Prepare for eTicketing

Before you arrive for a performance, be sure to add your eTickets to your phone. You can retrieve your eTickets from your email inbox by searching for [email protected] and looking for the latest order confirmation with an attachment.

Please have your eTickets ready on your screen as you enter the Peace Center lobby. It is important to adjust the screen brightness of your device to 100% for expedited scanning.

Adding eTickets to Your Phone

Apple Devices

  1. On your iPhone, open the email with your eTickets and tap the "Add to Apple Wallet" button.
  2. When prompted, tap "Allow" followed by "add" at the top of the screen.
  3. The eTickets are then saved to your Wallet app, which you will use to gain entrance to the performance.

Android Devices

  1. On your smartphone, open the email with your eTicket and tap on the attached PDF.
  2. Save the PDF to your camera roll or preferred storage location so you can present it for entrance to your performance.

Retrieving Your eTickets

To access your eTickets, open your Apple Wallet app and tap on your tickets or open the saved PDF in your phone's camera roll or email.

Help with Your eTickets

If you have questions about your tickets or have not received your final order confirmation, please call the box office prior to the evening of your show at 864.467.3000.