Join Us In Creating More Magical Moments

"As a Peacekeeper, I am so grateful to know that my contributions are being used to provide amazing 'magical moments' like this for others in our community."

– Brian Martin, Peacekeeper & Parent


Jenna Claire Martin, 2023 arts education participant

Thank you for giving this holiday season. Your support plays a vital part in creating magical moments like Jenna Claire's. Together, we are building a Peace Center for everyone…igniting passion in the next generation of artists and molding the future of our community.

During the 2022-2023 season, more than 25,000 local youth participated in Peace Center programming, including 13-year-old Jenna Claire Martin.

Eighth grader Jenna Claire shares first chair violin in her school orchestra. When she talks about music, both playing it and listening to it, she exudes pure delight. Music is sacred in the Martin home – Jenna Claire’s dad, Brian, is a drummer and her mom, Betsy, a singer.

In January, Jenna Claire was invited to observe a high school-level Peace Center masterclass taught by her “idol and role model,” violin virtuoso Simone Porter. Despite her young age, it quickly became clear that Jenna Claire was capable of full participation in the masterclass. In fact, she found herself playing one of her favorite songs, Bach’s “Concerto for Two Violins” alongside Porter. Jenna Claire was “overwhelmed with excitement and joy” as she played with Porter, who routinely performs before large audiences in New York, LA, and London. “It was simply magical.”

Jenna Claire's journey at the Peace Center hasn’t stopped there. She’s also had the chance to witness performances by artists like Lindsey Stirling, who seamlessly blends dance and violin, redefining what it means to be a classically trained violinist for Jenna Claire's generation. It was electrifying and eye-opening, showing her new dimensions of artistic expression.

Your role as a Peacekeeper plays a vital part in creating "magical moments" like Jenna Claire's. The Peace Center strives to provide exceptional learning opportunities, including artists-in-residence, intensive workshops, field trips, camps, and masterclasses like Simone Porter's. Through these initiatives, you are increasing access to the performing arts, igniting the passion of the next generation of artists, and molding the future of our community.

The Peace Center is at a critical juncture of growth. We are expanding our education and community programs to make the arts more accessible to Greenville. Two new music and event venues are underway, increasing our capacity to offer a broader range of shows. We are also enhancing our sound equipment, lighting, and technology in our current venues, ensuring we continue to entertain with excellence.

This holiday season, we invite you to consider making a special Peacekeeper gift to nurture the next generation of artists, like Jenna Claire, with quality, passion, and a wide range of artistic experiences.

Together, we are building a Peace Center that is truly for everyone...and creating more "magical moments" that only the performing arts can provide.

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Pictured: Jenna Claire Martin, 2023 arts education participant