Access Your Account

To access your Peace Center account, all you need to do is reset your password! Here’s how:

  1. Click this link, enter the email address associated with your account, then hit submit to request a password reset email.
  2. Look for an email in your inbox with the subject line “Password Reset Request from Peace Center.” This may take a few minutes.
  3. Open the email and click the link to “Reset Password.”
  4. Type your new password in the space provided (please choose a password that is at least six characters long and includes one uppercase letter, one number and one special character). Then click “Save Changes.”
  5. Look for a confirmation email in your inbox with your online account credentials from Peace Center.

While you are in your account, we encourage you to review the details in your account information and account preferences pages. If you need assistance updating any information on your account, contact the Box Office at 864.467.3000.