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Mon, Dec 9, 2019
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Peace Center and United Way of Greenville County

Finding Dignity, Hope and Community in America Today with Rich Harwood

Peace Concert Hall

Join Rich Harwood, president and founder of the Harwood Institute for Public Innovation, for a special conversation of how we can put our local community and country on a more hopeful path. His national speaking tour comes to Greenville for an engaging night of hope, purpose, and inspiration for the Upstate.

Harwood has spent 30 years working in communities and steering civic leaders through emotional issues that threaten to tear communities apart. In Newtown, CT, after the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School, he led the process for the community to collectively decide the fate of the school building. His approach has spread to all 50 U.S. states and 40 countries, and he's worked with some of the world’s largest nonprofits and foundations.

Harwood is an inspiring, sought after speaker who regularly keynotes major conferences and events. He has written several books, scores of articles and groundbreaking reports, and frequently appears on national media.

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