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Mon, Mar 8, 2021
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Jul 25, 2018

5 Questions with Sister Hazel's Ken Block


1. If you could have any one super power, what would it be?

The Power to heal.  Because that would be AWESOME!  Or, the power to eat all the fried chicken I want without any consequences.

2. What would you use your three wishes on?

1)  Optimal physical, mental, and emotional health for EVERYONE on the planet.

2) The ability to “beam” places like they did in Star Trek.  Like from one of my kids soccer games in Florida in the afternoon - to my gig in wherever USA that night - and then back home to my family. Then back out to the next gig the next day, etc…  

3) That my kids - and ALL of our kids -  have happy, fulfilling, safe, exciting, creative, successful, and connected lives full of passion - and compassion. And that they all take their families and friends to EVERY Sister Hazel show they can!!

3. If you weren’t a musician, what do you think you’d be doing?

I’m an entrepreneur at heart, so I’d probably still be creating different kinds of unique and creative events and experiences that bring people together like festivals, retreats, camps, etc.

4. What is your must-have travel item when you’re on tour?

Sad to say but my iPhone & laptop.  Gotta be able to binge watch all the good stuff on Netflix… and Game of Thrones.

5. What do you want Greenville to know about you?

First off - we’re from the OTHER G’ville.. Gainesville Florida.  We play a bunch of songs you probably know like, “All For You,” “Change Your Mind,” “Champagne High,” “Happy,” etc..  We founded and host "The Rock Boat” every year which is celebrating it’s 19th year - And the Hazelnut Hang at Isle of Palms, SC for the last 14 years…  We’ve raised over two million dollars for Childhood Cancer through our Lyrics For Life foundation. We've sold a few million records over our career and we’ve had two Top five Billboard records just in the last two years that charted at Rock and Country. Our hardcore fans have dubbed themselves the “Hazelnuts.”  We’ve been playing in Greenville since we were in college - back at the old Handlebar. We’ve been like brothers with Greenville’s favorite son Edwin McCain since the early 90’s. And most of all - I PROMISE you that you’ll have a blast at our live show at the beautiful Peace Center!! The last time I played there we were three songs in before I realized my zipper was down. Well, the audience noticed first.  I’ll try my best to be zipped up this time.‚Äč

See Sister Hazel live August 3 on the TD Stage.