How can we make you comfortable?

Please notify the Peace Center Box Office if there is anything we can do to address a special need and make your experience as enjoyable as possible. Our box office staff will be pleased to help you, and can be reached at 864.467.3000


The Peace Center is accessible. For the best accessible experience, reserve Patron Assistance services in advance. For your comfort, the Peace Center offers:

Patron Drop-Off

Patrons with limited mobility may be dropped off along Broad Street, near the Peace Concert Hall entrance.


View accessible parking information here.

Transport Chairs

Courtesy transport chairs are available to assist patrons from curbside to theatre seating.

Wheelchair Accessibility

Accessible seating is available in both the Peace Concert Hall and Gunter Theatre.

Assistive Listening

Infrared RF hearing devices are available to provide hearing amplification for patrons with hearing loss in the Peace Concert Hall and the Gunter Theatre. Headsets for this system are available at the kiosk near the box office and distributed on a first come, first served basis. Patrons can sit anywhere in the theater and use the headsets.

Tips for the Infrared System:

  • The side with the “W” logo should always face the stage and cannot be covered or blocked in any way. Obstructing this direct “line of sight” to the stage may cause a poor signal or signal loss.
  • The headset turns on automatically when you fit them over your ears.
  • The volume control is located on the top of the pendant portion of the unit.

A hearing loop is installed in the Peace Concert Hall and for conversation at the Box Office for those who have a hearing aid or cochlear implant with a “T” switch. When you arrive, set your device to the “T” (Telecoil) setting and adjust the volume as necessary. Your audiologist can confirm if your hearing aid is compatible with the system.

Sennheiser’s MobileConnect streams audio content via WiFi live to any smartphone and is available in the Peace Concert Hall. The app is compatible with hearing aids, cochlea implants and headphones. The MobileConnect App can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and GooglePlay.

Installation will start automatically after the download.

When you enter the Peace Concert Hall, go to your phone settings and choose the MobileConnect Network. No password is needed.

American Sign Language Interpreters

Saturday matinee performances of Broadway engagements are designated as signed performances. Please speak with a Customer Service Representative to ensure you are seated in the correct location.

Elevator Access

Elevator access to the Founder's Circle and Balcony can be found on the house left side of the Peace Concert Hall lobby. 

Service Animals

If you intend to bring a service animal, please notify the Box Office at the time of your ticket purchase, so that an aisle seat can be reserved for you. Service animals are welcome inside the Peace Center and must remain on a leash or in a harness at all times.