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Tue, Jun 2, 2020
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Peace Center

The Conversation

Genevieve's Theater Lounge

The Conversation - inspired by jazz fusion from the 1970s onward, along with R&B, soul, and modern contemporary jazz - is a melting pot of sounds and tones that make for a distinctly entertaining evening.

Comprised of graduates and students from the Fine Arts Center, this contemporary music group makes their Peace Center debut in this LIVE and LOCAL concert.

For only $20, experience the best LOCAL music acts LIVE in Genevieve's for an intimate listening room experience. Drinks will be available for purchase.

Members of the Band 
Dylan Smolla, guitar and bass
Genevieve Wiklacz, piano and keyboards
Owen Anderson, guitar and bass
Jeremiah Smith, drums and percussion
Olivia Younginer, special guest vocalist

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