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Sep 27, 2018

Quick facts from Renaissance – Monteverdi and Merlot


Peace Interludes are FREE monthly music appreciation gatherings that unpack the rich traditions, diverse styles, and great composers of chamber music and beyond. Each interlude features a unique pairing ranging from Bach and Bordeaux to Chopin and Champagne, providing a multi-sensory sip, listen, and learn experience that highlights a musical period. Interludes are the perfect time to unwind, meet up, and connect with your musical community! 

Peace Center Artist-in-Residence Igor Begelman will take a dive into the Renaissance in the first Peace Interlude of the season on October 18.

Here’s a sampling of some interesting facts he’ll explore over a glass of wine:

  • The term “Renaissance Man” was inspired by people of the time who showed a vast breadth of knowledge and talent – people like Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo.
  • Opera was “invented” during this exciting period, and women began having opportunities in what was a male-dominated society.
  • Born in 1567, composer Claudio Giovanni Antonio Monteverdi spent most of his time around the church and ultimately became a priest. Monteverdi means “green mountain.”
  • What do the names Vincenzo Galilei, Florentine Camerata, Cosimo De Medici, Luzzasco Luzzaschi, and the cities of Mantua and Ferrara have in common? They were among the significant people and places of the Italian Renaissance that transformed the world after the brutal Dark Ages of Medieval Europe and shaped it into what we know today!
  • Merlot means “the little blackbird” in French and is the second most popular red grape in America.

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