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Tue, Sep 22, 2020
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Peace Center

Say Your Peace Poetry Slam

Ramsaur Studio

A poetry slam is not your grandma’s poetry. It is a high-octane, full-embodied reckoning. This is a competition that requires poets to battle head to head.

With best poem in hand or heart, each poet spits poetic truths and a panel of judges will evaluate their combined page and stage skills.

Poet Allan Wolf coined the term, “The points are not the point, the point is poetry.” A Poetry slam is the way to amplify poetic voices and engage the audience.

MCs: Glenis Redmond, Peace Center Poet-in-Residence, and Allan Wolf, Poet and Founder of the Southern Fried Slam.


First Place: $100
Second Place: $50
Third Place: $25

Poetry Slam Competition Rules
  • 3-5 original poems
  • No props
  • Poems under three minutes
  • Ages 14-21
How to Participate

To be considered, submit a sample of your work to Kirsten Toledo by May 30.

1 PM - Workshop
3 PM - Poetry Slam

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