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Thu, Jan 21, 2021
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Why We Give

Dennis and Phyllis Braddock

“Theater is our first love,” proclaim Phyllis and Dennis Braddock. Having attended hundreds of performances at the Peace Center and volunteering regularly at the Peace Passport Series, there is plenty of evidence to back up their claim!

Previously living in larger cities, access to cultural activities was a crucial factor while searching for a new city to call home. The Braddocks say, “the Peace Center is what drew us to Greenville.” They were thrilled to find a cultural center that “brings the highest quality of entertainment that you would see in huge cities. And it does so much for kids and gives so much back to the community.”

Of course, the Peace Center is thrilled the Braddocks chose Greenville as home and the Peace Center as their cultural hub. Their support as donors and volunteers over the past 11 years has helped us carry out our mission to present the world’s finest performers, provide arts education and outreach, and support local arts organizations. 

We’re honored by their generosity, especially during this quiet time in the Peace Center’s history. The Braddocks continue to give because they know their support will help the “light to shine again at the Peace Center and all of Greenville. We want to carry that torch.”