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The Greenville Chorale

Message from Maestro Vick

The Chorale’s 2020-2021 season marks two significant milestones:  A celebration of 60 years of outstanding concerts and my 40th year as conductor of the Greenville Chorale.

Since 1961 the Chorale has attracted many great singers from across the Upstate – both professionals who earn a living from their gifts and skills, and amateurs who sing simply for love of the music. The 160+ singers on the Chorale’s roster rehearse two hours almost every Monday evening from September to June. The 60 years of wonderful music from the Chorale is because of the investment of time, talent, and enthusiasm from these gifted artists.

The Greenville Chorale is distinctive, one of just a few great community choruses performing a diverse symphonic repertoire that remains independent. Many of our peers are subsidiaries of local orchestras. Although we are grateful for our wonderful partners at the Greenville Symphony Orchestra and perform with them often, we are also honored to have community support to also sustain our unique season of programming. This is because of our talented singers, strong Board of Directors, loyal audience, and generous patrons and benefactors. This is our “Chorale Family,” and we owe them an enormous debt of gratitude.

I have enjoyed the pleasure and honor to conduct the Chorale since 1981. It continues to be an amazing joy to stand before such talented musicians in rehearsal and performance to experience “up close and personal”—the energy, the sincerity, the beautiful sounds, and the emotion that flows through the music. To me, music is much more than just sounds and words. Music speaks to the soul and the spirit in ways that nothing else can match. For these past forty years, and for more to come, I am most grateful.

We invite all who enjoy great music, who appreciate quality and depth of expression, who might invest in keeping the fine art of singing significant music, to join our Chorale Family. This season of celebration is designed to entertain, to uplift, to inspire, to feed your soul and spirit, and to affirm the exceptional jewel this community has in the Greenville Chorale.

I look forward to seeing you at all our concerts! You will be glad you were there.


Visit the Greenville Chorale's official website for a full listing of programs and details. 

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