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Sat, Jul 20, 2019
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Peace Passport Field Trips

David Drake (Dave the Potter)

Gunter Theatre

Part of the Peace Passport Field Trip Series

A blending of history, dance, and poetry, David Drake tells the story of how one man’s life and art created a ripple of inspiration for artists who encountered his genius. Living his life under slavery in South Carolina, Dave became an accomplished potter, engraving poetic couplets onto his masterpieces. Featured locally at the Greenville County Museum of Art and in the nation’s most important museums, his work inspired painter Jonathan Green, poet Glenis Redmond, and countless others. This performance honors David Drake through Redmond and Green’s art, the original choreography of Dr. Lynnette Overby, and the research of literary historian Dr. P. Gabrielle Foreman. This special performance challenges the observer to take notice of the art, the artist, and each story being told within the framework of one man’s mark on history despite his oppression and circumstances.

Recommended Grade Levels: 5-12

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