore
Eddie Shadeed
Douglas Shaffer
Rebecca Sharish
John Sharkey
Arnie and Patty Shedlow
Doug and Susan Sheeks
Emily Sheets
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Shell
Ann Sheridan
Katherine and Jim Shew
Richard and Laura Shick
Mr. and Mrs. Irveta and Coleman Shouse
Pegi Shriver
Charles and Carol Shuler
Hannah Shull
Matt and Clare Sims
Melvin Sinclair
Kathy Skidmore
Ms. Betty Rose Smith
Debbie Smith
Karen and Johnny Smith
Leslie Smith
Lindsay and Julie Smith
Kim Snipes
John and Vicki Sobota
Mark and Alice Sobray
Kelly Solesbee
Karen Spacek and Bill Solmson
Chris Spees
Mike and Cathy Spitzmiller
Pete and Mary Spizzirri
Tennille Springle
Mrs. Nancy Stafford
Rose Stamey
Mary Standrich
Jan W. Stanifer
Paul and Clary Stapleton
Brad and Betsy Steele
Sandra Steely
Carol and Rick Steif
Mr. Charles Steinberg
Jenny and Ben Stevens
Keith and Ellen Stevenson
Jim and Kathy Stewart
Carolyn Stirm
Mark and Janet Stofega
Laura Stout
Paul Stringer
William and Barbara Strothmann
Bill Sturgis
Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Suggs, Jr.
Heyward and Kay Sullivan
Michael Swanigan
Sharon Swede
Dottie and Jim Sykes
Karen and Cliff Szafran
Gary Szeto
Betty Taylor
Edgar and Loren Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor
Prudence Taylor
Sandi Teel
Michael Templeton
Jim and Sandy Terry
Brian Thomas
Gill and Nancy Thomas
Larry and Ann Thomas
Andy Thompson
Howard and Mary Ann Thompson
Mark Thompson
Mickey Thompson
Jim Thomson
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Tiddy
Jean Toole
Austin and Marilyn Tothacer
Scott Townes
Todd Trace
Tom and Beth Traxler
Dr. and Mrs. Roger Troutman
David and Susan Troutman
Linda Tschappat
Leslie Tucker
Michelle Tucker
Drs. Stephanie and Allan Turner
Dr. Carrie Ann Twedt
Amy Underwood
Dr. Jonell Usher and Ms. Linda Carroll Moate
Drs. Christopher and Anita Vagnoni
Henry and Connie Van Dyke
Mr. Mark Vanvick
Mary Ellen Vogel
Tobias and Lori Vogel
James P. Vojtech
Heidi Von Dohlen
Judith Waddell
Gary and Erica Walajtys
Tom Waldrop
Peter Waldschmidt
Mr. Michael Waldsmith
Brian Walker
David Walker
Keith and Fran Walker
Esther Watson
Rush Watson
Dr. Catherine Watt
Maureen Watts
Ken and Wanda Webb
Patricia R. Webb
Dr. and Mrs. Steve W. Webb, III
Ann Webber
Gregg and Tracey Welborn
Lalane Welborn
Charles and Sandra Welch
David Welden
Lisa Wells
Douglas M. Wenger
Bill and Mary West
Jane Western
George Wheeler
Sharon and Roger Wheeler
Mr. James White
The Honorable and Mrs. Knox White
Bob and Chris Whitley
Robert Whitley
Keith and Melissa Wiese
Tim and Denise Wilkerson
Robert Wilkes
Tim Willis
Andy O. Wilson
Craig Wilson
Dwayne Wilson
Bryan and Kim Wilson
Thomas Wirth
Robert M. Wood, MD
James and Mollie Woodside
Vicki and Don Woodward
Don and Patti Yandle
Richard and Ashley Yoakley
David and Beth Yon
Gary Yordy
William Young
Deborah Zachary
Ed and Susan Zeigler
Lisa Zimmerman
Lori Zimmerman
Martha Zolides
Elizabeth Zow