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Tue, Sep 22, 2020
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Peace Center

An Evening with Phat Lip


"A potent mix of soulful blues, Latin roots rhythm, and moody pop" – NPR

Phat Lip is a Greenville-based band that fuses Afro-Cuban and Colombian folklore rhythms with catchy, American pop.

Colombian American singer-songwriter Kelly Jo Ramirez began as a solo acoustic act, performing in South Carolina’s most reputable bars and restaurants, and formed funk-rock band The Kelly Jo Connect in 2010. In 2016, even after a band hiatus, The Greenville News named her “Best Female Vocalist.” Ramirez’s exposure to a constant flow of bilingual culture – growing up listening to Latin heroes like Joe Arroyo and Celia Cruz alongside pop greats like Prince and Paul Simon – set the stage for Phat Lip.

Ramirez started Phat Lip as a GarageBand pastime. Her build-it-and-they-will-come mentality led to a five-song EP and a group of four guys ready to dabble in Latin fusion. The EP, Vision, offers a spectrum of American, Latin, and even Brazilian influences that intertwine effortlessly. The single “Stranger’s Love” is completely immersed in Afro-Caribbean flair, while “City Lights” dances between capoeira and grunge-era rock.

"Phat Lip is a perfect-fit combination of Kelly Jo’s passionate, explosive voice and a modern-day version of the Latin pop she loved as a child.” – Greenville Journal

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