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Tue, Dec 18, 2018
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Spring Writing Workshop with Glenis Redmond

Peace Voices Writing Workshop

4.2.19 - 4.23.19 Ramsaur Studio

Virtuosity Unleashed

Greenville Symphony Orchestra

4.6.19 - 4.7.19 Peace Concert Hall

A Poet's Dream: Past & Present

Peace Voices Poetic Conversations

4.10.19 Huguenot Loft

Avital meets Avital

Peace Chamber

4.11.19 Gunter Theatre

Avital Meets Avital

Peace Passport Field Trips

4.12.19 Huguenot Loft

An Orchestra of Voices

The Greenville Chorale

4.12.19 First Baptist Church, Greenville


International Ballet

4.13.19 - 4.14.19 Gunter Theatre

Come From Away

Peace Center Broadway Series

4.16.19 - 4.21.19 Peace Concert Hall

Peace Talk: Come From Away

Peace Talks

4.17.19 Huguenot Mill