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Mon, Feb 18, 2019
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Peace Center

ArcAttack: Electricity

Gunter Theatre

Creators of the original Singing Tesla Coil, the crew of ArcAttack use their high tech wizardry to generate a truly ‘electrifying’ performance. Part rock concert, part science experiment, ArcAttack unveils the science behind the spectacle. Combining their love of music with science, the group invites the audience to explore concepts such as electricity, voltage, current, magnetism, robotics, and lightning through a show that’s both entertaining and interactive. Their show Electricity covers Next Generation Science Standards related to energy, electricity, and matter and memorably illustrates several important concepts in physics.

Curriculum Connections: Science, Scientific Method, Electricity, Forces, Performing Arts, Music

Recommended Grades:
April 9: Grades 4-5
April 10: Grades 6-8

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