Aquila Theatre


Gunter Theatre

February 1, 2022

Event Details

Masterclass February 1

Aquila Theatre Masterclass 
Tuesday, February 1 @ 1pm

90 minutes – intensive Masterclass with 20 minutes set aside at the end for discussion and questions.

“A more perfect union” – A workshop on unity.

This participatory workshop developed by Aquila’s artistic director Desiree Sanchez and taught by the members of the company explores the ancient Greek concept of Omonoia or “unity”, where the English term harmony is derived. This workshop is offered as part of Aquila’s National Endowment for the Humanities supported American Democracy program, which explores the origins and ideas of democracy from the ancient Greeks to America today. As the philosopher and program consultant Paul Woodruff has written “without harmony, there is no democracy. Without harmony, the people have no common interest. 

This will be a physical movement-based workshop based on a short reading of an ancient Greek text, such as Sophocles’ Antigone. Participants will join a 

group warm up and then explore these themes with a series of enjoyable interactive, exercises on relationality, kinesthetic empathy, embodiment and non-verbal communication. These are techniques designed to highlight our ability to cooperate and create together without diminishing what makes each person unique.