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Mon, Feb 18, 2019
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Dance Theatre of Greenville

Henri - Somatic Impressions Inspired by the works of Henri Matisse

Gunter Theatre

Motion and color – the essence of Henri Matisse.

Henri Matisse (1869-1954), a master French artist, created radical new worlds on canvas and in sculpture. He considered himself a medium-- constantly challenging his instincts, living forever to paint “purity and serenity” for himself and worldwide audiences. 

Through his daring use of distorted images and vivid palette, Matisse composed an expressive language that infiltrated the worlds of fashion, design, and dance.

Dance Theatre of Greenville’s newest full-length production HENRI, is a collaboration

of contemporary works from resident and guest choreographers inspired by the works of Henri Matisse. From Matisse’s artistic expression and his ability to capture the purest essences to his famous paintings “The Open Window” (1905) and “Woman with a Hat" (1905), HENRI captivates audiences, leaving them with a rewarding, enriching, and truly unique artistic experience.

Dance Theatre of Greenville is committed to fostering creativity, individual growth and motivation, while providing the highest level of technical training from true professional artists and teachers. Our dedication to the arts allows us to provide a positive and age-appropriate learning environment for students of all levels.

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