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Sat, Sep 22, 2018
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Renaissance - Monteverdi and Merlot

Peace Chamber

10.18.18 Huguenot Loft

Fall for Music

The Greenville County Youth Orchestra

10.18.18 Gunter Theatre

Read Up, Greenville

Read Up, Greenville

10.20.18 Peace Center Campus

Bluegrass and Big Band

The Greenville Chorale

10.20.18 Peace Concert Hall


Peace Center Broadway Series

10.23.18 - 10.28.18 Peace Concert Hall

Peace Talk: Anastasia

Peace Talks

10.24.18 Huguenot Mill

Ghostbusters with Live Orchestra

Greenville Symphony Orchestra

10.30.18 Peace Concert Hall

Women of the World

Peace Passport Field Trips

10.31.18 - 11.2.18 Gunter Theatre

Late Baroque - Bach and Bordeaux

Peace Chamber

11.1.18 Genevieve's Theater Lounge